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Let's use the Year 2000 problem (Y2K) to make a better world, moving beyond business-as-usual to resilient, sustainable communities; social change; and personal and cultural transformation.


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the Co-Intelligence Dimension of Y2K

If you only read one page on

Toxics and Nuclear Y2K issues

this site, let it bethis one.

Where's the Juice in Y2K?

-- Tom Atlee

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** The Y2K World Atomic Safety Holiday (WASH) campaign **

Our book:
The Upside of Y2K
(182 pp., $10)

(The entire table of contents is included on this site, with most chapters linked on line, where you can read them for free! This site also has other Important Articles.)

Also see Y2K-Breakthrough Materials - a page for magazines, booklets, tapes, games, charts, study circles, etc., which have a Y2K community and/or transformational focus. In particular, we want to encourage you to do The Year 2000 Problem: An Opportunity to Build Sustainable Community study circle with some friends! It is quite fantastic.

What is Y2K -- the Year 2000 Problem?
Is it for real?
What sort of responses do people have to Y2K?
Why focus on positive Y2K breakthrough possibilities?
What are some of the issues we need to wrestle with?
What are some of the strategies we might use?
What Y2K/breakthrough activities might we do?
What sort of spiritual and emotional challenges does Y2K present?

Y2K-breakthrough Web Site Links

What you can do about Y2K if you are

a political activist or politician,
a concerned community member or organizer,
a local government official,
a small businessperson,
a church or temple,
a progressive citizen,
an environmentalist,
an individual who wants to make a difference,
a journalist, or interested in media issues,
a farmer, or interested in food issues,
a parent, teacher, or other person who works with children
a teen or young adult, or a person who works with youth
a senior, or person with a disability

The President's Council on Year 2000 Conversion
Fundable/Doable Y2K Project Ideas
Visionary fiction to inspire Y2K-breakthrough work and other books of interest
Stories, Poems, Humor, Songs
Y2K Events, Conferences, etc.
Y2K Practice Day
The Year 2000 Fact Sheet compiled by Kay Hagan and Cathy Hope - the best one-page summary I've found so far (other nominees welcomed!)

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Have a neighbor or a friend who doesn't understand Y2K and isn't on line?
Have them call 1 (800) 2000 BUG for free printed information on the problem.
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Articles noted as written by others are copyright by them, all rights reserved. Contact the authors for permission to use.

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