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What's New

Note: This page and its archives constitute a list of most of the pages on this site. It can be used to explore the site. This site also has a search engine in the left margin.

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For many materials that are more than what you find on this site, visit Tom Atlee's Random Communications from an Evolutionary Edge blog which usually has new postings each week or so, most of which do not appear on this website.


July 11, 2015

Posted a new FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Created a page for Holistic Intelligence

Added links to the FAQ on the home page and the Co-intelligence page, and links to the Holistic Intelligence essay on the Wholeness, Spirituality, and Co-intelligence pages.


March 20, 2015

Established a new section on Empathy, including annotated links to empathy-related articles on Tom Atlee's blog, a new article on Big Empathy and an mp3 of a talk he gave on "Big Empathy: Creating a Wise Democracy and a Caring Economy".


March 21, 2014

Further revised the text describing the Maclean's initiative and posted interviews with key players in that project, in both pdf and mp3 form

Ceated a mirror page for the Maclean's initiative with a clearer URL for use in wider promotion of the Maclean's approach. I'm saving the earlier version because it is referenced by so many external links.


February 10, 2014

Revised the text about the remarkable Maclean's initiative and posted three main additions from 1991:


December 30, 2013

Created (and added to the "Topics" page) a page on Power with the following articles:

Created the following pages, which I added to the page on wholeness

Revised Despair and Empowerment page to cover updated crises

Revised and expanded Canadian Adversaries Take A Break to Dream to add resources and better highlight the use of vicarious participation in the Maclean's/CTV initiative

Added Systems Thinking to the Topics page..


August 4, 2012

Added the following to the economics page
Emerging EcoNomics #4. Community revolution growing with food
Emerging EcoNomics #5. Gifting - and the gift economy
Derivatives challenge citizenship (and economic survival)

Updated Harris Sussman link on the Human Diversity page

Added Empowering Public Wisdom book to the home page 


July 17, 2012

Redesigned the Politicians Pledge and Politicians' Pledge Campaign pages and added Laura Wells, Exploratory Campaign for State Controller 2014, California, to the signatories

corrected link to "Evolutionary Dynamics and Social Systems" in Tom Atlee bibliography and Conscious Evolutionary Agentry


June 16, 2012

Updated a number of important broken links on the Collective Intelligence page
Added the following to the economics page
* Emerging EcoNomics #1: DIY "Makers" and Resilient Communities
* Emerging EcoNomics #2: The Emerging New Economy Movement
* Emerging EcoNomics #3: The New Sharing Economy


May 9, 2012

Updated Tom Atlee's bio sketch and bio page and bibliography
Created a topic page on economics (posted on the topic index) including links to
* An Emerging Economics Wiki
* A commons-based map of economic realms
* Wholesome Capitalism? (an article)
* Income disparity, taxes and budgets (index of Tom's blog postings on these topics)


March 12, 2012

Posted fact that Carol Brouillet signed the Politician's Pledge


January 6, 2012

Posted fact that Robert Steele signed the Politician's Pledge


June 27, 2011

Posted our report on Co-Intelligence Insttute work in the first half of 2011

A monthly automatic donation option button was added to the Donations Page


October 6, 2010

The Metaphor Project pages are no longer hosted on the Co-Intelligence Institute website. Updated versions of all pages will be found at


January 24, 2009

Revised and Updated Beyond Positions: A politics of civic co-creativity


January 10, 2009

Fixed broken link to Our current work 2008-2009


December 19, 2008

Posted President 3.0, with links


December 12, 2008

Updated Tom Atlee's Published Writings, Workshops, Conferences, etc.


December 11, 2008

Posted Our current work 2008-2009, along with the following associated new pages, documents and links to new resources:

Created Wise Democracy Program Proposals and Visions that includes several of the above items as well as a few others.

December 7, 2008

Posted the Department of Democracy proposal for Obama administration and posted it to the Special Campaigns and Projects of the Co-Intelligence Institute page.

Deleted the Hi List option from the mailing list subscription page.

On the Study Circles page, replaced Study Circle Resource Center with Everyday Democracy (their new name)

Added a reference to citizen deliberative councils to the Direct Democracy page.

May 29, 2008

Updated The Search for a More Deeply Alive, Effective Activism for use in a book.

Added "Approaches to Community Engagement and the Generation of Community Wisdom" to the Multiple-Approach Studies and Method Compilations page, as it has our compilation of almost 50 processes, briefly described.

Fixed link on the Consensus Organizing page

Completed major revision and expansion of A toolbox of processes for community work, including these facilitation resources

and these community sustainability and resilience resources

  • Learning for Sustainability - guidance for sustainable development and collective learning at the leading edge of the mainstream.
  • Appropedia - an alternative wikipedia on sustainable solutions to community and global challenges
  • New Rules Project of the Institute for Self-Reliance - a growing storehouse of community and local economy-building rules - laws, regulations, and ordinances
  • The Community Solution - down-to-earth solutions to support local resilience in a future increasingly defined by peak oil, climate change, and shaky economies and infrastructure
  • Permaculture - a coherent theory and practice of sustainability in all areas, at all levels, starting with the garden
  • Center for Community Enterprise - an extensive toolbox for community resilience and renewal (although not necessarily environmental sustainability), especially for small towns.
  • Local and complementary currencies - guidance and examples of local currencies that keep economic energy within the local community
  • Worldchanging - a blog of alternative approaches and sustainability initiatives of all types

Majorly revised our other community-node pages, as well, with corrected links and more resources. Check out all three:

Added A Personally Transformational Encounter of Left and Right and Democracy: A Social Power Analysis to the Don't Miss these Features page, as they have proven to be the most reprinted and popular articles, respectively, on the site -- as well as Learning to be evolution, to ensure there was at least one evolution article there. Also added them and Learning from Our Evolutionary Past Into Our Evolutionary Future to the Co-Intelligence Related Articles page.


May 23, 2008

Added Principles of Public Participation, Co-Intelligent Political and Democratic Theory and Community to the Process and Participation page

Corrected many links and added the 2007 Story Field Conference and Forging a Community Vision to Scenario and Visioning Work

Added the article "Morphic Fields and Morphic Resonance: An Introduction" by Rupert Sheldrake to the Morphogenetic Fields page

Added this page of links to consensus conferences at the Loka Institute to the page on Consensus Conferences and A toolbox of processes for community work, both of which were further revised. Added Conflict Styles Coaching, Transformative Mediation, Generative Dialogic Change

Added Organic Inquiry to the page on The Power of Questions


May 18-20, 2008

Added new board member Lyn Bazzell to our Board page, replacing retiring board member Susan Edwards, and revised board member Heather Tischbein's bio to match her new job and location, and noted board member John Abbe's election as president.

Added a full article about strategic questioning to the Strategic Questioning page.

Added examples of "Big Stories" and metanarratives to the Story Fields page. Also added to the Possibility Journalism bullet point the following sentence from Peggy Holman: "In all stories a journalist can ask not only the traditional journalism questions -- who, when, what, where, etc. -- but 'What is possible now?'"

Corrected name and link for the Citizens Science Toolbox (now Urban Research Program Toolbox) on Links page

Did a major revision of the listening projects page

Added two items to the Community Resources page and the Multiple-Approach Studies and Method Compilations page.

Created a new page on The Power of Questions, which includes the following, and was added to the Topics page.and the Co-Intelligent Practices page.


May 15, 2008

Added W.K.Kellogg Foundation to our Major Supporters page. (They sponsored two major CII projects during 2007.)


May 12, 2008

Added material on deliberation to the page on Direct Democracy and, in the process, also updated and revised the National Initiative for Democracy page and fixed the link to Citizens Assemblies on Using Citizen Deliberative Councils to Make Democracy More Potent and Awake.

Added the most recent definition of co-intelligence -- "accessing the wisdom of the whole on behalf of the whole" -- to the home page and the page on wholeness.

Added two recent books to the page collective intelligence, that have chapters by Tom Atlee and others:


May 9, 2008

Created (and added to our main index page) a page for Conscious Evolutionary Agentry and Philanthropy with the following articles:

Added Varieties of Transformational Politics and Transformational leverage to the Co-Intelligence and Activism page, as well as an annotated link to Conscious Evolutionary Agentry: "Co-intelligent activism naturally blends into conscious evolutionary agentry where the focus is on increasing the ability of human systems to make wise choices and take wise actions as they transform themselves. Conscious evolutionary agents seek to use the life energy and situational dynamics they find in and around them -- including problems, possibilities, and crises -- to align the interests of the parts with the well-being of the whole."

Added Can Political Will become Collectively Wise? to the Comments by Tom Atlee on current events page and the Co-Intelligent Political Theory page.

Combined the duplicate listings for Conscious Evolution on our main index page.


2008 (pre-May 6)

Added The Evolutionary Worldview to the Conscious Evolution page, offering a 1-page description of the Great Story of evolution, some guidances for evolutionary action, and description of how the sacred evolutionary perspective relates to other religious traditions

Added Rosa Zubizarreta's Dynamic Facilitation manual to the Dynamic Facilitation page

Added two of Tom Atlee's other blogs to the home page: "Evolutionary Dynamics Exploration" and "Journey Reflections"

Revised Pat & Pat, Tom Atlee's short story looking back from 2020, describing how to run a campaign and a city using co-intelligent politics.

Created a page of co-intelligence-oriented comments by Tom Atlee on current events, beginning with Varieties of Transformational Politics and Obama and public engagement

Published the fourth issue of the Evolutionary Life newsletter:

  • March 2008 - Our Amazing World • Our Ever-Mysterious Cosmos • The Changing Story of Humanity's Past • The Evolving Field of Genetics • Humanity Faces Evolution Now • Varieties of Transformational Politics • Co-Evolving Our Story Field • Special 7-Article Section: Who are We Humans? • Paleolithic Diet • How Baboons Think • Does Time Exist? • Swarm Theory • Fractal Evolution • 2 Poems • Films and Videos• Initiatives • Books • Evolutionary Art • Websites • Photography • Visit with Michael Dowd • First Evolutionary Revival • New Great Story Materials • Evolutionary Evangelists' Itinerary • Evolutionary Quotes • A Touch of Humor



Many pages were posted on this site for the Story Field Conference, all of which were moved to the Story Field Conference's own webpage. It was held in August 2007 and a wiki was set up for reports by participants, which is accessible to you. Among the significant theoretical articles about story were the following (which were linked on various story-related pages on this site, along with the conference link):

Added new board member John Abbe to the CII Board member page, replacing Elliot Shuford, who has gone on to co-lead a campaign for a Citizen Initiative Review with Healthy Democracy Oregon

Published the third issue of the Evolutionary Life newsletter:

  • June 2007 - Conscious Evolution News • Evolutionary and Cosmic News in the Mainstream Media • News from Our Favorite Evolutionary Evangelists - especially about Michael Dowd's new book Thank God for Evolution! • Powerful articles like "Are Human's Naturally Good or Bad" • "Welcoming Disturbance" • "The Common Ground of Peace and Democracy" • "Imagineering and the View from the Future" • "Planet of the Apes" (about a real earthlike planet, and a planet like it that's right here) • "The World's Greatest, Most Powerful Non-Movement" • and an interview with Harvard biologist E.O. Wilson • 3 poems • Videos • Awesome Evolutionary/Cosmic Images • Evolutionary and Cosmic Games • New Book and Film Announcements • Evolutionary Response to Crises • Story Podcasts for Kids • An Ecological Footprint Quiz • Book Reviews • Opportunities to Participate, including exciting evolutionary volunteer opportunities • Online Resources that "Pull It All Together" • Reader Participation Questions • Evolutionary Events Calendar • Evolutionary Quotes • An Amazing Cosmic / Evolutionary Factoid.(the evolution of so many eyes!) • and A Touch of Humor



Posted Donald Michael's article Some Observations Regarding a Missing Elephant about our relationship with the unknown, along with commentaries on it by Tom Atlee Waking Up into Wholeness, Dialogue and Mystery and Paul Ray The Elephant is in the Living Room, Not Under the Street Light

Posted Collective Intelligence and Human Choice: An Online Invitational Convergence to Define and Advance the Field of Collective Intelligence (which includes a vision of the field, a founding document "Convening the Field of Collective Intelligence", and a list of practitioners and researchers and their websites). The event did not come off as planned,but it evolved into an interesting website. In association with this event, we posted an article by Tom Atlee entitled Collective intelligence, as a field of study and practice, is taking off.

Created (and added to our main index page) a page on Conscious Evolution with the following articles

Created a page for the June 2006 Evolutionary Philanthropy Salon that includes the final report and many documents contributed by participants including Tom Atlee, Peggy Holman, Duane Elgin, and others

The Metaphor Project, whose first web presence was on this site in 2000, moved to its own website, so we set up a redirect page.

Published the first two issues of the Evolutionary Life newsletter:

  • July - Aug 2006 -- "On Being Evolution" • Poetry • Fascinating Cosmic and Evolutionary Facts • Evolutionary Topics in the Mainstream News • Conscious Evolution News • News from Our Favorite Evolutionary Evangelists • Evolutionary Ritual • Evolutionary Process Arts • Evolutionary Quotes • Reader Participation Question • Book Reviews • Questions of Scale (and a touch of humor) • A New Evolutionary Group • Evolutionary Events Calendar
  • December 2006 - Conscious Evolution News • Evolutionary Topics in the Mainstream News • Editorial on the heated science/religion debate • News from Our Favorite Evolutionary Evangelists • Barbara Marx Hubbard's story of discovering Conscious Evolution • "The Dark Side of Immortality and the Gifts of Death" • "Evolution, Process and Conversation" • "Evolution of the Scientific Method" • 3 poems • Awesome Evolutionary/Cosmic Images • Evolutionary Games • New Book and Film Announcements • Book Reviews • Opportunities to Participate • An Emerging Evolutionary Spirituality Project: Evolutionary Revivals! • Revising "The Pluto Parable" • Coming up with Universal Transformative Practices, Exercises, and Meditations • Reader Participation Questions • Evolutionary Events Calendar • Evolutionary Quotes • An Amazing Cosmic / Evolutionary Factoid.(Diamonds in the Sky!) • and A Touch of Humor


July 17, 2005

Added a fundraising thermometer to the home page, which will only appear during fundraising drives.

Added notices about the Evolving Collective Intelligence weblog to several pages, including the home page

Revised the World Café page, including adding the announcement of Juanita Brown's new book The World Café and Tom Atlee's Review of it.

Added Co-Intelligence Institute Newsletters - December 2003 to June 2005 (excerpts)


April 30, 2005

Replaced former board list with the current Co-Intelligence Institute Board - with photographs, email addresses and descriptions of board members


January 30, 2005

Added to the Co-Intelligence and Spirituality topic page

Universal intelligence

Another version of the Lord's Prayer

Group Awareness Exercises



December 21, 2004

Is Collective Intelligence Like Individual Intelligence?

In this intervening year, a number of additions and revisions have been made to this site which have not been logged on this What's New page. We are starting anew and hope to catch up with this backlog in the coming year.

December 12, 2003

The site has had a major upgrade. About 10% of the site is new or has been significantly redesigned or revised. To avoid clutter only the new additions or totally rewritten pages are listed here.

Home page

Co-stupidity and our collective problems
What is intelligence?
Six basic manifestations of co-intelligence
Multiple intelligences.
Collaborative intelligence.
Collective intelligence.
Universal intelligence

Special Links: Windows into the Worlds of Co-Intelligence
Theoretical articles about Co-Intelligence Topics
Multiple-Approach Studies and Compilations
Co-Intelligence-Related Articles including many articles by people not directly associated with the Co-Intelligence Institute
Features: Don't Miss These
Co-Intelligence scholars and practitioners

Democracy and Politics
Co-intelligent activism.
Crisis Fatigue and the Co-Creation of Positive Possibilities

Process and Participation

Morality and Ethics
Co-intelligent moral sensibilities
Morality as Intelligence

Co-Intelligence Institute
Our Work
Special Campaigns and Projects
The "Center for the Study of Citizen Deliberation" (CSCD) Project
Citizen Conversation, Dialogue, Deliberation and Reflection (CCDDR) Program
Major Funders

Diversity is as big as the universe
Not All Differences Are the Same
Ten strategies for dealing with diversity

Peter Dienel's "planning cells" (Planugnzellen)
Google statistics showing the increase in interest in citizen deliberation
Using Citizen Deliberative Councils to Make Democracy More Potent and Awake

Intrinsic Participation and the Great Co-Creative Dance
Creative Uncertainty
Don Michael's 'Observations Regarding a Missing Elephant'
Paul Ray's The Elephant is in the Living Room, Not Under the Street Light
Waking Up into Wholeness, Dialogue and Mystery
Lies, and our odd relationship with truth

Excerpts from Articles about Wisdom
Wisdom and Wholeness
Some Characteristics of Wisdom
Sources of Wisdom
Some Ways We Can Be Wise
What can be wise - or foolish?
Resonant Intelligence and the Core Commons


November 7, 2003

Using Citizen Deliberative Councils to Make Democracy More Potent and Awake

Sept 9, 2003

Highlights from our work in 2003

Aug 23, 2003

Town Meetings on Technology by Richard E. Sclove describes Danish Consensus Conferences (aka Danish Technology Panels)

Democracy and the Precautionary Principle: An Introduction by Maria B. Pellerano and Peter Montague describes ways communities can address all their common issues, including technological ones. Describes 13 specific methodologies.

Added the following to Scenario and Visioning Work

Green, Gary, Anna Haines, and Stephen Halebsky. Building Our Future: A Guide to Community Visioning <>

Organizing Hope Initiative. Guide to Community Visioning. Minneapolis: Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs and the University of Minnesota Extension Service, 2001. <>

Peterson, Mark. Harnessing the Power of Vision ­ Ten Steps to Creating a Strategic Vision and Action Plan for Your Community. A short version is available on line at: <>

Democratic Politics of Technology by Richard E. Sclove. Includes description of European Scenario Workshops <>

Workshops September 2003 with Tom Atlee and Rosa Zubizarreta

June 29, 2003

What Could We Do to Take Back Our Democracy? introduces the following pages. Its long form includes them all in one page.

Voter-verified paper trails and open source software to prevent computerized election-day corruption.

Clean money initiatives to handle special-interest distortion of election campaigns and governance.

Multi-candidate debates and voting to handle two-party domination.

Citizen reflective councils to bring wisdom to all public decision-making, including elections.

National and state initiative processes through which We the People can pass needed laws when our representatives are not able or willing to do so.

And other approaches to electoral systems change from other organizations.

New links for the Danish Board of Technology (click on "Show All Methods" then "Consensus Conferences" to see their description of what we've called Danish Technology Panels -- and a note on the first US national legislation proposing them. Since the Web has precious few good descriptions of this valuable method, we've also added more on Consensus Conferences:

Consensus Conference: A Danish description

A study of official Danish technology assessment activities by Sandy Heierbacher. Includes other good resource links at the end.

How consensus conferences are organized. Adapted by Tom Atlee from Johs Grundahl.

Interdependence, Interdependence Days and Declarations of Interdependence and a full selection of sample Declarations of Interdependence

A new page on Public Participation which includes the existing page on Principles of Public Participation and a new section on Designing Multi-Process Public Participation Programs which includes: 

Possible Outcomes of Public Participation

Creative Tensions as Trade-Offs or Potential Synergies?

Designing for Community Intelligence: Embracing and Transcending the Usual Logic of Public Participation.

Some Functions that Serve Community Intelligence and Some Processes that Support those Functions

Functional Characteristics of Public Participation Processes

Generating Wisdom Through Democratic Process

All of these multi-process public participation pages are layed out on one page here.

Three articles on the spiritual underpinnings of collective intellience and wise democracy:

Politics for a co-creative world, published in Science of Mind magazine

Empowered Dialogue Can Bring Wisdom to Democracy published in Earthlight magazine and

Tom Atlee's long poem The Tao of Co-Intelligence

Links to the site for Jim Rough's book Society's Breakthrough! and the full text of Mary Parker Follett's remarkable 1918 classic on holistic democracy The New State

May 6, 2003

Tom Atlee's new book The Tao of Democracy is announced on both the home page and the books and publications page.

Tom Atlee's biography has been updated, including a new picture.

July 8, 2002

"Spirit and Stardust" speech by US Rep Dennis Kucinich

"Politics as Spiritual Practice" speech by former mayor Larry Robinson

Paul Ray's "New Political Compass" -- Post-materialist social and consciousness movements are shifting politics in the Western world beyond left vs. right to a 4-directional politics that resembles a political compass. The New Political Compass is summarized in YES! magazine on and you can download the full report (167kb) at

"Can Citizen Deliberative Councils Legitimately Claim to Generate a 'People's Voice' on Important Public Concerns?" - a reflection by Tom Atlee, July 2, 2002

Another view of Quaker Worship for Business:

There have also been revisions to the Innovztions in Democracy website

June 19, 2002

Bohm Dialogue - A lot of information on Bohmian dialogue all in one place

The Dialogue to Action Initiative - Great resources on all kinds of dialogue and dialogue organizations. Featured their conference A National Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation - Oct 4-6, 2002 on the home page.

Linked several pages to Connie Barlow and Michael Dowd's Great Story website.

Added a link for Educators for Community Engagement's Learning Circles

Added links to Tree Bressen's great new site on consensus resources.

June 12, 2002

Since Ralph Nader's Concord Principles kept disappearing from websites we linked to, we have put it on the Co-Intelligence Institute's site. They're a decade old and still very instructive.

Collective Intelligence and Quaker Practice

A new set of co-intelligent public participation principles at the Principles of Public Participation page.

There's a new website for The Center for Deliberative Polling.

Corrected the link to Citizen Consensus Councils

Created a new page regarding Citizen Deliberative Councils

Made many revisions to the Metaphor Project Website

March 9, 2002

Very interesting responses to a Jan 2002 survey about wisdom and a "wisdom society"

Added to the Scenario and Visioning Work page the article Doing Scenarios by Art Kleiner - Whole Earth, Spring 1999 <>

Feedback, Social Power, the Evolution of Social Systems [23K] explores the role of feedback in evolution and learning, in the evolution of intelligence, and in the health and transformation of social systems, noting the critical crossroads we've come to and the possibly mythic role of concentrated wealth in the coming transformation.

Added several new endorsements., changed contact info for

Added the following quote from Michael Bridge to my pages on Questions:

America is not people who fly their flags out in the open.
It is people who ask their questions out in the open.
America is a conversation
that takes form around a whole set of questions
that are not easily asked...
so that it takes courage and the commitment of many lives
to ask them properly and ask them well.
May the courage of our questions make us sane.

Added to the new homepage the already-posted A Call to Move Beyond Public Opinion to Public Judgment as a special "feature article"

February 10, 2002

A new face to the home page (the old face still exists), including links to new pages like these:

Articles about Wholeness

Articles about Co-Intelligent Politics and Democracy

Articles about Co-intelligence (basics)

Articles about Activism

Public Issues and Co-Intelligence

Intelligence and its companion piece Multi-Modal Intelligence and Multiple Intelligences

A Cycle of Dynamic Coherence

Major revisions in "How you can be involved in the co-intelligence work" including a link to a newly-posted article "Using Co-Intelligence In Your Own Life"

Using Synergy, Diversity and Wholeness to Create a Wisdom Culture describes the theory underlying holistic politics. It explores the "more than" in the common phrase "the whole is more than the sum of its parts" -- especially analyzing different types synergy and the ways in which the whole and part embody, contain or connect with each other. The resulting lessons are explicitly applied to the challenge of evoking the wisdom of the whole on behalf of the whole.

A revised Tom Atlee autobiography, including

What others say about Tom Atlee's co-intelligence work

Tom Atlee's published writings, workshops, conferences, etc.

A new donations page, including a quick and simple way to donate online by credit card.

December 18, 2001

Revised the 911 entry page to include

911 Community Dialogue Initiatives

Commons Café for a New World

Conversation Cafés

'Listening to Our Neighbors' Programs

Empowering the Wisdom of Our Humanity

The Metaphor Projecct 911 crisis materials, including sample letters to the editor about the 911 crisis which use specially-designed metaphors:

Sept 14 - U.S.moral integrity demands crime metaphor, not war

Sept 24 - America needs smart game plans, not war

Oct 25 - Defusing Terrorism, Not A War on Terrorism

Dec 12 - The Rescue Metaphor: The World Rescue Campaign

Revised A Call to Move Beyond Public Opinion to Public Judgment to include

An overview of the emerging deliberative democracy movement.

Fascinating references on deliberative democracy

Citzens' Juries

November 30, 2001

Responses to the 911 crisis were added to the site a month ago but not noted here earlier. These include

What should we do in this crisis?
Questions for reflection about the 911 attacks
A Call to Move Beyond Public Opinion to Public Judgment -- which was newly revised today to include

Two excellent reviews of citizen deliberative processes
and the issues around them
Participatory environmental policy processes: experiences from North and South and
Scientific Deliberative Polling and Deliberative Democracy

Also National Initiative for Democracy was added and Philadelphia II/Direct Democracy majorly revised to reflect significant changes in this remarkable program.

July 26, 2001

Thoughts on Generative Leadership

Exploring transactional and transformational conversations

Dynamic Facilitation and Group Energy by DeAnna Martin

Dynamic Facilitation as a Resource for Self-Organization by Rosa Zubizarreta

The Worldwide Forgiveness Alliance

Michael M. Crow's and Daniel Sarewitz' Nanotechnology and Societal Transformation

Co-Intelligence Institute's "What's New"


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Jan, Feb-June, Jul-Dec

Jan., Feb-Apr, May-Jun, Jul-Dec

June, July, August, September, Oct.-Dec.



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