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Tom Greco on local currencies and Y2K community organizing

See also Sustainability, Y2K, and the New World Order by Thomas Greco

May 1, 1998

Dear friends,

As part of a global initiative to promote a grassroots mobilization toward
community preparedness, I am preparing a "how-to" booklet on mutual credit
and local currency systems. I would like to include a listing of important
information sources and model systems on each continent/country. I am asking
you to make suggestions and to provide current addresses, phone, e-mail and
web site information. It is not possible or necessary to include every
operating system and contact person but only one or two key links which can
help people get connected to the movement. I have several contacts already
but my information may not be current or complete. I will also plan to add
this list to my web site.

Thanks for your help.

Tom Greco

June 1, 1998

Dear friends,

Y2K is serious business and it requires that we begin preparations a.s.a.p.

Here in Tucson, I've been part of an organizing group which is attempting
to stimulate a general community-wide mobilization. Indivualized survival
strategies will not suffice. We need to launch community preparedness
efforts which involve everyone.

We're in the process of compiling the best materials available which
describe the nature and scope of the problem and provide some insights and
direction on how to proceed.

Please start investigating this matter for yourself.

Start with Larry Victor's web page which will link you all the other
pertinent sites:

Business Week had a cover article on Y2K in their March 2 issue. Check it
out at the public library. The April 20 issue of Forbes has a commentary by
former Defense Secretary Casper Weinberger. He says we're facing a
catastrophe. The following is a quote of his last paragraph:
"We need to recognize the magnitude of this problem, the cost of
not fixing it, and the need for most businesses, large and small, to assign
the highest priority to Y2K. If we do so in the next 20 months, American
skill, ingenuity and production genius may be able to avoid the worst.
Sadly, however, most companies and government agencies are still only
studying the problem, making inventories of what needs to be done and
merely talking about it when the problem cries out for action now."

The transition could be messy, but I see it as a great opportunity to
supplant corrupt, dysfunctional, inequitable institutions with systems that
are more humane and fair, which promote life and are sustainable for the
long term. I hope we humans have risen to a high enough level of
consciousness to manage the task.

More later...

Tom Greco