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Y2K Contingency Planning Notes

Note re contingency planning, from Giga Information Group

Received: 07/21 12:21 PM
From: Sabrina Gartner,, Director, Marketing Communications

A message for government:

Emergency management organizations exist at federal, state and local
levels. The only way to maximize the limited resources within each of
these agencies for Year 2000 is to have clear plans that coordinate the
actions of all agencies, not if, but when an event occurs.

Federal and state programs may be adequately prepared to react to a
disaster in any single area, but Year 2000 creates a scenario whereby
all areas of the country may be affected at the same time. The federal
and state emergency management plans must be expanded to include that
scenario. The federal plans must be solidly linked with all 50 state
governments and perhaps also with our neighbors, Canada and Mexico. In
turn, state government plans must coordinate with local (county, city,
town) governments.

Without solid processes for a coordinated response to emergency
situations, loss of life and wide spread suffering are very likely to
occur. Put the considerable logistical capabilities of the national and
state armed services, guards and militias to work planning solutions to
problems. Coordinate the efforts of the Red Cross and other relief
organizations towards preparedness. Link foodbanks and community food
programs. Incent community preparedness and self sufficiency for
shelter, food, health and bloodbank inventories. Educate the public
about the plans that are in place to deal with the problems. Inspire
Year 2000 awareness and confidence or deal with the chaos created by
Year 2000 ignorance and panic.

A message for the public:

The best case scenario is that the public will not need to take all the
following precautions if appropriate corporate and government action is

Prepare as you would for a natural phenomenon, such as a blizzard, ice
storm, tornado, hurricane, flood, or power outage. Have extra
non-perishable food on hand, some potable water, some water purification
tablets or method. Refill prescription medicine early. Those in cold
climates should plan on using a SAFE alternate heat source, have
chimneys cleaned, and buy extra wood, coal or other source of heat. Buy
fire-safe candle holders, and plan activities for children who have no

Keep detailed financial records on paper for reconciliation after the
New Year. Buy a cheap non-cordless phone, as cordless ones generally
don't work in a power outage. If you plan to use a generator, make sure
you can safely store enough fuel to keep it running, and calculate what
you'll need BEFORE you buy a generator. DON'T withdraw all your money
from the bank, as you could be a prime target for robbery. Take a
LITTLE extra cash, and pay by check if credit cards aren't accepted.
Above all, don't panic. Get involved in your community preparedness

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Note re contingency planning, from Russell Kelly to the Y2K listserv:

From: "Russ Kelly" <>
To: <>
Subject: Re: Contingency Planning:Discussion list notes and links
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 21:09:24 -0400

A few weeks ago I started a thread on contingency planning. Many of you
responded with your comments and some good links. Some through the
discussion group, and some privately. I collected all of these comments
and put the text portions into one large file for my reference.

Today as I was reading those comments, I realized I should share them with
all of you. But they are far too large to simply attach or send one at a
time to those that want. So, I have put them on a web page for all to see
and benefit from. The really sad part of it is that with just a couple of
exceptions, I snipped out the names of those that were so generous to pass
along your comments. I'll give you the web site where you can see your
collective works, and if you see your comments in there, please send along
your name to me so I can give you credit at the top of the web page. ok?

Now, you can find all the really great discussion list notes and links
concerning contingency planning at Click on contingency
planning. ps... I don't know about you, but personally, I don't like
frames. If you don't like frames either simply click on the "No Frames
Version" at top of page.