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Preparedness plans for counties and cities


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Santa Cruz County's Y2K Community Planning Document

North Platte, Nebraska:
A Case Study of the Year 2000 Computer Problem

Juli-Ann Gasper, Creighton University
Fri, 2 May 1997

In order to model the impact of the Year 2000 problems on small
municipalities, we present details about our consultation with the
city of North Platte, Nebraska which is attempting to handle its
own Year 2000 problems. Our case study is organized in such a way
that we hope the Year 2000 problem can become comprehensible on
a human scale by exploring the potential impacts on real people,
in places they live and work.

The City of North Platte, Nebraska, with about 25,000 inhabitants,
is located adjacent to Interstate 80, the main East/West
thoroughfare in the USA. North Platte's municipal governance
is an example of a system similar to most municipalities in the
United States and shares similar traits with many other kinds of
entities including medium sized businesses. The city operates main
frame and mid-sized computers, a network of personal computers,
and numerous stand-alone personal computers.

This site includes an article from USA TODAY, which is a good writeup of the history of the Y2K problem in a mid-sized midwestern town, and the problems in getting it solved. (You have to scroll down to find the article on this page; it isn't obviously there.) The page also offers the full case study of North Platte for $15. -- Tom Atlee

Draft Year 2000 Best Practices Plan

Montgomery County, Maryland
Draft as of: May 25, 1997


* Best Management Practices Plan
* Funding Application Packet/Risk Rating Form
* Project Office Orientation Package
* How to Establish an Action Plan


Table of Contents
1. Project Plan Overview
2. Awareness Phase

o Define the Problem
o Decide on an Overall Approach
o Development of a Project Team (link to Project team document)
o Obtain Management Support
o Decide on Overall Approach
o Make Presentations
o Identify Technical and Management Representatives
o Move Beyond the IT Community
o Establish Compliance Standards

3. Assessment Phase

o Code Inventory
o Collecting Survey Information
o Missing Source Code
o Mapping Source Executables
o Vendor Software
o Contractor Maintained Software
o Pilot Tests
o Identify Technical Issues
o Estimating System Costs
o Tools
o Procurements
o Prepare Master Schedule
o Risk/Analysis/Prioritization
o Making Code Decisions
o Develop Validation Approach
o Data Exchanges
o Finalize the Project Plan

4. Renovation Phase
5. Validation Phase
6. Implementation Phase
7. Appendix of Best Practices

o Decision Structure
o Project Office Orientation Package
o Cost Estimating
o Cost Factors Checklist
o PC Testing
o Code Inventory Best Practices
o Pilot Testing Best Practices