Co-intelligence is living well WITH each other and life, creatively using diversity and uniqueness, consciously evolving together in partnership with nature, transforming culture. Use it for organizational development, better family relations, community renewal, and creating a more just and sustainable society.

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From the co-intelligence perspective, democratic politics is the activity of human groups, communities and societies co-creating their future together. Co-intelligent politics involves and addresses the health and capacity of whole human systems more than individual citizens, adversarial interest groups or isolated issues. Co-intelligent democratic politics exercises, utilizes and enhances the capacity of "We, The People" to generate the very real wisdom we need to make it through the 21st century. It seeks to institutionalize that capacity so that it is exercised competently and repeatedly at all levels and in all sectors of society. In order to understand the potential and practice of co-intelligent politics and "wise democracy," it is necessary to understand a number of processes and innovations (both existing and envisioned), for which links are provided in the articles below.



A Call to Move Beyond Public Opinion to Public Judgment

This article gives an excellent summary of the vision of co-intelligent politics as of Dec 2001


Perspectives on Democracy

Deep Democracy and Community Wisdom

The Innovations in Democracy Draft Platform


The Challenge of Technology in a Democracy

Co-Intelligence and the Holistic Politics of Community Self-Organization

Thinking Holistically beyond Politics and Governance

Transformational Politics 

Beyond positions: a politics of civic co-creativity

A New Paradigm Democracy Movement?

Pat & Pat, a view from 2020 (fiction)


and two pieces on the spiritual underpinnings of all this

Politics for a co-creative world,
Empowered Dialogue Can Bring Wisdom to Democracy


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