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If you are a long-time visitor to this site and would rather go to the former Y2K-Breakthrough home page, click here. Newcomers can go there, too; heaven knows there's lots of neat stuff there. Just be forewarned that much of it has not been updated.


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** Creative Y2K Post-Rollover Initiatives **


Welcome to the Co-Intelligence Institute's Y2K site.  Thousands of people have visited during 1998-1999, looking for ways to engage with Y2K that make the world a better place.

But change (of all kinds) is upon us. As a lone information provider, I am no longer able to adequately update this site, nor re-organize it for easy navigation. Valuable articles are lost among hundreds of out-of-date items.

Furthermore, my own focus is shifting: I want to spend more time preparing co-intelligence materials and programs for the post-Y2K world.

So I've decided to pass you on to people with good, up-to-date Y2K sites -- and to point out a few of the more timeless Y2K articles on this site that I consider most important. I'm also letting you in on my own main sources of email news and views so you can subscribe to them.

The more ambitious souls among you may wish to continue exploring the old site that has served us all so well for the past 20 months. Much of it is still very relevant - even after the rollover. I just don't have time to sort it all out -- and many of you don't have the time to slog through it!

Some post-rollover views: Although there have been many Y2K problems (see this list) there have been few major, clear Y2K disruptions. In January and February 2000, a lot of us in the "Y2K movement" did some serious thinking about what this means. In particular, I refer you to:

*** A place to share "Y2K Afterthoughts" ***
Y2K / Post-Y2K Emotional Dynamics***

With luck, this site will continue to grow, although more on the co-intelligence side than on the Y2K side. I encourage all of you concerned about Y2K to get familiar with the co-intelligence materials.  I think they will come in very handy very soon.  

May we all fare well in the coming rapids of change.


Tom Atlee

The following Y2K sites are high quality and are kept more up-to-date than this site:

The following references cover the timeless dimensions of Y2K that don't need updating:

If you only read one page on

this site, let it bethis one.

-- Tom Atlee


For ongoing news and views on Y2K

from community/breakthrough perspectives,

I suggest you subscribe (as I do) to the following lists.

The NHNE Y2K List:  My favorite news source. Sponsored by NewHeavenNewEarth (NHNE) and facilitated by David Sunfellow, this list receives news and information that David sends out concerning all aspects of Y2K.  Subscribe at no charge with an email to:

Douglass Carmichael's Y2K Week X report: A weekly e-bulletin with some news and lots of out-of-the-box brilliance (both insider and outsider perspectives).  The one thing I read every time all the way through as soon as I can. (This is now defunct, but the excellent archives can be looked at at )

Y2K Forum:  A listserv with good sharing among people concerned with sustainability and community preparedness, including some news and philosophy. Subscribe at no charge with an email to:
with a message that says: subscribe y2kforum [your name no brackets here]

For other sources of e-mail Y2K information, see

For Post-Y2K Community Action, see

Is there a phoenix rising from these ashes?

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Articles noted as written by others are copyright by them, all rights reserved. Contact the authors for permission to use.

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