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 Corinne McLaughlinBrendan Miller • Sharda Claudia Miller • Richard MooreGabriela MorusanuRuben NelsonFrank NuessleKenoli Oleari


Corinne McLaughlin & Gordon Davidson
Executive Director & President, The Center for Visionary Leadership
6 Bay Hills Dr., San Rafael CA 94903 - USA
415-472-2540 h / 415-472-9540 fax
We synthesize the Ageless Wisdom of East and West with group processes to train individuals and groups in living and using timeless principles for creating a new wisdom civilization. We are co-authors of Spiritual Politics and Builders of the Dawn. We co-founded Sirius, an educational center and ecological village in Massachusetts in 1978. Corinne has taught politics at American University and worked for President Clinton's Council on Sustainable Development. We are both Fellows of the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland.

Brendan Miller, MPA, MBA
Partner, The Meristem Group
20 Washburn Ave. #2, Cambridge, MA 02140 - USA
Self-ID: I am a leadership and deep dialogue trainer and facilitator of choice-creating processes.
I consult and deliver training to nonprofits and community groups through my work with the Meristem Group ( I am also helping to start a learning community in Boston for emerging nonprofit leaders through LiNC Boston (, and I am a member of an inclusive, open-source human faith community devoted to creating heaven on earth (
      I am especially interested in creating transformative conversations across lines of difference that people find difficult to cross (race, religion, class) out of which are created new relationships, understanding and possibilities for the future. Such groups are new societies in minature and are the seeds of a civic revitalization of "We the People" globally. My primarly influences are Ronald Heifetz's Adaptive Leadership Model, Peter Senge and Otto Scharmer's Leadership Laboratories, Action Design's model of productive conversations, and Landmark Education's conversations for transformation. I am always looking to make new connections with and between people, ideas and language.

Sharda Claudia Miller
Voices of Vision
510-658-1290 w ph/fax / 510-435-2327 cell
I recently received my master's degree from Naropa University Oakland where I introduced a multi-process curriculum of dialogue processes and skills - including many circle processes, active listening and strategic questioning, world cafe, open space, open forum, and many more. I am passionate about dialogue as a vital step toward creating shared understanding between diverse voices. I now teach and facilitate dialogues encouraging authentic participation for personal healing and community building.
   My interest is in bringing dialogue into all spheres of life, making authenticity and deep listening a common and comfortable way of relating, particularly as a way of talking with someone with polarized views. My main interests are political polarization, kids in prison, and inner-city issues.

Richard Moore
Quay Largo, Selskar Street, Wexford, Ireland
011-353-53-23961 h / 011-353-87-778-4994 cell
I left a software career to study and write about political realities and possibilities. My articles have been carried by a wide variety of publications and spread around the web. My self-published pamphlet, The Zen of Global Transformation, traces the development of my political thinking and describes my vision for the peaceful transformation of global society. On my website you'll find many other articles, including "Common Sense and the New World Order," "The Fateful Dance of Capitalism and Democracy," "The Life-Cycle of Creative Endeavors" and the widely circulated "Escaping the Matrix."
    I want to help totally transform the world. Reformers need not apply - they are still learning.

Gabriela Morusanu, MD.PhD.Dipl.M,CPC
Bucharest, Romania
I am a happy visionaire in action -- mystic without monastry, involved in science, religion, community life, education. I write, I heal, I enjoy LIFE as the main conscious GIFT which I share for free, as I received it. What do I leave behind? PEACE, HARMONY, LOVE to my TIME and a smile that what I find out in my lifetime, others knew already, but for me, the challenge of understanding and applying wisdom makes a difference in my actions, words, thoughts and feelings. In all these I am unique, we all are and have something new to bring
   I'm interested in healthy people, healthy communities, healthy world; Educating Wisdom; Applying wisdom in politics and business; Multicultural diversity and Unity. I intend to work on international projects -- my country included -- and with the Institute for Noetic Sciences

Ruben Nelson
Executive Director, Creating Tomorrow Foundation
29 des Arcs Road, Lac Des Arcs, Alberta T1W 2W3 - Canada
403- 673-3537 work / 403- 609-1016 cell / 403-673-2114 fax
I work with and through others to co-create a truly humane society and economy -- one that fits the merging conditions of the 21st Century. As Canada's most widely-experienced professional futurist, I serve those who would shape their future. I enable them to see, understand and capitalize on the transforming changes that offer us all a post-Industrial future.
     I want to connect with persons and organizations who seek to understand the nature and implications of long-term societal change, evolution and transformation as a base for grounded action. I am also exploring cultural evolution as a participant of the Hebrew Christian Tradition. I will others help where and when I can.

Frank Nuessle
103 Camelot Lane, Newtown Square PA 19073 - USA
     My interest is in organizational design schemas for business that encourage community, that help people to overcome ego-boundedness and that foster creative tension and fast decision making. My current exploration is into the application of some of Bucky Fuller's ideas about the tetrahedron as the base structure of all of nature and how that might be applied to human organizational design. I have been working with Russell Ackoff and others at the University of Pennsylvania's Organizational Dynamics program on refining and further developing these ideas.

Kenoli Oleari
Principal Partner, Horizons of Change
1801 Fairview Street, Berkeley CA 94703 - USA
510-601-8217 h / 510-717-1706 cell / 510-595-8369 fax
I work with large and small groups, mostly in the community, nonprofit and local government sectors, to help those groups become fully effective at what they want to do. I use approaches that support self-organization and build flexible learning dynamics into organizations. I often work with large groups of people which include everyone effected. The work I do is participant driven.
    I'm interested in conversations and partnerships that change the way groups and organizations work to better reach their goals. I'm particularly interested in conversations and projects that explore ways to make government more responsive and participative.

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