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Y2K-relevant Sustainable Technologies

"Hayboxes and Other Energy Efficient Cooking Methods"

Vertical Horticulture, other sustainability items (including "Soliciting Lo-Tech, Home-made Style Ideas for Self-Sustainability")

Living Wall Gardens describes a vertical container gardening system, useful for growing a lot of food in a very small space, which uses 1/20 water of conventional land gardening. And Larry Shook provides links for how to grow food in the city. The Abundant Life Seed Growers network works to preserve endangered seeds, an activity important because so many of today's foods contain sterile hybrid seeds useless for post-Y2K gardening.

Disaster Water Purifier: TealBrook, (800) 222-6614 or (651) 480-8787. Their PentaPure Bucket System purifies 1600 gallons on two filters. There are two different Sediment Filters, one 30 Micron @ approx.$10 and one 1 (yes, ONE) Micron at approx.$50 each filter [The PentaPure line of water purifiers are only EPA approved for export use].

The Personal PowerCart (PPC) is mobile and can provide electrical back-power in case the electric power grid goes down or as a stand-alone power system in remote locations. The PPC is now in production in Northern California. We are also launching the Personal PowerBike (PPB). This is an electric powered bicycle that can be driven as a vehicle. It can also be mounted on a stand indoors and can generate about 100 watts comfortably by a rider. The energy from the bike can recharge the bike battery or can recharge the Personal PowerCart.

Composting Water Heater describes how to build a water heating system using compost. Also, see the History of Sewers 101, for more info. on how to put "waste" to good use.

Heaven's Flame Capsule Review, a guide to solar cooking.