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Y2K Food Situation & Recommendations


Community Food Sources
Consumer Issues
Farming Issues
Y2K/Food-Related Legislation/Government Actions

RESOURCES: Seeds, Tools & Books

Rural Advancement Foundation International

A Millennium Christmas Carol by Larry Shook

The Vegetarian Approach to Food Shortages Associated with Y2K by Mark Warren Reinhardt, author of The Perfectly Contented Meat-Eater's Guide to Vegetarianism


Community Food Sources

Strategizing for Community: Preparedness for Y2K-induced collapse

Food Primers: "Feeding the Village First" & "Let's Stop 'Feeding the World'" by Frederick Kirschenmann

Ottawa: The Food Supply Chain and the Year 2000 Problem

Plan to Make Cities Food Independent (especially for Portland, now)

Vertical Horticulture, other sustainability items by Tom Osher

Y2K food problem & sustainable solutions summary by Larry Shook


Learn how to build healthy soil by composting human waste with informational links from The World of Composting Toilets. Although it may seem a bit odd at first, all human waste can be safely composted to create healthy soil in which to grow food. There exists a good amount of literature on the subject.

Consumer and Retail Issues

A Grocer's Y2K Nightmare

Grocery Scanners Go Down

A Grocer Speaks Out from Larry Shook


Farming Issues

Y2K and the Food Supply: A Message from Concerned American Farmers: "Prepare"

Monsanto's Genetically Modified Seeds Threaten World Food Production

Terminator Seeds: the end of the line is in sight by Bob Mueller

Farmer Direct project by Carla Emery

Farmers Face Threat from New Pest -- Y2K bug

Farmers Preparing for the Year 2000 by Mark Musick

Farmers Markets Threatened in California

Y2K/Food-Related Legislation/Government Actions (or lack thereof)

Fairy Tales and Magical Thinking Mask Truth About Food in Y2K

Against the Grain: Rachel's on the colonization of food

The Ark Institute: Y2K Food Supply Prospects Paint Frightening Picture by Geri Guidetti

IMPORTANT: Help Kill Terminator

Food Storage Bill in State of Maine

USDA Y2K Food Risk Statement