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Process and participation

The group process that goes on in a group or organization is a microcosm of larger processes in the world. This topic is intended to remind us of that.

We live in a participatory, co-creative universe. There is a sense in which we are participating in Life (or our group or community or world) no matter what we do or don't do, whether we know it or not. We are intrinsically part of an unfolding process.

Our challenge is to become more conscious and intentional about the important roles we play in that unfolding, co-creative process.

It seems we have two kinds of roles -- the roles in which we are directly responsible for certain outcomes (for better or worse), as well as the more diffuse roles we play through our participation in systems that enhance and/or undermine life. But even our direct responsibilities are embedded in larger systems that shape us as well as the expectations,and outcomes involved. Ultimately we are not alone, not to blame, not in charge -- and fully involved, playing a role no matter what we do.

Co-intelligent processes support the kind of co-creative participation that benefits the whole (group, organization, system, community, planet) and all its parts. Co-intelligent processes help us know -- together with the life around us -- that we are the Process of Life, itself.

At the Co-Intelligence Institute we like to consider these processes as tools to more effectively, joyfully and consciously participate in the co-creative dance that's going on all the time.

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