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 Eileen PalmerJohn Renesch Glory ResslerJim Rough


Eileen Palmer
Managing Partner, Partners in Change
4231 Terrace St., Oakland CA 94611 - USA
510-652-9200 w / 510-597-0964 fax
I am currently involved in Organization Development work. I am also taking part in a Collaborative Leadership Project that has overtones of co-intelligence. For more information on the Collaborative Leadership Project go to and click on "Invitation." I was co-founder of the Center for Group Learning and a founding board member of the Co-Intelligence Institute.

John Renesch
San Francisco, CA

Glory Ressler
Director, Avalon Consulting & Associates
Ontario, Canada;
I am a Gestalt psychotherapist, college professor and organization consultant that advocates and works with processes and concepts that emphasize our responsibility and capacity to engage collectively.
   I am very interested in work with collective story - not consultant and leaders telling stories but rather eliciting and exploring multiple stories in a group (story-based facilitative processes), as a means to engender collective intelligence concerning planning, innovation, decision-making, team building, change initiatives and identity/branding.

Jim Rough
Jim Rough and Associates, Inc.
1040 Taylor St., Port Townsend WA 98368 - USA
360-385-7118 w / 360-385-6121 fax,,
I am a consultant who originated Dynamic Facilitation (, a way to help people think together creatively on difficult issues; and the Wisdom Council, a new approach to transforming large systems of people ( I describe these in my book, Society's Breakthrough! (
    Tom Atlee provides a rich compendium of resources for stimulating true democracy, plus a supportive, intelligent web of understanding in which the resources can thrive. I want to connect with people in this network who would like to help radical social innovations - especially the Wisdom Council - come alive and make a real difference.



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