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The Co-Intelligence Institute Board of Directors



TOM ATLEE founded the Co-Intelligence Institute (CII) in 1996 to provide an organizational means to manifest ideas and possibilities he had been researching since the Great Peace March in 1986, as represented by the articles on this website. An avid writer, activist and community volunteer since the late 1950s, Tom has been involved in many citizens groups and publications, particularly around peace, democracy, and public participation. He has served on several nonprofit boards and has consulted internationally. His book The Tao of Democracy has sold several thousand copies in more than a dozen countries and his articles have been published in dozens of alternative journals. The websites he has built are visited by thousands of visitors every month. He specializes in creating inspiring, useful ideas and resources and helping change agents think strategically about transforming social systems. He lives in a co-op house in Eugene, OR, with a changing population of about ten friendly people, several dogs and cats, a flock of chickens, many plants, and thousands of books. He is motivated by a vision of a civilzation capable of sustainable functioning, conscious evolution, and tremendous meaning, joy and quality of life. For further biographical and bibliographical information on Tom and his ideas, click here




ADIN ROGOVIN has 30 years varied experience as a corporate manager including 10 years as Chief Financial Officer. He has 17 years service on non-profit Boards and Staff including, The Home of Truth Spiritual Center, Seven Generations Land Trust, Lost Valley Educational Center, Parker Street Coop, The Natural Heritage Institute, The Eugene Children's Peace Academy, The Center for Wise Democratic Processes, Climate Neutral Network, and The Co-Intelligence Institute. Adin's passion is promoting wise collective process and transforming democracy and civic governance through developing, teaching, and implementing citizen deliberative councils and integrated process design. He is co founder of the Eugene Facilitator's Collective, and is a trained Dynamic Facilitator who has worked with The Blue Mountain School, Alpha Farm Community, The Veterans for Peace, Trillium Hollow Cohousing, The New Orleans Community Congress II, and the Pleasantville, NY Great Oak Council. Adin organized The Lane County Low Income People's Wisdom Council and the Walnut Street Coop, a coop house in Eugene.





MARGARET ANDERSON’s professional/leadership life has ranged across the multi-stakeholder arenas of private industry, government and NGOs. She was involved with the UN from the NGO perspective, with emphasis on peace initiatives, drafting of the post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and women’s issues. She was on the board of the World Future Society D.C. chapter, the Gangaji Foundation and the Hummer Woods Civic Association. For over 35 years she was an executive, entrepreneur, and technologist in large corporations (AT&T, Boeing, Booz Allen) and boutique companies. She is deeply grounded in the cyber world from a strategic and operational perspective. She gained a deep understanding of US government operations during 30 years of working with the DoD and civilian agencies to develop technology strategies and to design, build and maintain mission-critical systems. Ms. Anderson’s commitment to women’s rights spans across her career as an early woman in the computer business. She mentored younger women, led diversity initiatives and started support structures for women that included Business and Professional Women (BPW) and Women in Technology chapters.



NANCY GLOCK-GRUENEICH, President of HIGHER EDge, has her doctorate from Harvard Graduate School of Education, taught public policy and related subjects for 15 years, and oversaw program and faculty development for the California Community Colleges for 13 years. She Co-chaired the Editorial Board of the International Journal for Public Participation.



JOHN SPADY is president of Forum Foundation in Seattle, Washington, and is also the president of the Stuart C. Dodd Institute for Social Innovation (SCDI). He received his Master of Science (MSc) degree in 2000 from The University of Oregon. John’s interests are in Dialogue Research and explaining his enhanced web- and paper-based collaborative and decentralized consensus tool known as the "Opinionnaire® Survey”. He volunteers his time to provide others with community engagement and feedback strategies through his National Dialogue Network.




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