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Y2K Around the Bay --
A San Francisco Bay Area Regional Gathering

See Tom Atlee's notes on this conference below.

A coalition of concerned local organizations and residents invites you to:

Saturday, February 6th & Sunday, February 7th

8 am registration, both days
Program: Sat 9am-10pm, Sun 9am-8 pm

Masonic Memorial Temple, 3903 Broadway, Oakland, CA

$30 Pre-registration donation - $35 at the door - One-day rate: $20
(scholarships available)
$50 Exhibition tables

Y2K offers us a stick and a carrot. If we do nothing, Y2K may produce
social dislocation, and, according to some scenarios, no power, food,
and water as well as inadequate response systems. That is the stick.
On the other hand, coordinated Bay Area communities can prepare for Y2K
in ways that lead toward becoming a more sustainable region - one that
fosters social equity, ecological responsibility, and economic
prosperity. That is the carrot.

Join your Bay Area neighbors in these activities for inner and outer preparedness:

Saturday: Rising as a Community to the Y2K Challenge

* William Ulrich: Y2K Overview Scenarios & Responses
* CA State Sen. John Vasconcellos: California's Y2K Preparedness
* Rosa Zubizaretta: Y2K Community Education
* Bob Burnett : Y2K, The Scope of the Problem
* Self-organize affinity groups
* Examine exemplary models of Y2K preparedness
* Share information on creating sustainable communities

Sunday: Collaborating on a Bay Area Y2K Plan

* Cynthia Beal: Sustainability and Y2K
* Doug Carmichael: Y2K Community Scenarios
* Jim Hickman: What Businesses, Organizations and Their Leaders Can Do
* Assess the Bay Area infrastructure's Y2K preparedness
* Collaborate in beginning to draft a Bay Area Y2K Plan
* Y2K and sustainability product and service exhibition

Open Space - facilitated by Tom Atlee

"If life is a process of discovering who we are, Y2K is when we find out."
-Tom Atlee, President, Co-Intelligence Institute, Oakland, CA

TO REGISTER, to reserve an exhibition table, or to buy ad space in
the conference program:
* Mail or fax this form to: Social Venture Network, P.O. Box 29221, San Francisco, CA 94129, fax (415) 561 6435
* For additional forms go to SVN Website at
* For more information, telephone 510 895 2813
o Limited, pre-arranged scholarships available upon request

Name: ________________________________________
Organization: ______________________________________

Phone Number:______________________
Fax Number:_____________________
e-mail _______________________

Zip _______________

Registration Fees:
* $30 per person - register early, space is limited ($20/day) $_______
* Reserve a table for the Y2K and Sustainability Product and Service Exhibition ($50.00)* $________
* Place an ad in the printed program - $50 for 1/4 page, $100 for 1/2 page -
$200 for full page - (Call 510 895 2813 for info)....$ ____________
* Additionally, I would like make a contribution to support the
Gathering. $ _________
Total Enclosed $__________
* If you are paying by check and want to reserve an Exhibition table or
place an ad, please send a separate check for the table or ad.
Payment Information:
* I am paying with the enclosed check. Make check payable to Tides/SVN.
* I am paying by credit card.
(circle one: Mastercard Visa American Express)
credit card number: exp. date:


Cancellations within two days of the event, or no-shows, are subject to
forfeiture of the entire conference fee.

Meals & Snacks Available at the Y2K Café (Catered by Café de le Paz) -
Of course, you may bring your own food

Become a sponsor! A partial list of sponsoring organizations include:
Social Venture Network, BAY2K, Oakland 20001,,
Progressive Asset Management, Inc., The Co-Intelligence Institute,
SF Y2K CAN, Santa Cruz Y2K Community Task Force, Co-op America

Dear Y2K friends:

Please circulate this invitation far and wide. IN PARTICULAR, think about who could
make a real difference... who you want to be working with over the coming
months... who is involved in Y2K but feels too busy to get together for a
weekend. Do what you can to help them see that this is no ordinary
conference. This is the best opportunity we are going to have for some
time, to generate real momentum in the Bay Area. It is very important we
all make every effort to attend and get significant others to do so, as
well. Remember what is at stake here. If you would like a copy of this
invitation faxed to you or someone else, please contact the main organizer,
Sat Santokh Kalsa <>, as soon as possible.

At this gathering we will hear from nationally acclaimed Y2K leaders like
scenario-spinner Douglass Carmichael who publishes the most insightful Y2K
newsletter I know of, every week; Eugene natural grocer Cynthia Beal who
manages to cultivate blueberries and operate her store without bar codes
while organizing her community and moderating one of the most important
Y2K-community email lists in the country; and Santa Cruz Y2K community
planner William Ulrich who is the Bay Area's very own member of President
Clinton's Year 2000 Council. We'll hear from State Senator John
Vasconcellos who is bringing Y2K to the legislative halls of Sacramento and
is very knowledgeable about (and supportive of) our community efforts. Jim
Hickman, a national leader in small business preparedness, Oakland 2001
co-founder Rosa Zubizarreta and the City of Berkeley's Y2K technical
advisor Bob Burnett (all vocal advocates for the Y2K preparedness of whole
communities and vulnerable populations) will round out this really
excellent panel of speakers.

But this isn't a talking head conference. These experts will be "on tap"
not "on top." Most of the time we will be engaged with our fellows in
discussions, visioning, planning, connecting, building the shared
understandings and bonds that we'll need to make the Bay Area a stronger,
healthier community through our Y2K work.

But I want you to know something else: This gathering is being birthed by
sheer intention and grace. The Bay Area needed such a gathering ASAP; no
ordinary group would try to organize something like this in six weeks.
Usually conference creation takes six months to a year. But we don't have
that kind of time; January 1, 2000 is only 11 months away. We needed
something before the end of February. All the large public gathering
spaces were booked up. Suddenly someone dropped out of the Masonic
Auditorium, and the conference organizers grabbed it. It was like someone
pulling out of the perfect parking place just in time for us to drive in!

But that meant conference organizers had to move fast. This conference is
being put together so rapidly it would make your head spin. And there are
some really top notch people working on it, designing an excellent mix of
education and conversation, ideas and emotions, vision and brass tacks.
The organizers have taken great pains to meet the very special needs of
people wrestling with Y2K. And so this will not be like any other
conference you have attended. Everything is coming into place to make this
a remarkable experience.

And as the date approaches, it is up to this community -- and I mean each
of you who are reading this -- to make the difference in how effective this
gathering will be. This gathering is YOUR tool for doing creative Y2K
work. It is an unrepeatable chance; it would take at least a few more
months to pull together something better; and then we'll have only 8 months
to go. Now is the time. The event organizers are doing all they can to
reach people, but you know how hard it can be to wake people up, to get
them moving on this issue. It will take many of us talking to our friends
and connections, taking the time to REALLY communicate, to draw people in
to this unique opportunity.

Register today. The forms are right in this email. Then call up at least
one other person who should be in on these conversations. Find someone
else to attend, as well. The organizers can't call and talk to hundreds of
people (although they're trying hard to do so). But the 200 members of
this list can, just by calling people they know. With even a few hundred
people attending, this event will be able to work its magic. The more of
the right people who come, the greater that magic will be.

And we need magic right now.

If you've wondered what you can do that's creative and effective about Y2K
around here, this is it.

See you at the gathering, along with everyone else.