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Roar of silence

Date: Sat, 24 Oct 1998 08:33:21 -0400
Subject: Let the roar of silence speak...

OK... I'm declaring a cease fire on the Y2K Awareness campaign.
Let Rob Morse (San Francisco Examiner, Oct 24th) and writers
whose psyche vibrate to the tune of "business as usual, how could it
be any other way?" go unchallenged.

Until an individual's income or perceived well-being diminishes,
whatever its source irrespective of
scale, he will not meet us at the next level. And, until he is willing to
meet us at the next level, it is futile to believe he will move from an
exemplary world view to a cooperative paradigm. So, redirect your
mindful attention away from shallow waters and those who can not

What might happen if you took a two week sabbatical from Y2K?

Imagine for 14 days... Sit comfortably, sit quietly. Rest your
intelligent selves. Morning, noon, and night for just a little while be
alone. Daylight follows nightfall, nightfall follows daylight. We're only
designed to last a day. It's a gift from god when we string them

Day after day, a web of life.
Let the roar of silence speak