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Y2K Events, Conferences, etc.


Important Note:
The Y2K scene is constantly changing. I have chosen to focus on finding and creating materials to help people use Y2K for personal and social transformation. I have found that trying to keep general Y2K pages like this one updated takes a tremendous amount of time. Since there are dozens of sites that do that job better than I ever could, I've decided to refer you to them and to spend my time on what I do best -- collecting materials on transformation. Good sites to keep up with current genral Y2K information include:
Wild2K, Douglass Carmichael's site (see especially his archived weekly newsletter), the Napa Valley, CA community group's site, Alan Lewis' Y2K Pages: Y2-KO or Y2-OK?, Westergaard, Peter de Jager's site and the comprehensive news source Y2Ktoday. I wish you good luck in your explorations. (I know of no good Y2K event site. There's need for one, should someone be inspired...) -- Tom Atlee


On this page I will put announcements of various gatherings related to Y2K community preparedness, Y2K social change, or other gatherings I think will be of interest to users of this site. Due to lack of time/help, I will just post the items as I get them, without neatening them up or activating the links. I will archive announcements when they are a month or so old.

Guidance for creating local Y2K events and activities can be found on the Y2K Awareness Days and Holidays page.

(in the SF Bay Area, see BAY2K - SF Bay Area Year 2000 Community Forum)

** The Y2K World Atomic Safety Holiday (WASH) campaign **
including August 6 Demonstrations

May 14, 1999
From: Wendy Tanowitz

If you have or know of an event that folks in BAY2K might be interested in please go up to the web site and post it in the can even have it send email announcements about it automatically.


Marin Y2K Action
1000 Sir Francis Drake Blvd. #18
San Anselmo, CA
Planning meetings take place at 7:30 p.m. on 2nd & 4th Tuesday of each month at the above address.

May meetings: Tuesday, May 11, and Tuesday, May 25



Affordable Energy Alternatives For the Year 2000and Beyond One-Day Workshops With Daniel Drasin, designer of small renewable energy systems, and webmaster of

CONFIRMED DATES Sunday, May 23 Sunday, June 6

TENTATIVE DATES (Depending upon demand) Sat. 6/19; Sun. 6/20; Sat, 6/26 and Sun.6/27

Cost: $30

Registration/info: 415-339-7820. Admission is by pre-registration only

9:30AM-1PM (partial list of topics)

How Y2K may impact the availability of electricity and fossil fuels; Introduction to Alternative Energy options; Why not candles and flashlights? Wind and hydropower options; How to Choose "Micro-Power" options: Inexpensive, safe, simple, off-the-shelf systems that can power small lights, communications, entertainment, small appliances and laptop computers; The best-kept secret of affordable emergency power backup; pros and cons of generators.

2PM-6PM How to Choose "Mini-Power" options ($1,000 to $5,000); Packaged solar-electric and backup systems; Solar water pumping; Non-electric options for heating, cooking, pumping, food preparation, laundry, etc.; Refrigeration: Affordable, low-power-use options; Building a back-packable solar electric system; Turning your car into a solar-boosted mini-power plant; The ten worst Alternative-Energy mistakes, and how to avoid making them



The Field Medicine Workshop will be held in Windsor (just north of Santa Rosa) on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, June 4,5, and 6. If you have not already done so, please contact Donna Jones at, or (707) 527-8509 for registration information, as the class is almost full and you must register by May 10.

Curriculum: * Field Dentistry: Fillings, broken teeth, abscesses, recementing crowns, denture repair * Fracture Management: Hands-on casting, diagnosing, setting, and placement * Field Surgery: Suturing, incisions, wound cleaning, removal of foreign objects * Field Sterilization: How to manage sanitation in a field setting * NBC: Nuclear, Biological, Chemical: masking, shelter, containment etc. * Pharmacy: Medications, first aid and other medical supplies.


New Dimensions Radio Interview with Tom Atlee and Jay Earley

Various times during the week of April 5-11, 1999, on stations nationwide
Check your local public radio or Pacifica station for your local schedule.

Salem/Keizer/Marion County Emergency Preparedness Fair
April 10 - Oregon State Fairgrounds

April 8th Resilient Communities Live Satellite Conversation

Reporting the Y2K Story:  A seminar for working journalists
February 23, 1999 - New York City

Y2K Around the Bay - SF Bay Area Conference - February 6-7, 1999

SF Bay Area Y2K psychological and spiritual meetings and workshops

New Dimensions Radio Interview - April 5-11, 1999

Tom Atlee and Jay Earley interviewed by Michael Toms, focusing on Y2K as an opportunity for social transformation. The interview will be broadcast on New Dimensions Radio's worldwide network during the week of 4/5/99 to 4/11/99 -- and will be available online at the New Dimensions Radio website from April 12th for an additional three weeks.

Y2K Action Week October 19-23 - focus on Small Business

RUY2KOK? Uncle Sam Readies Y2K Week
The Federal Government will launch its Y2K Action Week October 19-23.
Using the slogan, "Are You Y2K OK?" the campaign has many components,
including nationwide newspaper advertising, Y2K posters in every post
office and thousands of government offices, educational sessions, and even
a postage cancellation mark. More than 100 private-sector organizations
support the government's push to Y2K correctness. Down the road, the
campaign, which is organized by the President's Council on the Y2K
Conversion, is expected to add a 1-800 number and a Y2K component to
"," the Federal Trade Commissionís link to federal consumer
information. The campaign is intended to help the nation's 23.6 million
small businesses take action on the Y2K issue. Learn more at

Local Government and the Year 2000 Bug

Satellite Broadcasts
Local Government and the Year 2000 Bug
October 7, 1-3 P.M. (EST)

The National Association of Counties, The National League of Cities, the
International City/County Management Association, and Public Technology,
Inc. are co-sponsoring a satellite broadcast from Washington, DC on the Year
2000 Problem. The broadcast has implications for all communities. It is free
of charge to downlink sites and attendees.

When Does It Occur?

October 7, from 1-3 P.M. Eastern Time (Adjust for Local Time).
Site technicians can check for bars, tone, and title at 12:30 PM Eastern Time.

What is it?

This is a satellite broadcast program, designed to meet your needs. It
features John A. Koskinen, Chairman, the President's Council on the Year
2000 Conversion, and the nations' most sought after speaker on this topic.
Also, representatives from Federal and state agencies, and local governments
will answer your questions on the air. The program will include the following:

Part I- Clarifying Roles
Part II- Finding Solutions

Defining the Problem

Montgomery County, MD

Leaders', Managers', and Technicians' Roles

Lawrence, KS
San Joaquin County, CA

Who Should Attend?

All local officials and local government employees, especially those
involved with information technology or reliant upon information technology
processes and functions, as well as interested citizens.

County and city elected officials
Taxing, licensing, department heads
IT and other managers and administrators
City and county attorneys
Financial personnel
Local business leaders

Where Can You Find Sites?

Anyone wishing to set up a site in his or her community is urged to do so.
Check with community colleges, universities, USDA Extension offices, and
community cable stations for a steerable KU or C Band satellite dish. They
often lend their sites for free or charge a small fee for use of the dish,
room, and technician. NACo also has lists of past sites that you may try.
Info and sign-up form for the local satellite broadcast can be
found at

In the San Francisco Bay Area, this event will be held at 3220 Sacramento St.
between Presidio and Lyons, 3rd Floor, from 10 am - 1 pm. For a faxed
announcement call (415) 931-2593. (No invitation needed to attend.)

Call for Y2K environmental impact research papers

>Date: Thu, 27 Aug 1998 12:06:34 +0200
>Sender: Listserv Forwarder <VMUTIL@CLVM>
>From: "Prof. Walter Leal Filho" <>
>Organization: T U Hamburg Harburg /TU-TECH
>Subject: Millenium Bug and the Environment
>X-To: "" <>
>To: <gfriend@IGC.APC.ORG>
>As part of a special issue of the British journal "Environmental
>Management and Health"
>dealing with the millenium bug and its possible implications to
>environmental conservation and to environmental projects, we are
>looking for colleagues who are doing research in this field and who
>would like to submit papers on the topic. Perhaps members of the list
>would like to contribute or know someone interested on the topic? If so,
>please get in touch with me so that I can put you in touch with the
>special issue4s editor. Thank you.
>Sincerely yours,
>Prof. Walter Leal Filho

Family Preparedness Conference, Sept 8, Oregon

Date: Wed, 26 Aug 1998 08:11:31 -0700
From: Mike Darling <>
Subject: Y2K Family Preparedness Conference set for Sept. 8

Y2K Ready Group
883 Greg Way, Eugene, Oregon 97404
(541) 688-8742 or
Press Release #001
August 26, 1998

Y2K Preparedness Conference set for Sept. 8

There are less than 500 days left before the Year 2000 computer bug bites every piece of hardware, software, and imbedded chips systems in computers all over the world. Many will experience failures or crashes unless they have been replaced, upgraded, or otherwise made Y2K compliant by midnight, Dec. 31, 1999. Experts agree many will not be ready by the one deadline in history that can never b
e extended. What impact might this have on you, your family, and your way of life? Find out at the Y2K Family Preparedness Conference to be held Sept. 8 at the Double Tree Inn at 3280 Gateway Road in Springfield, Oregon with meetings at 2 and 7 p.m.

Highlights from the nationally acclaimed video documentary on Y2K called The Millennium Bug will kick off the four hour conference.

Ed Bell, president of Y2K Research Company, which specializes in Y2K awareness and contingency planning, will address the potential magnitude of Y2K. Bell, author of Privileged Information: The coming Millennium/Computer Breakdown, has spent the past two years examining the Y2K phenomenon, and says it has the potential to become the greatest disaster in human history.

Rocky Cowie, of Medford, Oregon, one of the nation's leading emergency preparedness experts, will present food and water storage and preparation techniques with an emphasis on nutrition. Cowie has been involved in food storage since 1974 and has assisted many groups, private organizations, and individuals in their preparation needs. He has lectured on the subject of food storage since 1981.

An eight hour Y2K Family Preparedness video series and a Y2K Family Prepareness National Yellow Pages will also be available at the conference. Tickets are $8 for those who pre-register and are $12 at the door. For information and registration, call Collins Survival Supply at 1-800-521-2661 or visit the store location at 1055 South Bertleson Road #3 in Eugene. Seating is limited.

AUGUST 19: "500 Days Left" International Y2K Awareness Day


>Hosted by
> * Rogue Valley Year 2000 Task Force (RV-Y2k Task Force) and
> * United States Senator Gordon H. Smith,
> Member of the Senate Special Committee on the
> Year 2000 Technology Problem
>Date: August 6, 1998
>Time: 3:30 -- 5:00 p.m.
>Location: DoubleTree Hotel
> 200 North Riverside Avenue, Medford
>Format: Presentations followed by a Q & A
>United States Senator Gordon H. Smith, member of the Senate Special
>Committee on Y2k, will be at the Double Tree Hotel in Medford Oregon on
>August 6 for a Y2k SUMMIT to address the Year 2000 problem and its
>potential impact to area citizens. In his remarks, Senator Smith will
>summarize the latest news from Washington, including Y2k Senate Hearings,
>and provide a "status" report regarding compliance in government agencies.
>Rogue Valley government and community leaders along with members of the
>Rogue Valley Y2k Task Force will present an overview, specific to potential
>Rogue Valley Y2k problems and solutions.
>Both Senator Smith and the Panel of Presenters will be on hand to answer
> Liza K. Christian, Administrative Coordinator RV-Y2k Task Force
> The Hon. Gordon H. Smith, United States Senator
> Overview of Y2k and Potential Impact to Rogue Valley
> Will Reishman, Chair of RV-Y2k Task Force
> Contingency Planning, Jackson County
> Sue Slack, Assistant County Administrator, Jackson
> Contingency Planning, Josephine County
> Gordon Anderson, Mayor, City of Grants Pass*
> Food Acquisition, Storage, Distribution
> Patty Claeys, Executive Director, Access Community
>Action Agency
> Overview of Business Awareness and Economic Impact
> Cary Cound, Engineer, Sweed Machinery
> Impact to Health Services and Facilities
> Nick McCarroll, Administrator, Medford Radiology
> Brief Overview of Oregon State Compliance and Impact to
>Oregon's Citizens
> Barbara Jensen, Manager, Oregon Year 2000 Project
>Principle areas of concern: Personal/Community Readiness; Cross-Agency
>Contingency Planning, Risk Management, and Disaster Recovery Protocol; Food
>(availability, storage, distribution); Impact of Critical Infrastructure--
>Health-Care Delivery, Medical Supplies/Services, the Power Grid,
>Transportation, and other Critical Services.
>Q & A: 35 minutes
>At the conclusion of the presentations, questions from the floor may be
>addressed to both Senator Smith and the Panel. If you would like to
>register your question in advance of the Y2k Summit, please e-mail to:
>The Rogue Valley Y2k Task Force is a community-building organization
>developed for the purpose of creating awareness--alerting to
>action--regarding potential Year 2000 disruptions; and making resources and
>tools available for personal and community preparedness.
>As a community service, the DoubleTree Hotel
>is providing this meeting space at no charge.
>RV-Y2k Task Force operates under the sponsorship of ICARE,
>a 501c-3 non-profit organization. Our goal is to alert our
>community to the potential risks of year 2000 problems and
>to create tools for contingency planning, risk management and
>disaster recovery protocol. We are deeply concerned about our
>entire community, but especially the most vulnerable among us.
>Our web-site (in its birthing stage) can be found at
> <>
>Reach us by e-mail at
>Call for meeting times and places at:
> 541-608-9265
>Tax deductable donations may be mailed to
> P O Box 4247,
> Medford OR 97501.

The Y2K Boulder Community Preparedness Group
and The Cassandra Project presents


August 20-23, 1998
University of Colorado, Boulder, Room Chem 140

5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Nationally recognized speakers:
Joel Ackerman, Rick Cowles, Steve Davis, Jim Lord, Roleigh Martin, and
Paloma O'Riley will provide an overview of the problem and discuss "Y2K"
impacts on finance, electricity, health care, the economy, and


9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Special presentations by: CU Faculty Panel and Margaret Wheatley
Learn how to prepare both personally and on a community basis for
potential disruptions to utilities, telecommunications, food
distribution and other vital services.



To reserve a seat, registration should be received by August 13.
Website registration is preferred at
To register by mail, send a self-addressed stamped envelope with your
Name, Address, Phone, and which days you will be attending to:
Y2K, 302 Pearl St., Boulder CO 80302.

-- For up-to-date information and scheduling, e-mail to or call 303-939-8463, #5.

-- There is no charge for this event.

-- Additional Y2K information is available on The Cassandra Project
website at

-- Free parking and handicapped access is available.

-- Additional co-sponsors: CU Boulder Office of Community Relations,
All Seasons Chalice, Boulder County Healthy Communities Initiative,
Solstice Institute.

Ben Levi | Ph:303-546-0679 | Fax: 303-473-0489
2800 Kalmia, #A-327 | Boulder, CO 80301 |