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The Co-Intelligence Dimension of Y2K

What I most want to communicate about Y2K

Co-intelligence is the capacity to live well with each other and life,
to creatively use diversity and uniqueness,
and to consciously evolve together in partnership with nature,
continuously transforming our culture for the better.

How can we use our co-intelligence during Y2K to deepen and heal ourselves,
develop our groups and organizations, renew our communities, and
create more just and sustainable societies?

These articles explore that question.

Y2K, Experts and Citizens

Y2K paternalism, democracy and responsible openness
Raising the Quality of Dialogue about Y2K

(By the way... What does Y2K have to do with co-intelligence?)
Y2K Public Participation Proposal
Scope of Co-Intelligence Y2K efforts
A Y2K Call to Our Culture's Storytellers
From Ideology to Dialogue: The Left and Y2K by Kenoli Oleari
Y2K is a Door that Looks Like a Wall

Does it matter if it's a "Y2K effect"?

Feedback loops, resilence, financial systems and Y2K

A toolbox of co-intelligent processes for Y2K community work

For a quick taste of some powerful processes, read
Ordinary citizens evaluate technology
Canada's co-intelligent experiment
The World Cafe process
Wisdom Councils
Open Space Technology

If you want the full vision of a co-intelligent politics which integrates these and many other processes, see
The story of Pat and Pat -- the view from the year 2019

See also:
Y2K Media Issues
Co-Intelligence, Democracy and Holistic Politics
Jumping from the Hot Pot: Notes on Democracy in a Technological Age

"What we should have is a plenitude of alternatives and lots of conversation."

-- Douglass Carmichael