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Where is the Juice in Y2K?

Some of the Big Questions about Y2K and Life by Tom Atlee (includes a little bit of text from the Initial Inquiry [below], plus a long list of questions to live) (These are good questions to consider together in a World Cafe or Listening Circle.)

The Initial "Where's the Juice?" Inquiry by Tom Atlee


Food for (new) thought from Barbara Coffman
Y2K/Environmental Resonance from Ruth Rosenhek
"Stock up on Love" from Annie
Something in the Wind from Susan Teton Campbell
Service Grounded in Spirit from Paul Andrews
A Shift in the Collective Unconscious? from Margo Stebbing


Don't Chase the Y2K Red Herrings article from Westergaard's Year 2000 page
A Hopi Message for These Times
What we're trying to do by Vicki Robin
The Amazing Grace of Y2K
by Margaret Wheatley
The Life and Death Clarity of Y2K by Laura-Lea Cannon
Putting the Pieces Together Again by Barbara Shipka
Y2K Fatigue and the Co-Creation of Positive Possibilities by Tom Atlee
A Millennium Christmas Carol by Larry Shook
In-Between Time by Fran Peavey
Living at the End of Time by Gail Warner
The Big Picture by Michael Dowd
Y2K is a Door that Looks Like a Wall by Tom Atlee
The Hidden Code of Y2K by Robert Roskind
Another version of the Lord's Prayer allegedly translated by Mark Hathaway (followed by some very interesting challenges to this translation...)
Using the Y2K challenge for psychospiritual growth
Three articles on the Columbine High School Slaughters


The Case for Non-violent Responses to Y2K Disruptions


Zen Stories for Y2K

SF Bay Area Y2K psychospiritual resources

South African Year 2000 Decision Support Centre

Struggling with "The Work": Personal watersheds of Y2K workers

Two Y2K Organizers Say Goodbye