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The sites I've found that are most relevant to Y2K breakthrough issues are:

Wild2K, produced by NewHeavenNewEarth is an excellent general-Y2K-from-a-transformational-perspective site. Lots of hot Y2K news and quotes, contact information, links, discussions, preparation lists and resources, as well as intro descriptions of Y2K. They want people to help one another pass through this challenging situation in a calm, kind, informed, mutually-supportive fashion. (I am encouraging all my friends and contacts to use Wild2K's "daily picks" as a primary news service for Y2K developments, since they're much more qualified than I am to provide that service. This co-intelligence Y2K-breakthrough site will be focusing increasingly on transformational issues.)

Robert Theobald's website on community resilience.

The Institute of Noetic Sciences has an excellent overview of Y2K and people's responses to it, including the transformational response (which we share).

A lengthy, thorough analysis of "the Y2K movement" that takes seriously the task of midwifing a new, sustainable post-Y2K civilization is on Laurence Victor's site.

For interesting analysis of the psychological and social dynamics and some intense scenarios check out scenario-spinner Douglass Carmichael's site -- especially his analysis of Y2K scenarios. You can request Doug Carmichael's insightful, free Y2K weekly news-and-thinkletter by email.

Y2KO:  the Year 2000 Computer Crash -- Knock Out for Industrial Society Or Merely a Global Depression? is a long progressive/environmental Y2K article by Mark Robinowitz peppered with links and quotes.

One of my favorite socially responsible sites is that of Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility. They are recruiting programmers for small businesses and non-profits and trying to assume real responsibility for this side-effect of their profession. Check out their scenario for the utility industry.

David Sunfellow just completed the nation's first Y2K grassroots community preparedness survey. The complete report can be found at

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The best community preparedness-oriented sites

The Millennium Salon is a great, really easy to use information resource where visitors can get questions answered quickly by experts (and each other) and find links to many useful things they will need to know and obtain. The site is divided into the incredible tools you can use and the unique participatory millennium forum. Click here for some introductory notes about the salon (thanks to Cynthia Beal).

Excellent national Y2K community organizing work is being done on The Cassandra Project site. If you want to start or be part of a community Y2K group, here's were to network. Plus there are stories of people on the front lines of community Y2K work and tons of information on Y2K and preparedness.

Y2K Community provides tools, articles and links for Y2K community-builders worldwide. Includes a group process page the Co-Intelligence Institute is helping build. A unique site.

Coalition 2000 will profile the efforts of our growing number of member organizations and other initiatives to provide the most trustworthy and credible information on Y2K-related issues.

The excellent 120 page Utne Reader Y2K Citizens Action Guide is available on line free or in a lovely orange booklet for purchase ($4.95 each at bookstores or 50 copies for $57.50 ppd. from Utne)

Bruce Beach's Y2K Personal Preparedness site offers a list of over 140 Survival Communities and Y2K Preparedness Groups and a brief statement of what he knows about them (or what they say about themselves). Beach support the efforts of those wanting to stay in cities and those wanting to leave -- as long as they are building community in the process -- and offers what help he can in other parts of his site.

Citizens for Y2K Recovery is a grassroots membership organization attempting to provide a rallying point for Y2K efforts in communities, and "to minimize the wasteful reinventing process that is happening in a fragmented way all across this country." They want to establish a nation-wide Y2K Community Network which develops and applies shared, effective, standardized tools for community organizing and preparedness.

Cynthia Beal runs a natural grocery in Eugene, Oregon, and a very informative and homey Y2K site oriented to small businesses and communities.

For community preparedness from a Unitarian minister's viewpoint, see Rev. Dacia Reid's Y2K site. Two evangelical Christian sites that stress community service as well as evangelism in the coming hard times are: and

For personal/family preparedness, see below.

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Local Y2K community preparation group sites

Some Y2K "community" sites are more local survivalist networks than community preparedness sites. And not all genuine community groups have web sites (although some have email addresses which can be found on The Cassandra Project site.). Here are some of the genuine community preparedness web sites I find interesting. Each of them offers a somewhat different approach to organizing local community involvement in preparing for Y2K. Study them for inspiration or as models for your own community work.

Lowell, MA offers some broadly useful documents on their site:

Tucson, AZ
San Diego, CA
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Oakland, CA
Napa Valley, CA
Sonoma County, CA
Washington, DC
Tampa Bay FL
Kauai, HI
Chicago, IL
Missoula, MT
New York, NY
Medford, OR
Rhode Island
Ogden, UT
Fairfax, VA
Western Washington State Y2K Community Project site affiliated with the Whidbey Island Institute. Includes a bulletin board.

Newport, OR

Newport shows how a community can get a Y2K web page up and running overnight by using another page (like Napa Valley's) as the informational background and then starting immediately to post local Y2K news and actions in the foreground. This is part of Newport's effort to get Y2K groups going in their entire county -- a brilliant, readily expandable, exportable model.

Montgomery County, TX

This preparedness site follows the same pattern as Newport's, except they're a county with links wherever there are active groups which encourages visitors to join or start a preparedness group in their county, and referring them to the Cassandra Project site for guidance. Great bottom-up organizing! (if interested, you can find a listing of all Texas counties)

Ottawa, Canada
British Columbia

We have a regular column which runs in 41 papers, the BC Community Readiness Survey, and we are home to the Millennium Care, our local readiness group. We also host the e-mail list: BC Y2K

South African Year 2000 Decision Support Centre


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Some other sites useful to communities preparing for Y2K-breakthrough:

Community impact of the Year 2000 problem
Vendor compliance information is available from

Sites having to do with government and politics:

For information on what the role of government should be in reducing Y2K risks, check these sites: (local government) (overall)
Info Tech Assn of America testimony to Congress 5/7/98
For a guide to official federal Y2K web sites, see
To see the Republican's estimate of the federal government agencies' Y2K compliance see House Majority Leader Dick Armey's site:
For official state and county Y2K web sites, see

For information on global Y2K status, check the Global Millennium Foundation's site.

Click here for other Y2K links of transformational or community interest

To get a sense of what's needed by small businesses and organizations who want to try getting their computer systems ready for Y2K, check out
or the Small Business Administration web site at


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Sites that can help you understand more about community sustainability, self-reliance and resilience: deals with the global eco-village network of conscious eco-living experiments around the world. People interested in intentional communities will find the Fellowship of Intentional Communities site fascinating; it, too, has great links to sustainability subjects. John Curl provides compelling history about how people have worked together for mutual aid, including an inspiring story of Oakland, CA, in the 1930s ("Living in the UXA"). And the Simple Living Network provides "tools and living examples for those who are serious about learning to live a more conscious, simple, healthy and restorative lifestyle."

TraNet, In Context, Grassroots Economic Organizing, and Yes! are all magazines that provide inspiring, educational and practical articles about building a sustainable, humane, positive future. Many useful articles are on-line, and they can lead you to more resources. Listserv archives are another good source of information. Check out the Ecobalance archives or some of the other archives compiled by Communications for a Sustainable Future.

Among my favorite sites which offer link-lists to other community and sustainability websites are Empowerment Resources, People in Action for a Better World, One Earth, Motherheart (especially the community section), Sustainable Development and Communications for a Sustainable Future (which has a permaculture and sustainable living page and a self-sufficient sustainable village page, neither of which are easily accessible from the home page). Many of these provide interesting online articles, as well as links. The Alliance for a Paving Moratorium provides ideas to revive the Y2K economy, including depaving many roads for food gardens, pedal-power transport, and restoration of local food supply/distribution for "sustainable village economics."

Resilient Communities Project: "We believe that there are large numbers of folks in the U.S., Canada, Australia and other parts of the world who are looking for new ways to talk with each other about things that matter -- and to begin to make changes in our lives."

Among the community-building organizations with web sites, you might find The Institute for Local Self-Reliance and The Center for Neighborhood Technology interesting. Some others without web sites are listed on the "community-building organizations" page of this site.

Meg Wheatley articles. For years, Meg Wheatley has been studying and writing about systems thinking, technology, and human behavior in organizations and in times of crisis. In Y2K she sees many of the issues that had engaged her in her earlier work.

Y2K-relevant Sustainable Technologies

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Personal Y2K Preparedness

Of all the sites on Y2K personal/family preparedness, I'd recommend a great site "just for women," which includes recommendations on how to get to know your neighbors. It provides welcome relief from the Rambo-esque tenor of so many survivalist sites. Although it has little to say about community preparedness, as such, it is a superlative site for accessible -- even delightful -- Y2K information and places personal preparedness in a community context.

Another excellent preparedness site is Scott Olmstead's, with extensive links to other preparedness sites. He also describes the psychological stages people go through with Y2K and debunks some common misconceptions that prevent people from taking in the reality of the problem.

There's another good, quiet personal/family preparedness site, located in Dallas TX. And in San Deigo CA there's Conniry's Native Skills & Wilderness School, who wants to train people to survive Y2K.

The excellent 120 page Utne Reader Y2K Citizens Action Guide is available on line free or in a lovely orange booklet for purchase ($4.95 each at bookstores or 50 copies for $57.50 ppd. from Utne)

How the Year 2000 Problem Impacts Children By William M. Ulrich sunflower growing project, song and stories for kids. Resources for parents and teachers. Includes a calm, positive explanation of Y2K written for kids.

Jay Earley's excellent, well-organized Y2K site on social, spiritual, emotional and personal aspects includes Y2K workshops and classes in the Bay Area and over the internet.

See also Y2K Psychological Preparedness Websites

Want to know if your electronic equipment is Y2K compliant? Brand new web site supposedly surveyed over 1000 companies, asking for reports on their product lines:

The US Government's General Services Agency (GSA) now has community Y2K site: "This site serves to help the public evaluate their Year 2000 (Y2K) readiness. The potential for Y2K computer related disruptions to our daily lives is unknown. However, the possibility of future Y2K related service disruptions make personal and community planning important in order to minimize any impact of the Y2K problem."

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Y2K humor and songs
my friend Nancy Schimmel's Y2K songs
Gilligan Meets Y2K, a clear Y2K summation, to the Gilligan's Island theme
Lloyd Ferris Song

Upbeat general sites on Y2K

Alan Lewis' Y2K Pages: Y2-KO or Y2-OK? - A fascinating, informative and delightful site, done with clarity and humor. An excellent source of remarkable quotes.

If you're looking for zippy graphics in a socially-conscious Y2K site that aims to identify the "best of the best" in Y2K resources, check out Wild2K.

Y2K Hysteria

Free Y2K Grass Roots Action Plan

Registry site helping interested individuals to find like minded folks in their geographical area

Daily links to and intelligent summaries of 6-10 top
news stories about Y2K. Archived. For more information write Larry Sanger at


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For general education on Y2K and how it is being addressed, there are scores of sites. Some of the more popular and famous are:

The sponsors of Y2Ktoday say they will have a daily newsfeed of around 500 stories created by their own team of writers and newswire reports from around the world. "The site is expected to be the most comprehensive repository of Y2K information as the potential crisis unfolds in the months ahead. In addition, the site will draw on many of the world's leading experts to provide technology solutions to the problem, help communities and people with contingency planning, and advise on how lessons learned can be applied for the future."

SF Bay 2000 User Group Awareness information page. Very good list of articles and links.

An annotated index of dozens of Year 2000 sites

A comprehensive list of links for those actually trying to solve the technical Y2K computer problem

Netscape's official Y2K page with links to sites dealing with the federal government; state and local government; international; small business; and consumer issues

Ed Yardeni, Chief Economist, Deutsche Morgan Grenfell is an excellent 86 page on-line text book re Y2K

Ed Yourdon, Author, Time Bomb 2000 - Updates on book & Discussion Groups

Peter de Jager, World renown Year 2000 Expert
has an excellent Y2K online clipping service at

Gary North
You might not like his editorializing, but his up-date-articles and documents are exceptional. He has a survivalist, Christian orientation. Discussion groups for many topics. Among Y2K sites, I've seen more references to his site than to anyone else's.

Westergaard, up-to-date news on banking, stockmarket, utilities, etc

C.K. HOUSTON: Impact on Infrastructure
Embedded Systems - transportation, utilities, telecoms, manufacturing
Y2K Impact on Stock Market & Society

Another investor site:

Health Care industry Y2K impact
Has a number of unique features including a survey of experts about how serious the Y2K problem is.

Other sites:

Y2K Users Groups
Electric Utility Y2K site -- includes good papers on Y2K and government

Karen Nyhus has an excellent annotated list of links, including many of the above.

Gordon's Y2K Sifter - one person's intelligent attempt to pick the best pieces of info about whether Y2K is a problem and how to prepare.


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Y2K email updates

Wild2K has an annotated, rated list of Y2K email mailing lists.
NewHeavenNewEarth (NHNE) -- the force behind wild2k -- sends out regular updates to the members of its mailing list. These updates contain Y2K-oriented news, interviews, special reports, conference updates, preparation lists, links, and other important Y2K information. They are particularly interested in the personal growth/planetary transformation components of Y2K. To subscribe to their mailing list, send a blank message to Past Y2K mailings are available on their website.

You can follow "the Y2K Weatherman" Dennis Elenberg available at or by subscribing to regular email updates: send mail to with no subject and a single body line: subscribe. Reports are coming out every few days.

A more technically-oriented service is available from de Jager at his This report comes out every few weeks.

Gary North evidently has a service for Y2K preparation of churches you can subscribe to by email request to

You can request Doug Carmichael's insightful, free Y2K weekly news-and-thinkletter by emailing


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Year 2000 Community Preparedness and Sustainability Listservs

Here are two community preparedness listservs hosted by Oregon Public Networking in Eugene, Oregon. These lists discuss community preparedness issues resulting from potential century-date-change (CDC) complications impacting the nationally and internationally shared infrastructures of power, fuel, food, telecommunications, currency, and community services through several means. There has been quite a bit of traffic (30 messages/day in early June) on the unmoderated one. Try them both and see which serves your needs. They're free, of course.

UNMODERATED: HOW TO SUBSCRIBE to the Regional Preparedness Listserv:
Send email To:
Message: subscribe year2000 [type your name in here] ----end

MODERATED: HOW TO SUBSCRIBE to the Northwest Year 2000 Regional Preparedness Listserv:
Send email To:
Message: subscribe y2kforum [type your name in here - no brackets]

Although the Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility listserv is not specifically about community preparedness, it often has information useful to people working with organizations in their communities. To subscribe send a message to In the body of the message, write: subscribe cpsr-y2k yourfirstname yourlastname

The Ecobalance list (http://csf.Colorado.EDU/mail/ecobalance/) is dedicated to the creation and maintenance of self-sufficient, sustainable communities, in which people live in harmony with each other and nature. You may want to review the Ecobalance archives before subscribing. To subscribe to the list's current individual messages, send the message:

message: subscribe ecobalance

To receive each day's messages packaged in a digest, send the message:

message: subscribe ecobalance digest

Dozens of other discussion lists are available on sustainability topics


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A listserv on the particular Y2K issues of institutions of higher education

Higher-ed-y2k is a subscription only list. Send a one line "subscribe higher-ed-y2k" message to

Send messages to the list at

Bill Bauriedel is the list administrator and he can be reached at BillB@Stanford.EDU.


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Online discussion groups

Wild2K has an annotated and rated list of bulletin boards and discussion groups dealing with Y2K. They also have their own.

The Global Ideas Bank has an online discussion group where people can discuss Y2K problems -- and mutual aid and other responses to it. People can rate each other's contributions for their interest values.

Those interested in thinking together about how to rebuild after 2000 -- especially in creative, transformational ways -- may enjoy the Beyond 2000 Discuss Board .

The Year2000 Citizen's Dialog

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