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AUGUST 19: "500 Days Left" International Y2K Awareness Day

Late Breaking News and Suggestions (11 Aug 1998)

Y2K Awareness Days and Holidays
How to get a Mayor's or Governor's Proclamation about Y2K

Why Your Organization Should Educate People about Y2K
American News Service News Alert
A Year 2000 Better World Celebration: The first global gathering of millennial organizers

Pass it on....

Chris Anderson, a leading Y2K crusader in South Africa, has
initiated the concept of a Global Y2K Awareness Day on Wednesday 19
August 1998 (which is Day 500 - 500 days to go to the Millennium).

This has been picked up with amazing rapidity around the globe and
already arrangements are being made for TV & radio appearances, debates,
etc and a global Internet-based discussion.

-- Ross Stewart -

The biggest response in the US seems to be from
the famous economist Edward Yardini:

Date: Sat, 18 Jul 1998 18:30:16 -0400
From: Ed Yardeni <>

Y2K CONFERENCE: Join me in making August 19, 1998 GLOBAL Y2K AWARENESS DAY. On that day there will be only 500 days left until 2000/01/01. I will host a live, marathon Internet audio COUNTDOWN 2000 CONFERENCE all day with some of the world's top Y2K experts.

> Conference details:
> Global Y2K Awareness Day:

Mr. Yardini is a respected economic forcaster who has put his reputation on the line predicting a major global recession from Y2K. If you want a taste of his recent perspective, he draws some parallels between Star Trek and Y2K in an article appearing in the latest issue of the Harvard Business Review. A video of his June 2, 1998 C-SPAN speech is posted on the Federal Reserve's home page.

But back to New Zealand's plans....

Ross Stewart continues...
We are to do the same in New Zealand and need to get everybody on the
same side of the cart, pushing in the same direction, at least on that

Please use your contacts to suggest that this IS a concept worth running

The Govt's Y2K Task Force might like to consider presenting their report
to the Steering Committee either on that morning or possibly the
afternoon before in order to gain additional publicity for its good works.

TVNZ's Breakfast show may wish to have something more than just a sound
bite - a decent clash of opposing views might generate some real
interest, and the same on Morning Report.

The Consumer Affairs Ministry may wish to use this day as a kick-off
point for Y2K information for the end-user, the consumer, Mr & Mrs Joe
Public, and how it may effect them.

Lastly, Civil Defence, who are investigating already what ambulances may
need to be at the bottom of the cliff, may wish to comment further....

Late Breaking news (11 Aug 1998)

FROM NEW ZEALAND - thanks to
A R (Ross) Stewart, Wilson White Group, Auckland, New Zealand
GMT+12 to 4 Oct 1998, then GMT+13 ph: +64(9)307-3869
** email us for Kiwi y2k staff or information

Day 500 is likely to be marked here by full-page adverts in every major
daily, sponsored by 25 big corporates (banks, telecom, insurance, etc) -
specifically NOT I.T. companies, as we want to push the issue that it is a
business problem, not an IT problem. This initiative is being coordinated
by a group of about 8 interested Y2K IT supporters (ANZ Bank, Telecom, NZ
Dairy Bd, Dept Internal Affairs, Transpower, PwC, Azimuth Consulting,
ourselves..) A step in the right direction!

Only 78 full weeks to go. If the employers of your husbands, wives,
parents, children, other relatives and all your friends haven't started on
y2k (including other than just lip service), then please please please make
some waves. And big ones.


To: <>
Subject: Los Angeles Y2K Group
Date: Wed, 12 Aug 1998 21:36:44 -0000

Greetings Mary Ann,

Cynthia just forwarded your email to me and I very much look forward to
sharing info with you and your group. Alain Durocher and myself formed the
South Bay Y2K Community Awareness Project just three weeks ago. We found
each other through Cynthia (bless her heart) at a time when both of us had
tired of waiting for SOMEBODY to start community action here in Los Angeles.
Like you, we are both working full time on this on a voluntary basis.
Fortunately the support is already significant in terms of interest and
willingness to help. The Manhattan Beach Marriott donated a room for our
first public meeting on August 19, Global Y2K Action Day. We do have a
computer studio and can tape the broadcast for summary that evening. City
officials are coming forward as well as various business owners, y2k project
managers, COBOL programmers and others. A radio booking agent also wants to
help. Looks promising. I would be very interested in how your project has
developed and what you've managed to accomplish. Any pitfalls to look out
for? Any hot tips? & how long have you been together? Ok, one more question,
are there other groups up in Northern California? By the way, if you
discover any others down here please let me know. There must be other people
organizing....we should find each other and network together for California.

If there is anything I (we) can do to help you guys out let me know....we
are still getting our feet wet.....

all the best,
Elle D'Coda, Ph.D.

---310-318-3324 ----
(Under Construction - up by end of the week)


And from our source of inspiration - the South Africans...
See their website and detailed set of plans!!!!! GO SOUTH AFRICA - LEADING THE WORLD!

The objective is to involve all Radio, TV and Print
Media as well as Public and Private Organisations in
every country .We can do this! Go GO GO GO ....
Chris Anderson email:
Y2K Cinderella Project Striving for Year 2000 Compliance

Date: Sun, 9 Aug 1998 13:52:45 -0700
From: Leille <>
Subject: Y2K World Awareness Day - Some actions you can take! Please forward

Hi everyone. Attached are plans and samples for you to use, act on, or distribute as you will for
***** AUGUST 19, 1998 Y2K WORLD AWARENESS DAY ******.
If I have not yet responded personally to your email regarding this event I apologize. I have been overwhelmed by the recent response - and I feel very positive about all your ideas for action. (Thanks to all of you who had ideas and plans and emails that I have summarized in this report!) Thank you and I look forward to all of us having a positive impact and moving us closer to success!

MARCH 15th 1999 for Y2K WORLD TEST DAY
JUNE 15th 1999 for Y2K CONTINGENCY PREP DAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1. Have the city and state leaders proclaim August 19, 1998 World Y2K Awareness Day (read How to get a Mayor's or Governor's Proclamation about Y2K)
2. Do press releases and have each and every magazine, newspaper, etc., have special reports on that day
3. Distribute packets of information to all the libraries. Volunteer to help them setup special displays. Provide them a list of books and resources that will aid the public in seeking knowledge.
4. Have a community meeting or barbecue and start a discussion group - consider churches, associations, community activities etc
5. Call up your favourite non-profit or community support agency and volunteer to help them fix and prepare
6. If you have materials or products donate them to your local schools, non-profit and library groups.
7. Send an email of resources and information to all your electronic friends and family and ask them to forward
8. Ask your employer what the status of their Year 2000 program is and offer to assist in some manner.
9. Offer a workshop or share material with all of your employees on your status and what their roles are
10. Offer your customers and your suppliers assistance with their programs
11. Add Y2K facts and tips to payroll slips, newsletters, email responses, voicemail hold messages etc.
12. Call on your elected representatives to share publicly Y2K priorities, status and plans. Advise and assist them if they need guidance!

All the best to all of us!


World Y2K Awareness Day-August 19 1998 - 500 days left!!!!!!
Are YOU ready?

leille v. sussman
president, sussman inc, (503) 641-2906
Portland, Oregon USA


LIBRARY LIST - thanks to Nancy Mckibbin, Sally Chew and Norman Kurland!!

From: American News Service <>
Subject: ANS News Alert for August 17, 1998


RELEASE DATE: August 17, 1998

Americans Examine How the Year 2000 Will Affect Their Lives

ANS Subscribers:

Wednesday, August 19, 1998 has been declared Global Y2K Action Day by
individuals dedicated to increasing public awareness of the so-called Year
2000 Problem. The date marks the beginning of the 500-day countdown to the
day when computer calendars will turn from year 99 to year 00.
In light of this event, we draw your attention to an in-depth report to be
released on August 17, 1998 in our next installment of ANS features and
newsbriefs. The feature, written by Bill Bole and datelined Lowell, Mass.,
examines the situation from the perspective of how the Y2K problem is
viewed-and tackled-by everyday Americans.

We have also learned that the national highlight of next week's Global Y2K
Action day will be an all-day, Internet audio conference hosted and
sponsored Dr. Edward Yardeni, Chief Economist and Managing Director of
Deutsche Bank Securities.

The live conference is designed to bring together political, business, and
civic leaders as well as all members of the public, who are invited to
email their comments throughout the day. Possible solutions to the Y2K
problem will be discussed, along with what the organizers describe as the
"need to prepare contingency and disaster recovery plans" 500 days before
the new millennium. Panelists scheduled include keynote speaker Sen.
Robert Bennett (R-UT), Senior Editor of Newsweek Steven Levy, and FCC
Commissioner Michael K. Powell. Details are available on Dr. Yardeni's
website: <>.

The American News Service
Covering America's Search for Solutions

For more information call 1-800-654-NEWS, ext. 131 or visit our website at

The American News Service
289 Fox Farm Road
Brattleboro, VT 05301



To all those intested in promoting world peace, Earth stewardship, and
sustainability. This is not just another event. This email contains a press
release, conference details, registration info. Please consider passing it
on. You will know what to do when you read this.

FOR RELEASE: August 11, 1998
CONTACT: Bruce Nichols
Friends of Tree Island
541-882-9760, Fax 541-883-3136


A sky filled with rainbows and butterflies will be a visual treat for the
Klamath Falls community, conference attendees, and international media at the
Tree Island Millennium Gathering being held at the Oregon Institute of
Technology at the end of the conference's second day. Alan Moore, the
"Butterfly Man", and the children of Klamath Falls will release monarch
butterflies as artist Fred Stern, the "Rainbow Man", creates a magnificent
rainbow backdrop in the sky. The event is scheduled to commemorate Day 500,
August 19th and will occur at 5:00 PM.

The rainbow and butterfly release will symbolize the peace and unity that we
all would like to bring to the New Millennium. Stern is an internationally
recognized conceptual artist who uses large scale pumps to generate natural
rainbows in the sky, some as large as 2000 feet across. He will be working
with the local fire department to realize this rainbow in support of the
possibility of peace and global unity for the new millennium. has He has
placed rainbows over the Earth Summit in Rio and United Nations in New York.
He has received five major awards from the National Endowment for The Arts and
grants from many local and private agencies to support his work. He was the
first artist to receive an Art in Public Places Individual Artist Award from
the National Endowment for the Arts.

Moore has launched his fluttery friends at events all over the country,
including the World Peace Festival, Woodstock 97, four Hiroshima-Nagasaki
observances, and the United Nations Earth Summit +5 in New York, where 600
painted ladies were set free. "Children attending the spectacle will get to
take home beautiful magic wands with rainbow streamers and butterflies on
top," says Moore. The rainbow and butterfly release were offered as gifts to
the conference and people of Klamath Falls by Stern and Moore, respectively.
On the last day conference participants will go out into the community and
work with local residents on hands-on projects. We hope to leave behind a
lasting gift for the people of Klamath Falls. Some of these will be a Peace
Pole, a butterfly garden, a reading program, and the hope that, by working
together with mutual respect, love, and humility, we can help make the world
a better place.

While others worry about the Millennium computer bug, organizers from as far
away as Kazakstan and Korea will assemble August 18-20th at the Oregon
Institute of Technology to share plans for the turn of the Millennium,
coordinate schedules and invent new ways of celebrating. "We welcome
representatives of any group using the year 2000 as a prompt for positive
action," said Linda Grover, director of the 22nd Century Group (Making Sure We
Get There) and author of Tree Island, a new novel in which the world is united
through meaningful global celebration in the year 2000. Southern Oregon is
the setting for Tree Island, and the reason that organizers picked Klamath
Falls, her home town, to hold their conference.

Hillel Stewart of the Millennium Institute, Steve Diamond of One Day in Peace
January 1, 2000, and Grover, who have been coordinating the Tree Island
Millennium Gathering, They have been joined by Tom Esakin of Millennium
Vancouver 2000 who is now a CO-organizer. Vancouver 2000 has issued a call to
millennium organizers around the world to come to the Gathering and
participate in future collaborations. "Tree Island is about harnessing the
spirit of good will and hope which the dawn of the new millennium is fostering
and then using it to develop millennium partnerships," stated Esakin.

The three day event is attracting increasing attention, and has been scheduled
to coincide with the 500-day mark (August 19th) before the year 2000. "Other
gatherings may take place on days 400, 300, 200 and 100," said Schwartz. "We
are looking to secure the foundations for a series of millennium projects
leading toward a more sustainable future."

"The celebration of the year 2000 will be the most important event in human
history," observed former United Nations Assistant Secretary-general Robert
Muller when he heard of the Gathering. "I fully support the Tree Island effort
to coordinate this on a global scale, and would love to be there on Day 500 to
increase the worldwide wave. It might bring about a turning point in human
affairs. It is incredible what we can do in the one year and five months we
have left before 2000."

Among the 40 or more groups that will be represented at the Gathering are:
First Night International (195 cities), the UN Millenium People's Assembly
Network, Millennium Korea, WAM2000 Barcelona, the Catalyst Youth Network,
Milenio Costa Rica, Pole-to-Pole 2000, and the World Wide Forum for Millennium
Results and Prospects, Kazakstan.

* *

Update: 8/11/98 7:32:27 PM Pacific Daylight Time


"At a time of profound change throughout the world, the Tree Island
Millennium Gathering will celebrate and advance those ecological, social, and
spiritual values that are fundamental to a secure future. May the spirit of
this Gathering spread and be shared by more and more people, young and old,
as we approach the Millennium!" Steven C. Rockefeller, Chair, Earth Charter
Drafting Committee, Middlebury College, Emeritus.

On August 18th through 20th the only known celebration of Day 500 before the
year 2000 in the hemisphere will take place in Klamath Falls, Oregon.
Leading millennium minds, futurists and event planners from as far away as
Kazakstan and Korea will meet at the Oregon Institute of Technology to share
their plans, coordinate their schedules and to discover new universal ways of
celebrating. Highlights of the three day event will include unique 99, 66,
and 33 second statements by participating groups, children's improvisational
theatre, spontaneous thematic celebrations of various kinds, with media and
local community participating, a natural rainbow in the sky, a butterfly
release, and a work project on behalf of the community's children and the
Klamath Tribe.

Organizers of the event include the 22nd Century Group (Making Sure We Get
There), Klamath Falls; the Millennium Institute, Washington DC; One Day in
Peace January 1, 2000, Santa Barbara, and Millennium Vancouver 2000, British
Columbia, and the Butterfly Gardeners Association.

The Tree Island Millennium Gathering-A Call to Unity

Greetings all Planetary Peace Workers and Warriors,

The most monumental moment in human history is fast approaching; a once-in-a-
millennium opportunity to create a global focus of attention on peace and the
creation of a new and better world for all life on the planet. The global
awareness of the significance of the Millennium Eve and Day to create global
peace is becoming apparent to those who are working to create global

Our Gathering to plan for that event is progressing well and I am excited
about the unique format and events that are planned. The three day gathering
(August 18-20,1998) is filled with creating collaborations and new
friendships, modeling celebrations, and taking our global concepts and putting
them to work on a local and global level. There will be ceremonies and ideas
that we can share to celebrate the millennium. We will all benefit from this
experience! I can think of no better way to spend DAY500 than to be
surrounded with friends and preparing for YEAR2000.

Now is the time for all individuals and organizations working for peace,
social justice, environmental sustainability and the creation of a better
world, to join together in a concerted global initiative of collective
collaboration, communication and coordination.

Join us at the Tree Island Millennium Gathering in Klamath Falls or support
the work of the Gathering from your location. Help us demonstrate to the
world how powerful and widespread is the desire to make the turn of the
millennium a turning point for humanity.

After this gathering, we have less than 500 days left to create a MILLENNIUM
MIRACLE. The need to congeal and consolidate the various groups and
individuals working for peace has never been greater. I urge you or your
organization to consider attending. United we stand, divided we fall.


21st Century Countdown Calendar, 22nd Century Group, Canadian Lung
Association, Catalyst Youth Network, Center for Millennial Czech/Antarctic
Arts Group, Earth Rainbow Network/Millennium Gathering, Earth Day 2000, Eco-
Communications, Intl., Electronics Project, Expos of the Americas, First Night
International (195 Cities), Foundation for the Future of Youth, Friends of
Tree Island, Fundacion Dessarrollo Nuevo Pensamiento, Fund for Global
Awakening, Global Media Productions, Great Millennium Campaign, Great
Millennium Celebration, Guatemala Project-Michael Linden, Harmonic Ascendance
Project, Invocation Project, Klamath Millennium Council, Klamath Tribes,
Lifebridge Foundation, Lightshift 2000, Magical Child Foundation, Millennium
Eve Vigil, Millennium Institute, Millennium Korea, Millennium Vancouver 2000,
New Civilization Network, One Day in Peace, January 1, 2000!, One Day
Foundation, Pathways to Peace, Peaceday 2000, People For Peace, Pole to Pole
2000, SCAN/Gaialink San Diego, Shine a Light for Peace, Snapshot Millennium,
Holomorph Teamwork2000, The Butterfly Gardeners Association, The Rainbow Man
(Artist Fred Stern), UN People's Millennium Assembly, Unitarian Universalist
Association, WAM 2000 Barcelona, Weave A Dream, Whidbey Institute, World Peace


1) Please join us. Register today for the Tree Island Gathering. You must
register for all three days unless previously arranged. Our site is
<A HREF=" ">Tree Island
Registration</A> or Fax 541-883-3136 or call 800-900-6202 24 hour
operators.The cost is negligible ($160 for 3 days, including four nights
accommodation and nine meals), the setting is pristine, the organizations and
individuals involved will be some of the most enlightened, visionary and
talented people on the planet, and most importantly, the agenda is of vital
importance to the planetary peace process.
Travel info at Uniglobe 1-800-356-5777.

2) Forward this message to any individual, organization, corporation,
spiritual group or government agency you believe would be interested in being

3) Send your letters of encouragement and prayers of support to Linda Grover
and friends who are working tirelessly to create this event for the benefit of
all humanity-

4) Forward this message to national and global media, urging their
participation, as their part in coordinating the developing millennium
extravaganza cannot be overstated.

5) Post a message on our discussion board,

6) Lend your talents, skills and energies to help facilitate the Gathering.
Volunteers are beginning to arrive at "Camp Millennium" and more are needed.
E-mail or call 1-800-900-6202.

7) Set up a Day5000 observance for August 19th in your community and link
with us electronically on that date.

8) Send a donation to supplement travel expense for groups that could
otherwise not attend. Make checks payable to Friends of Tree Island, 300
Grant St., Klamath Falls, OR 97601 or fax Visa /Mastercard information to
541-883-3136. Every donor will receive a complimentary ten-pack of the
world's first "Millennium Giftwrap."

9) Form Prayer and Meditation Groups and pass the word out to those you know
to do the same. This process needs the energy and support of all people who
desire peace. Form a meditation group at 12 noon on the 19th of August to Pray
and Meditate on World Peace and send blessings and energy to those working and
attending the Gathering in Klamath Falls; We will be meditating
simultaneously in Klamath Falls. If you cannot attend in body, then join us in
Spirit! Together we can create MIRACLES! Please feel free to email with your
progress, questions, comments and suggested contacts. Thank you for your
support, your dedicated work and selfless service as we create a global focus
of attention on peace for the New Millennium and inaugurate a new era of peace
and sustainability for humanity and the planet.


<A HREF="">Millennium Institute</A> 703-841-0048
<A HREF="">One Day Foundation</A> 520-204-1216
<A HREF="">The Twenty-second Century Group (Tree
Island)</A> 541-882-9760
<A HREF="">Lightshift2000</A> 805-969-4401
<A HREF=" ">Lifebridge Foundation</A>
<A HREF="">EcoCommunications International</A>
<A HREF="">The Butterfly Gardeners
Association</A> 510-528-7730
Global Media Productions 970-925-3200

Tree Island Player Bios

Linda Grover -Author of Tree Island

The daughter of an inventor and a poet, born in New England and raised in the
military, Linda Grover graduated from Las Vegas High School and worked as a
secretary for several years.

Linda Grover's interest in changing the world began with an early stint as
Clerk of The House Indian Affairs Subcommittee in the U.S. Congress. She later
worked with The National Committee for An Effective Congress and the
International Rescue Committee. Her books and lectures have all reflected
social themes. Her success led to an active role in reform politics.

The House Keepers, (Harper & Row) was a humorous account of a successful seven
year battle to save her Manhattan apartment building from an urban renewal
project. It was excerpted in McCalls, serialized in the New York Post,
optioned by CBS, featured in a New York Times editorial and became required
reading for city planning courses at several universities.

Her second nonfiction work, Looking Terrific: The Language of Clothing,
(Putnams and Ballantine) written with co-author Emily Cho, was a New York
Times national bestseller (#4 trade paperback), became a Literary Guild
selection and was translated into Hebrew and Spanish. It concerned women's
identity in the wake of the sexual revolution. Linda is also the author of
August Celebration, about the discovery of the wild-grown algae superfood in
Klamath Lake. It has sold a half million copies to d

She also created Aaron's World for CBS-EMI and has been a New York City taxi
driver, a cook at a retreat center, a water-ski instructor, a Manhattan
restaurant reviewer, and an actress in Kick the Habit" anticigarette

Linda was commissioned in 1979 by CBS-EMI to create an alternative serial
drama, Aaron's World, about a children's hospital. The show was optioned,
developed, and scheduled, but not aired. She later became head writer of The
Doctors, NBC; Search for Tomorrow, CBS; and CO-head writer of General
Hospital, ABC.

Linda is also the author of August Celebration: A Molecule of Hope for a
Changing World, published in both paperback and audio. (Gilbert, Hoover &
Clarke.) It recounts the discovery of a wild-grown superfood in an Oregon
Cascades lake and examines the resulting network of socially conscious
consumers and distributors across North America. Nearly a half million copies
have been sold to date.

These days, Linda makes her home in Klamath Falls, Oregon with her golden
retriever/border collie, Shalise. She plans to spend the rest of her life
windsurfing, promoting global partnership, and celebrating.

Alan Moore

Moore is head of the Butterfly Gardeners' Association, a Berkeley-based
group that has sponsored such events throughout the United States and wants
butterflies and rainbows to become leading symbols for millennium activities
around the world. He has been invited to and released butterflies at the
United Nations Earth Summit +5, the World Peace Festival, Woodstock 97, the
Bioneers conference in San Francisco, and at numerous events and festivals
throughout the world. He has coordinated simultaneous butterfly releases for
Hiroshima-Nagaski Observances in cities such as Washington, DC on the Mall,
Baltimore at John Hopkin University, New York City at the Buddhist Temple, and
Allentown, his old home town, at Cedar Crest College.

The BGA events have been covered by many local, national and international
newspapers, magazines, and broadcast media in the United States, Great
Britain, Japan, Austria and Sweden. This includes the LA Times, CNN, NBC,
BBC, WTN(World Television Network), and Der Spiegel. Other members of his
organization have been covered in the New York Times, the San Francisco
Examiner, the New York Times, People Magazine, Time Magazine, and countless
others. Many of his board members are published writers whose books have made
the New York Times best seller list.

Moore has found the butterfly to be a wonderful symbol for promoting world
peace and environmental sustainability. By making such things as butterflies
and rainbows symbols for the Millennium and global cooperation, every
butterfly that goes by or rainbow in the sky becomes a messenger of peace,
love, and humility. "I can't think of a more beautiful or effective way to
arouse global consciousness, " he says.

He has taught thousands of children to raise butterflies in the classroom
for releases at Earth Day and other festivals, the largest of which launched
2000 winged angels to the heavens. Festivals broke attendance records when
butterflies highlighted the closing ceremonies. He plans to launch at least
10,000 butterflies at just one Earth Day location next year, the Concord
Pavilion in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Earth Day Network has spread the
idea around the world.

The success of his "Butterfly Initiative'" is also helping to bring
together a coalition of environmental, peace, faith, spiritual, and civic
groups to organize a Great Millennium Peace Caravan for the summer of 1999.
The themes will be Transformation Through Forgiveness and Earth Day Every Day.
"We will focus on creating a sustainable and peaceful world through personal
and planetary transformation," says Moore. The caravan will consist of
artists, musicians, educators, muralists, sculptors, story tellers, thespians,
gardeners, dancers, lecturers, activists, futurists, global visionaries, and
authors. Protect All Life Forms will lend the world's largest sculpture, a
forty foot whale carved out of a salvaged redwood tree, to the entourage. We
will celebrate the Earth's biological and cultural diversity as we visit
social justice, environmental and peace festivals across the country. The
30th Woodstock Anniversary and Festival will be a major destination, as well
as the Hiroshima-Nagasaki Observance in Washington, DC and the World Peace
Festival in Armenia New York. He is also collaborating with other groups to
make the summer of 99 a "Global Affair."

Norie Huddle

Norie Huddle is a published author of five books (two more in the works) and
numerous articles, a professional interviewer, a popular and highly respected
public speaker and an organizational and creative consultant to private
industry, government and academia. She is the Chairman of the Board and
Executive Director of the Center for New National Security, a nonprofit
corporation established in Washington, D.C. in 1979.

Huddle is actively committed to designing and supporting projects in
peacemaking on a local to global scale. In the early 1960s, she was an
exchange student in Italy for a year, under the auspices of the American Field
Service. Since her graduation from Brown University (1966), she has been
establishing a network of cooperative working relationships with government
officials, leaders in private industry, the media and academia, and creative
strategists and problem-solvers around the world.

In her endeavors as a "peacemaker," Huddle has lived and traveled abroad
extensively. A former Peace Corps Volunteer from Colombia, South America,
Huddle worked for two years at the community level, designing and implementing
training programs for women. Huddle lived in Japan for four years while she
researched and wrote, with Michael Reich, Island of Dreams: Environmental
Crisis in Japan. She worked closely with Japanese environmental and consumer
groups, and helped organize the nonpartisan group, "Japan Plus 20." to look at
long range social, political and environmental issues and trends in Japan and
Southeast Asia. Huddle has also visited the Soviet Union frequently, to
attend conferences and conduct interviews with a wide range of Soviet citizens
concerning their perspectives on national and global security, and to meet
with Soviet entrepreneurs and design joint ventures.

A lifelong student of America and the American people, Huddle has also
traveled throughout the United States. In 1977, she wrote Travels with Hope,
the account of "Project America 1976," a crosscountry bicycle trip which she
organized upon her return from Japan in 1975. Project America involved a
dozen Americans and Japanese who spent nine months bicycling across the United
States from Santa Barbara to Philadelphia, during the American Bicentennial.
It was during this time that Huddle began asking Americans about their lives
and work, their hopes and ideas for creating a positive future.

>From 1979-83, Huddle interviewed over 400 people from all walks of life about
their positive visions of the future and their ideas for how to make America
and the world more secure. Surviving: The Best Game on Earth, published by
Schocken Books, is a compendium of 30 of these interviews. It has been widely
reviewed and well received. One reviewer commented, "This is the first time I
have weighed the issues of global survival without feeling futility or
despair. Instead, reading this collection of interviews on the subject has
been an inspiring look at the power of individual effort. If this book, and
others like it, were introduced into the curricula of school systems
worldwide, a shift toward more planetary cooperation might well occur."
Library Journal selected Surviving as one of the top 100 books in the United
States in the area of science and technology (1984); Surviving also was on the
New York Time's longer bestseller list.

Huddle has shared her skills and thought-provoking perspectives on television
and radio in the United States, Japan (in Japanese) and the Soviet Union (in
Russian). In Japan, she has spoken to radio and television audiences of over
10 million and to live audiences of up to 10,000. She has been interviewed
for and has written feature articles for all the leading Japanese daily
newspapers and many of their weekly and monthly magazines, as well as for
several leading Soviet publications. She has led seminars or made
presentations to such diverse organizations as the United Nation's Conference
on Population (NGO Forum) held in Bucharest, the Commonwealth Club (San
Francisco), the Women's Executive Club (Washington, D.C.), the National
Organization of Women, the United States Army, Lorton Prison, the Whole Life
Expo (New York and San Francisco), Princeton University, Villanova, the
University of California (Riverside), Catholic University and The American
University (Washington, D.C.), and to a variety of church congregations and
schools (first through 12th grades). She is a warm, humorous and genuine
individual who inspires her audiences with her enthusiasm, intelligence and
determination to contribute to the wellbeing of all. She gives presentations
in a variety of languages including Japanese, Russian, Spanish and Italian.

In March of 1990, Huddle set up Huddle Books as the publishing division of
CNNS, for the purpose of publishing future works related to national and
global security. On Earth Day 1990, she published her fourth book, Butterfly,
a "tiny tale of great transformation" which sets forth a global myth for our
times. Butterfly is beautifully illustrated by artist Charlene Madland. In
June of 1991, Huddle Books published Huggles, an environmental coloring book
for children, also written by Huddle and illustrated by Madland. Huddle is
currently completing Money, Power and Purpose, which presents bold new ideas
for redesigning economic and social systems.

Huddle is the founder of The Best Game on Earth, an experiment in "electronic
democracy" designed to support collaborative and innovative approaches to
solving global problems. Beginning in 1992, Huddle has been a frequent
interviewer and guest host on The Best Game on Earth, a weekly cable
television show produced in Salina, KS.

Fred Stern / The Artist

Fred Stern is an acknowledged innovator in environmental art. He has served as
Associate Professor of Sculpture and Engineering at Pratt Institute, and as
Associate Professor of Visual Arts at New York University, the University of
Maryland and The Instituto De Allende in Mexico.

Stern has received five major awards from the National Endowment for The Arts
and grants from many local and private agencies to support his work. He was
the first artist to receive an Art in Public Places Individual Artist Award
from the National Endowment for the Arts, for his rainbow work.

He has created Natural Man Made Real Rainbows as large as 2000 feet across for
the cities of New York, Baltimore, Chicago, Miami, Austin, Salt Lake City, and
Santa Fe. In 1992 Stern created a series of rainbows at the Earth Summit in
Rio de Janeiro. In 1995 he presented his rainbow work, "Keshet Sheket," a
Holocaust Memorial, as the opening piece for the Eutopia Festival in Potsdam
Germany. On Flag Day, he created a rainbow for the town of Silver City, New
Mexico as a planetary flag standing above all other flags and symbolizing the
need for global unity.

This past summer he realized a two year dream through the creation of a
natural rainbow over the United Nations Building. In this piece the planets
flag was flown above the flags of the world's nations

An artificial rainfall is created by fire trucks or fire boats, pumping water
into the air. The water drops refract the sunlight and establish the rainbow.
A computer program determines the optimal time, position and spray parameters
for rainbow generation.


An author and free-lance journalist, Willis was commissioned to design Year
2000 safaris for Park East Tours, one of the only operators with permits to
climb Kilimanjaro to reach the highest peak in Africa on January 1,2000.

Because of her expertise on Africa, Willis was commissioned to write the
introduction to the Fodor's Guide to Kenya and Tanzania and served as Chief
Contributor for five years.

In 1979 she helped organize a WWF/London Zoological Society expedition across
the Sahara. That same year she planned a New Zealand tour for a film crew from
ABC-TV, and began to lead tours into the People's Republic of China for
Lindblad. Willis has also worked for La Mer Diving Seafaris, which had charter
boats around the world for scuba divers, the London-based WEXAS, and Discovery
Tours at the American Museum of Natural History. By invitation Willis has
twice been an honored guest at the Annual Dinner of The Explorer's Club.

Working as a freelance journalist, she has published more than 30 magazine
articles, many covering sophisticated travel with such operators as
Abercrombie & Kent. For a decade she has contributed to DIVERSION, the travel
magazine for physicians. In addition to her assignments in Kenya, Tanzania,
and Zaire, Willis has covered ecotourism in Papua New Guinea and Australia.

In 1972, Willis became the first U.S. representative for a division of British
television, Survival Anglia Ltd., handling all the press and promotion for the
award winning Survival series. She was named a vice-president of the company
at the age of 28.

By invitation, Willis was one of five science writers selected (alongside
Pulitzer Prize winner John Nobel Wilford) to speak at a symposium on media
coverage at The American Museum of Natural History. She has also been
interviewed on NPR's All Things Considered.

Her most recent book, The Sand Dollar & The Slide Rule, was excerpted for the
Discovery Channel Online and in Natural History magazine. Her first book, on
fossil discoveries made by the Leakey family, was introduced by Stephen Jay
Gould. the paperback edition of The Hominid Gang sold out.

Since 1996, Willis has worked as a consultant to Park East Tours, planning
travel programs for 1999/2000 celebrations, FIT sales and brochure production.

She received a degree in journalism from the University of Arkansas and worked
as a volunteer on the 1992 Clinton/Gore campaign.