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Special Campaigns and Projects of the Co-Intelligence Institute

July 2009 - Present - Whole System Solutions Initiative to develop a "voice of the whole"

May 2009 - Core Principles of Public Engagement

November 2008 - Department of Democracy proposal for Obama administration

2007 - Present - Research Project on Evolutionary Dynamics that Can Be Used to Transform Social Systems (first year funded by Kellogg)

2005 - Present - Building a Movement for the Conscious Evolution of Increasingly Conscious Social Systems / Evolutionary Activism

August 2007 - The First Story Field Conference (funded by Kellogg)

January 2007 - The Collective Intelligence Convergence

June 2006 - The Evolutionary Salon on Philanthropy

May 2006 - The Third Evolutionary Salon

January 2006 - The Second Evolutionary Salon

Spring 2005 - The First Evolutionary Salon

Summer 2004 - The "Listen to the People" Pledge Campaign for Politicians and Public Officials

2001 - 2004 - The Innovations in Democracy Project

2000 - 2005 - The Revitalizing Democracy Project (supported by the Nathan Cummings Foundation)

Summer 2003 - The Interdendence Day and Declarations of Interdependence Campaign

Summer 2003 - The "What Could We Do to Take Back Democracy?" Electoral Systems Transformation Campaign

Spring 2003 - "How to Think Creatively about the Iraq Crisis" Information and Dialogue Campaign

Fall/Winter 2001 - The "Responding to the 9-11 Crisis" Dialogue Campaign

1998-1999 - The Program to Use the Year 2000 Problem (Y2K) for Cultural Breakthrough and Transformation

Under development and consideration



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