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April 8th Resilient Communities Live Satellite Conversation

I want to remind you of the April 8th Resilient
Communities "Live Satellite Conversation". We've called it a video
conference before, but we're increasingly clear that what we're inviting is
something closer to the ground. Robert and I are operating, increasingly
out of a basic model: We need to be talking with our neighbors and friends
about the invitation to move towards more resiliency and more
sustainability in our lives.

More and more of us have the same concerns, sometimes expressed in
different language, and we need to be talking, learning and acting with
each other -- acting in the myriad small ways which actually end up
changing the world. In many ways, this is the simple process Willis Harman
spoke of many years ago when he said -- "the world changes when large
numbers of people change the way they think, a little bit"

Y2K is certainly one item which is convincing many of us to look at how we
are living our lives. The resilient communities project is producing the
space for a major, international conversation on "Common Sense, Common
Ground: Preparing for Y2K" which will be broadcast this coming April
8th. Theobald, Y2K preparedness organizer Cynthia Beal and poet, singer
and deep ecologist Rachel Bagby, will be sharing their perspective on

**Meeting basic needs
**How to talk with others about Y2K and Resilience
**Looking beyond January, 2000 towards deeper changes
**Avoiding "Y2Kitis"
**Keeping your own balance as you work on these issues

We think this life satellite conversation, and the materials that will
accompany it on our web site can be an important resource for groups of
friends and neighbors and associates talking about these issues.

We have an invitation for you:

1. Have a look at our website --

2. Check out the library at your community college, or your county
extension office, or a local university, or a sports bar -- anyone with a
satellite dish and a room to host a conversation, and find someone who will
offer to downlink our April 8th live-satellite video conference from 9-12
am (Pacific Time).

3. Invite some neighbors and friends and people who you think might be
interested in this stuff to get together for three hours to talk about how
to build resilience in their lives, especially in light of Y2K. We're not
talking about big groups here. Our encouragement to you is to get together
with 8-15 folks. You might want to do something more extensive -- but
we're really looking for conversation here. There's a $10 registration
charge (per person) for using the program to help us defray expenses.

4. If you are willing to do this, go to this address on our site: and sign up to be a
site coordinator. We'd love to have you involved.

Please let us know your questions and ideas.

Best Wishes,


Please forward this message to anyone else you think might want to be
involved. PLEASE! This is grassroots internet organizing. We're
producing a quality resource with the videoconference and the website --
and we need your help in getting the word out.

Robert L. Stilger, Executive Director
Northwest Regional Facilitators
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Spokane, WA 99202

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