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Study Circles Resource Center's "Building Strong Neighborhoods" Guide


Sharon Joy Kleitsch writes:

Although it isn't specifically about Y2K, The Study Circles Resource Center guide for "Building Strong Neighborhoods" and the larger Neighborhood Kit has a plan for organizing whole cities and well as the dialogue guide. Add to the package the Utne Reader Citizens Action Guide and the Harbinger Institute's "Speaking of Y2K...A Guide to Open Dialogue and Creative Action for Communities and Neighborhoods" and you have a well organized structure on which to create Y2K dialogue plans for our communities.

SCRC offers study circle programs that have been used around the country to address racism, education, youth problems, etc. (Bill Bradley is an advisor). The SCRC guide is available for $5.00 plus $2.00 shipping. See or call them at 860-928-2616 or email Francine Nichols at for more details. The Utne Reader is available at and Harbinger at