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How to get a Mayor's or Governor's Proclamation about Y2K

To get a mayor's or governor's proclamation:

  1. Call the city or state office and ask for the name of the person in charge of proclamations and their fax number.
  2. Fax the following request and proclamation language, substituting the appropriate name and location to them along with your contact information.

That's it! Proclamations can be used to get additional media attention, to encourage participation etc. See below for language to use.

Sample One

TO: Judy Tuttle, Proclamation Department, City of Portand

FROM: Susan Lannis, L & S Resources and the Portland Year 2000 User Group

DATE: 8-7-98

RE: Year 2000 Global Awareness Day proclamation

The Portland Year 2000 User Group and it's members are actively working to prepare Portland businesses, government offices and private citizens for any consequences resulting from technology problems infected with the 'millennium bug'. As you know, this is a global, socio-economic issue. For a variety of reasons, many people are not either yet aware of the full impact of the problem on their personal, daily life or they have not been educated about what to do.

August 19, 1998 has been declared Year 2000 Global Awareness day. This date was selected because it marks the fact that only 500 days remain in which we can work to solve, prevent or prepare for the impact of these technology failures that may occur as the clock rolls over to January 1, 2000.

The movement started in South Africa where major events are planned. The purpose is to get the general public aware of the personal impact of these potential problems so that they can prepare their homes, families and businesses. The Portland User Group plans a media campaign to help create awareness in Portland. Here is the proposed wording:

Whereas: August 19, 1998 has been declared Global Year 2000 Awareness Day and

Whereas: The computer problem, know as the 'Millennium Bug' can disrupt the daily operations of Portland businesses and the lives of it's citizens; and

Whereas: For any citizen to be safe and ready, all citizens must be safe and ready; and

Whereas: There are only 500 days left for Portlanders to learn about how they may impacted by the consequences of the computer problem and act to solve, prevent or prepare for such problems

Now therefore, I Vera Katz, Mayor of Portland, hereby proclaim August 19, 1998 as "Year 2000 Awareness Day" in Portland and encourage all citizens to join in this observance etc?..

As time is short, please fax a copy of the proclamation to me at 503-653-1059 as soon as it is ready. Send the proclamation documents to me at the address above.

Thank you so much for helping us add this to our Awareness Day efforts!

Susan Lannis
L & S Resources, Inc.

Sample Two

From: Ian Wells (by way of Ian Wells <>)
Subject: A possible city Y2k proclamation

Here is an example for a proclamation which your mayor or civic leader could make that would provide a local leadership story to coincide with Y2k Global Action Day. A similar proclamation is being proposed in Lowell MA and can be adopted to your town. Such local publicity provides the opportunity for local banks and chamber of commerce to tell their customers about their Y2k preparedness seminars/programs.


Lowell Business Y2k Action Day

Whereas: The computer bug known as "Y2k" can cause business disruptions or failures in Lowell
Whereas: A strong business community is the backbone of the City of Lowell
Whereas: August 19th is Y2k Global Action Day ( )
Whereas: Our local banks and the Small Business Association have the expertise to help small businesses avoid Y2k failures ( )
Whereas: Lowell is gaining a national reputation for leadership in community Y2k preparation ( )
Whereas: President Clinton in his speech July 14th alerted us to the seriousness of this risk: "Every business should assess its exposure, asks vendors and suppliers to be ready as well, and develop contingency plans, as we are, in case critical systems or systems of vendors fail as we move into the year 2000." ( )
Whereas: A recent Walls Fargo bank survey shows that of the small businesses that even know about the problem, roughly half intend to do nothing about it. 330,000 businesses nationwide are at risk of shutting down until their Y2k problems are fixed. ( )

The Mayor and Lowell City Council hereby declare August 19th 1998, to be

Lowell Business Y2k Action Day.

Business or non-profit failures in Lowell caused by Y2k failures are unacceptable to the Mayor and City Council. We encourage all businesses to work with their local bank, chamber of commerce and the Small Business Administration to ensure they are prepared for Y2k.