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Neighborhood plans as a Town [a model]

Date: Sun, 18 Oct 1998 13:40:13 EDT
Subject: Y2K Public Awareness

Dear Sirs,
I am responding to your invitation to share ideas regarding preparing the
public for the Y2K problems ahead. I have gone through all of the stages that
come with dealing with this knowledge ahead of time. When I finally hit the
stage where you become active, I searched my heart for ways to become a part
of the solution, not the problem. One of the thoughts that kept coming into
my mind was, "If I prepare, I will have to fear my neighbors". I thought
about that and realized that if I cared about them, I would come out of my
shell on this problem and be bold enough to tell them the facts and offer some
solutions at the same time. I wouldn't try to force them to see it my way but
instead I would hope to empower them as a group of people by giving them the
knowledge they needed to make their own decisions.

I walked my neighborhood and handed out invitations to my home personally.
When they arrived, I explained to them that I was not especially wanting them to see
things my way. I gave them written information on what Y2K is as well as
playing an audio tape about it. We talked and what followed was very
interesting. They decided to view their neighborhood like a small town. They
are electing a mayor, banker, etc. They identified those who lived alone and
those who could not afford to prepare. Those with fireplaces have opened
their homes to those who dont have them. They plan to all take a CPR class
and one of the folks there has offered canning classes.

Each person was given a sheet to identify their gifts and talents. One person is doing a
neighborhood map with name, addresses, and professions. They split up into
different fact finding missions such as, can we put a well in, what are the
best ways to store water, food, etc. There was a commitment made by these
people. One elderly woman asked if she could have a clothing bank for the
children since some may not have caps, mittens, and coats. The approach was
to be bold without fear. The main reason for this meeting was to start a
program that will branch out into the surrounding neighborhoods to tear down
the walls and help people know each other. Now is the time...not later.

They elected to have meetings for the rest of 1998 and all of 1999 alternating
between homes. Since then, my phone has been ringing as people from all over
want to come. I believe the church is more than a building and I have ears to
hear when the Lord says "If you love me, then feed my sheep". That is what
this is all about. I hope this gives you your own ideas...this may not be
new but it came from my heart. It is like telling them "Let's know one
another again".

Thank you,
Donna Bosn