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Y2K Community Action, Preparedness and Resilience

Important note: Although this page is filled with great references, the most current information related to community preparedness will be found at sites such as Y2K Community, The Cassandra Project, Coalition 2000 and Robert Theobald's website on community resilience. This field (community preparedness) is developing too fast for me to keep upr and I will be focusing on Y2K transformational issues. So, if you want the latest in community preparedness, do familiarize yourself with these excellent sites. -- Tom

(Beyond Y2K: The co-intelligence and community page)

"The biggest problems and opportunities with the Y2K bug are not going
to be food storage, debugging code, or power outages, but how people
react to the situation: how we treat each other; how much we help each
other through this; what kind of creative, appropriate responses we
meet the challenge with will determine whether we build and bring
together our local communities or whether things degenerate into mob

--- Michael Connolly, WizCity (,
member of the wild2k network of Y2K sister sites

Community is the answer to every question Y2K raises.

-- Laura Lea Cannon

We have found the answer and it is us.

-- Pogo2K (alias Jim Lord)

Y2K Events & Conferences

To learn about Y2K read AWAKENING: The Upside of Y2K - mostly clickable on this site.

Reweaving Community Resilience
by Robert Theobald

Y2K Questions for Campaigning Politicians and Elected Government Officials

The Case for Non-violent Responses to Y2K Disruptions
Grassroots and Governments Collaborate to Prepare Their Communities for Y2K
The rationale for a community approach, and the issues involved
Positive visions of what's possible
Approaches, advice, tools and models
Where the rubber meets the road
The Joys and Trials of Community Organizing Around Y2K
The Millennium Salons
Year 2000 Community Preparedness and sustainability Listservs
An online reader-rated discussion group for Y2K mutual aid

The rationale for a community approach, and the issues involved

Strategizing for Community: Preparedness for Y2K-induced collapse
All Together Now: The "Y2K Neighborhood" takes on the "Millennium Computer Bomb" by Larry Shook - an excellent intro to the whole problem, from a building-community perspective
Rick Cowles' personal view: "No Man is an Island"

Why Community-Based Responses Make More Sense than Survivalism by Tom Atlee.
Finding each other in hard times by Cynthia Beal
Scenarios relevant to all communities.
To learn about some of the potentially catastrophic consequences of Y2K that all communities should work together to prevent, please visit our Toxics/Nukes Page.
The Transformational Dance Between Communities and Y2K by Tom Atlee

Positive visions of what's possible

Protecting Ithaca from Computer Chaos by Paul Glover
An Alternative Community Response Vision by Tom Atlee
How one community made it: Looking back from the future by futurist Robert Theobald
Establishing decentralized, sustainable energy and agriculture systems by Larry Shook
Desirable Directions for Y2K Breakthroughs - by Tom Atlee
Sustainability, Y2K, and the New World Order by Thomas Greco
Neighborhood plans as a Town [a model]
Y2K bug could be a disaster that builds community feeling by Eric Sorensen

Approaches, advice, tools and models

The Year 2000 Problem: An Opportunity to Build Sustainable Community
Thoughts about Community Preparedness Plans, Requirements, and Self-organization by Doug Carmichael, Harlan Smith, Ian Wells and Tom Atlee
The Millennium Salon's incredible "tools you can use" section
National Civic Associations' Y2K Programs
Local currencies and Y2K community organizing by Tom Greco
What Churches and Temples Can Do by Rev. Dacia Reid, Tom Atlee, et. al.
"Countdown to Tomorrow" -- a free video aimed at businesses
Y2K-relevant Sustainable Technologies
The Year 2000 Fact Sheet compiled by Kay Hagan and Cathy Hope - the best one-page summary I've found so far (other nominees welcomed!)

Thoughts on organizing:
Your unique role in addressing Y2K
The Challenge of Nurturing Self-Organized Y2K Responses
A few things to remember as you organize, by Cynthia Beal, Harlin Smith, and others
A report on the Center for Year 2000 Community Action Plans' D.C. roundtable and a response from the Cassandra Project.
Roar of Silence
Will We Use Y2K and Local Currency to Find Our Way Back to Each Other?

Alternative Infrastructure:
Establishing decentralized, sustainable energy and agriculture systems by Larry Shook
Eight Steps to U.S. Y2K Food Security by Carla Emery and her "Farmer Direct" project
Verticle Horticulture, other sustainability items by Tom Osher
Soliciting Lo-Tech, Home-made Style Ideas for Self-Sustainability
Y2K Food Supply Prospects
The entire Y2K Environmental/Sustainability materials page on this site

Coalition 2000 Preparedness Plan Review/Link
Santa Cruz County's Y2K Community Planning Document
Preparedness plans for counties and cities
Y2K Contingency Planning Notes
Community contingency planning -Atlanta
A brainstorm of possible community readiness functions by Larry Victor

Outreach to Government Officials:
Input to U.S. FEMA survey
How to get a Mayor's or Governor's Proclamation about Y2K
Reaching out to local authorities by Ed Alpern
Model cover letters to send to government officials by Roleigh Martin
An Open Letter to State Legislators (and other politicians) by Victor Porlier
What Local Government Should be Doing about the Year 2000 Problem by Steve Davis
How to push for Utilities' Y2K readiness
Gore PR on Y2k Action Week
Questions for Meeting with Officials

Outreach to Community:
Community Preparedness: Phase One by Larry Victor (outreach activities a local Y2K group could do)
Getting the Neighborhood Together by Diana Morley
Examples of useful Y2K community news articles: The LA Times on Gov't helping communities organize and Tech Week on Community Y2K action
Y2K Street Volunteers
Sample notices to engage others in local Y2K community activities
Why Your Organization Should Educate People about Y2K
Y2K Awareness Days and Holidays
Nancy Schimmel's thoughts on grocery stores sunflower growing project, song and stories for kids. Resources for parents and teachers. Includes a calm, positive explanation of Y2K written for kids.
Study Circles Resource Center's "Building Strong Neighborhoods" Guide

Cities and States in Action:
Kauai Mayor Takes Public Stand on Y2K
Santa Cruz County's Y2K Community Planning Document
Ian Wells' thoughts on volunteer heroism in Lowell, MA and elsewhere by Ian Wells -- plus some excellent plans and outlines at Ian's website.
What's happening in Medford OR (like Y2K meetings with hundreds of citizens!)
Marin Co. Grand Jury report link
Contingency audits -PA

Things to be mindful of
Two Y2K Organizers Say Goodbye

Where the rubber meets the road

The Cassandra Project: National Y2K community organizing resources and co-ordination
Community-Building Organizations
Website links about community and sustainability
Y2K Resources for Local Government
The excellent 120 page Utne Reader Y2K Citizens Action Guide is available on line free or in a lovely orange booklet for purchase ($4.95 each at bookstores or 50 copies for $57.50 ppd. from Utne)


The Joys and Trials of Community Organizing Around Y2K

The Winding Road of Y2K Community Preparedness Work: An Update by Rebecca Kaplan
David Sunfellow has completed the nation's first Y2K grassroots community preparedness survey. The complete report can be found at


The Millennium Salons

The Millennium Salons Forum allows many people to ask and answer questions about Y2K -- including many about community preparedness. The questions and answers get sorted out into a reference library for everyone. There is also an excellent tools you can use section. To find out more about it, click here.

Year 2000 Community Preparedness and sustainability Listservs

Here are two community preparedness listservs hosted by Oregon Public Networking in Eugene, Oregon. These lists discuss community preparedness issues resulting from potential century-date-change (CDC) complications impacting the nationally and internationally shared infrastructures of power, fuel, food, telecommunications, currency, and community services through several means. There has been quite a bit of traffic (30 messages/day in early June) on the unmoderated one. Try them both and see which serves your needs. They're free, of course.

UNMODERATED: HOW TO SUBSCRIBE to the Regional Preparedness Listserv:
Send email To:
Message: subscribe year2000 [type your name in here] ----end

MODERATED: HOW TO SUBSCRIBE to the Northwest Year 2000 Regional Preparedness Listserv:
Send email To:
Message: subscribe y2kforum [type your name in here - no brackets]
The Ecobalance list (http://csf.Colorado.EDU/mail/ecobalance/) is dedicated to the creation and maintenance of self-sufficient, sustainable communities, in which people live in harmony with each other and nature. To subscribe to the list's individual messages, send the message:

message: subscribe ecobalance

To receive each day's messages packaged in a digest, send the message:

message: subscribe ecobalance digest

Dozens of other discussion lists available on sustainability topics.

A listserv on the particular Y2K issues of institutions of higher education

Higher-ed-y2k is a subscription only list. Send a one line "subscribe higher-ed-y2k" message to

Send messages to the list at

Bill Bauriedel is the list administrator and he can be reached at BillB@Stanford.EDU.

An online reader-rated discussion group for Y2K mutual aid

The Global Ideas Bank is opening an online discussion group where people can discuss Y2K problems and mutual aid and other responses to it.

People can rate each other's contributions for their interest values. I would be interested to know if this works on your machine.

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