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SF Bay Area Y2K psychospiritual resources

Here in the Bay Area, Y2K community workers are developing resources to address the psychological and spiritual dimensions of Y2K. Here are two that look really good to me. I know both of these workshop leaders and consider them very fine folks. -- Tom


sponsored by 3HO and the Kundalini Yoga Centers of the Bay Area
(note: This is the first of what may be a series of workshops)

Saturday, Feb 20th
9 AM to Noon
Kundalini Yoga Center
421 Sybil Avenue,
San Leandro, CA 94577
$35 in advance, $40 at the door
To register in advance, send payment (to SS Khalsa) to above address.
For more information, call 510 895-2813 or email to

If you are awake to the realities and uncertainties of Y2K, it is hard
to go through the day without a substantial degree of stress. There are
major decisions to be made with respect to almost every aspect of your
life, starting with what is useful to do today. If you have money set
aside you have to wonder how to preserve it. If you don't have any set
aside, then your concern is how can you set aside the necessary
emergency supplies, and that, as you know, is only the beginning. It is
hard to make the right decisions without being centered and balanced.
The more you are able to be in touch with, and follow your intuition,
the more likely you will be able to make the right choices for yourself,
your family, your business, and your community.

Sat Santokh Singh Khalsa is a yoga teacher and workshop leader of
substantial experience and skill. Yoga students and workshop
attendees regularly experience a level of clarity of consciousness and
purpose that inspires and guides them through their daily activities and
personal practice.

Learn how to maintain optimum efficiency through every stage of the day,
whether at work or at home. Make clear, focused and intelligent
decisions regardless of pressure, time constraints, or information
overload. Develop your intuition and let that inner voice guide you
through a labyrinth of possibilities.

Center yourself at need - That is, first, to be able to recognize when
you are uncentered and out of balance; and, second, to be able to use
simple yogic techniques to instantly feel clear and ready to address any

Handle stress effectively - Using centering techniques, guided
visualizations, and yoga exercises, you will develop the ability to
find your calm and transcendent self, and regard your work with an
appropriate modicum of detachment -- to be, in a sense, like the classic
Zen archer who with a clear, calm and detached mind, always hits the

Concentration - To work effectively, you must be able to focus on the
task at hand. "Concentration" is one of the classic "eight steps of
yoga." You will learn how to withdraw your mind from both internal and
external ongoing "noise," and fix your attention exclusively where you

Energy - Using exercise, meditation, visualization, and diet, you will
learn to improve your overall energy level on a regular basis; plus you
will learn how to maximize your energy at any given time.


>From South: 880 N to Exit Marina Blvd. East, Marina Blvd. to end at T,
left on Washington - one block, right on Estabrook to end at T, left on
E 14th St. - very short distance (almost immediate), right at light onto
Sybil, 421 Sybil (on right at very large Cedar tree)

>From North: 580 E to Exit Grand Ave (be sure it is the Grand Ave. in
San Leandro, not the one in Oakland!), left at Stop (onto Grand), Right
at Sybil at next stop sign, 421 Sybil (on left at very large Cedar

_ _ _ _

Y2K Workshops and Classes led by Jay Earley

These workshops and classes view Y2K as a wake-up call to spiritual and social transformation. They will help you to understand Y2K and its effects, to prepare your family and community, to process your emotional reactions, and to become empowered to take constructive action to help resolve the crisis and create a healthier society.

Issues to be explored:

· Why isY2K such a serious problem? How could this crisis have been allowed to happen. What are its likely impacts on individuals, communities, and society?

· How to prepare your family for disruptions--food, water, power, heat, health, communication, transportation, finances, jobs, etc.

· Understanding Y2K from a societal perspective. We have built a complex, brittle social and technological structure that is disconnected from community, nature, and resiliency. Y2K is a natural part of the historical transition we are going through.

· The Y2K crisis causes almost everyone to be frightened about facing the unknown and even our survival. You can explore and work through your emotional responses to Y2K in order to reach a place of centered action.

· Fostering connections among participants in the class so that it becomes a place of community and support in people's lives. Class members can help each other with preparedness and even work together on Y2K actions. Hopefully the group will continue to meet on its own after the class is over.

· Learning to connect with others in your life around this issue. How to talk to others about Y2K in a constructive way and how to organize and build community.

· How to work with your neighborhood and community to prepare for Y2K.

· Looking at Y2K solutions and actions that also contribute to sustainability, community, and economic and technological alternatives.

· Each person has special skills, resources, talents, and inclinations that can contribute to a resolution of the Y2K crisis. Discovering your unique contribution to Y2K and how this relates to your deeper sense of life purpose.

· Creating positive visions of the future that don't ignore the seriousness of Y2K. How our culture might come out the other side in better shape than we are now.

· Exploring the spiritual challenges inherent in Y2K--to respond with compassion, presence, openness to what unfolds, and caring about the larger whole.

· Working through personal blocks that are preventing you from taking constructive action about Y2K.

Workshop Format

Time: one or two days on the weekend

Class Format

Length: 6 weeks
Time: 2 hour classes, on week days or evenings

One-day Y2K Workshops may be offered starting in March in the San Francisco Bay Area. Contact Jay Earley at 415-924-5200.

- - - - - ALSO HERE'S THIS:

PSY2K, the Psychospiritual Y2K Network

Perspective. PSY2K approaches the Year 2000 Problem from the perspective of
psychology, spirituality, and social transformation. We help people share,
explore, and work through their psychological responses to Y2K. We promote
an appreciation of the spiritual significance of the issue without taking a
particular stand on what this is. We see Y2K as an opportunity to introduce
fundamental changes that are needed in our society, especially community
and sustainability.

Activities. We accomplish these ends through leading workshops and groups,
coaching and individual therapy, writing and other media, education,
community organizing, and also through our personal way of responding to
Y2K and relating to others. When people are psychologically centered and
spiritually open and understand Y2K from a larger perspective, they will
act in ways that foster collaboration, compassion, resolution of the issue,
and a healthier society. We seek to develop this way of relating to Y2K in
ourselves and as many people as possible, both in preparation for the
crisis and after it occurs.

Your Participation. We welcome anyone who supports this vision and wants to
contribute to fulfilling it. We share our visions and activities and work
with each other and support each other. We have current projects that you
might to participate in. You might be trained to lead workshops or groups
using an existing model. And you are welcome to bring your own contribution
to this work or to develop it in collaboration with others in the group.

Background. PSY2K includes people from a wide variety of community and
professional backgrounds. We have been meeting every other week since the
fall of 1998 in the San Francisco Bay Area. We invite people in other areas
of the country to start similar groups and network with us.

For further information, contact Jay Earley at 415-924-5200 or