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Resources for small businesses


Has the Y2K bug bit your PC? Find out with tools that analyze, report, and sometimes fix this date dilemma. Read Y2K Revisited.

"Countdown to Tomorrow" -- a free video aimed at businesses

A free small business Y2K guide is available from Prudential which is said to be doing unique work in helping small businesses and schools get a worksheet and kit for y2k compliance.

Cyntha Beal's very informative and homey Y2K site oriented to small businesses and communities
is at Also, please read Will We Use Y2K and Local Currency to Find Our Way Back to Each Other?

Visit the Small Business Administration's Y2K web site at

What's needed by small businesses and organizations who want to try getting their computer systems ready for Y2K is described at

ITAA's Year 2000 Outlook is published every Friday to help all organizations deal more effectively with the Year 2000 software conversion. To create a subscription to this free publication, please visit ITAA on the web at:

See also:

The Small Business-Owners Year 2000 Readiness Checklist.
Y2K Questions for Campaigning Politicians and Elected Government Officials
Corporate/Government Pledges of Cooperation -UK and NZ

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"The purpose of the federal database is to share vendor compliance information. Initially it was developed for federal government use only. In January or so of this year the federal government opened access to all. It has the usual disclaimers on the accuracy of the data but the database contains a large amount of information and has a great search engine. The web site address is: Another good web site is the State of Washington's. They also maintain a vendor compliance database. The Washington web site address is:"

Chris Apgar, Year 2000 Project Manager
Multnomah County, OR
Phone: (503) 248-3749, X-26068
Fax: (503) 248-5009