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Contingency audits -PA

From: Larry Olson
To: Nadine MacDonald

As part of our Outreach Campaign Materials, we have a number of Year 2000 products
available. Please see our web site ( for a list.

> Can you tell me where I can get the procedural information you used
to make such remarkable progress for the state of Pennsylvania?

The primary tools used were:
a. An inventory and prioritization of all software
b. The Governor set specific dates for the work to be done ( 6/30/98
for all mission critical applications; 12/31/98 for all Non-mission critical
applications). He made it clear to the Agency executives that the Year
2000 effort was the Number 1 priority and they would be held
c. A Microsoft Access data base was developed that recorded and
tracked all software down to the program level by deliverable (remediation,
test, implementation). Initially each agency was required to identify all
software by application, by program. They were then required to
project a date when they expected to complete each deliverable for each program.
They were then required to report on a monthly basis the progress they
made by entering the actual dates they completed each deliverable. Based on
the agency's input data a monthly report card was published that indicated
each agency's progress by percent complete. this report card was sent to
the executive managers, Informaiton Systems managers and Year 2000
Coordiantors of each agency and the legislature.
d. We checked on the reported progress of the agencies through a
Quality Assurance Program. We contracted to have a company verify the reported
progress of selected agencies to make sure the work was actually done.

> How have you achieved immunity from other computer systems with
whom you communicate?

We have not. We are working with data exchange
partners to make sure the systems on both ends are compatible. This is an
ongoing process.

>What contingency plans do you have when dealing with other states
and nations who have not achieved your measure of compliance?

This work is in process. We are about to contract with a vendor to help develop a
template for agency Year 2000-related contingency plans. Each agency will be
requried to develop a contingency plan by January 1, 1999, whether are
not they have completed all software remediation. This is being done as an
added level of assurance that should an unforseen problem be discovered,
the agencies will be able to respond quickly and correctly to solve the
problem and meet their operations needs. We will refuse to make
electronic data exchanges with any data partner that is not year 2000 compliant.

I hope this helps you in your work.

Larry Olson