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  Rosan DaidoGrá DarjeelingAl DaurayCaspar Davis  • Gordon Davidson • Kirk deFordMarcelo DinizAnne DosherJay EarleyJohn FalchiChristian ForthommeJane Fried


Rosan Daido, Ph.D.
Abbot, Missouri Zen Center
I am author of Awakened Way, Global Ethic, Voluntary Simplicity (among other books), professor at Toyo Univ. (Religions, Global Ethic). I have participated in Parliaments of the World's Religions, Peace Summit at UN. I consider Co-Intelligence is essential for democratic, global, informed paradigm shift from ego to eco. in truth and peace.
     I am interested in global networking by internet, etc. to promote truth, freedom, equality, love and peace. For this, I engage in the Awakened Way, Global Ethic, Voluntary Simplicity. I am interested in participating in subjects and projects related on these matters.

Grá Darjeeling
Founder, iceTree Media
Eugene, OR 97403 - USA,
I am a designer, composer, and facilitator. I have recently dedicated my life to world work and music, living simply in a cooperative household.
   I am interested in working on websites, presentations, dynamic facilitation, book creation, audio CD creation.

Albert (Al) Dauray
I am an author-to-be, adjunct college professor and SCSEP associate.(a US Dept of Labor program to help needy seniors find a job). My book is philosophical in nature with focus upon ecology, social theory and evolution.
     I will have a website to promote my book and hopefully to engage in an ongoing discussion with my readers.

Gordon Davidson & Corinne McLaughlin
President & Executive Director, The Center for Visionary Leadership
6 Bay Hills Dr., San Rafael CA 94903 - USA
415-472-2540 h / 415-472-9540 fax
We synthesize the Ageless Wisdom of East and West with group processes to train individuals and groups in living and using timeless principles for creating a new wisdom civilization. We are co-authors of Spiritual Politics and Builders of the Dawn. We co-founded Sirius, an educational center and ecological village in Massachusetts in 1978. Gordon is the former Executive Director of the Social Investment Forum and the Coalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies. We are both Fellows of the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland.

Caspar Davis
Victoria, BC - Canada
I am a writer and editor. I edit some NGO newsletters, and have worked closely with Jim Rough on some of his writings. I publish a free email list, which I try to focus on positive developments - in democracy, alternative energy, and many other developing areas - but also cover what we need to know about what's wrong so we can correct it.
   I am extremely interested in improving democratic dialogue in general, in countering the pervasive neo-conservative propaganda, and especially in discovering ways to communicate progressive ideas to the unconvinced, rather than just singing to the choir.

Kirk deFord
Board President, Institute for Sustainable Culture
2345 SE 58th Avenue, Portland OR 97215-4011 - USA
503-230-8033 h / 503-781-4956 cell;
I am a dedicated practitioner of voluntary simplicity, a protogeezer who has learned that simpler IS better, and I work in my daily life to involve others in discussions about just what it means to simplify and live in a "co-intelligent" way.
     As a practitioner of voluntary simple lifeways, I have become a Permaculture Designer, a community-building activist, and I am continuously working toward a gentler way of existing with all sentient beings (even the rocks) on Our Mother the Earth.

Marcelo Diniz
Executive Director, Conscius - Programa de Gestão da Consciência
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
I'm 55 years old, Brazilian. My passion is to understand society and to create a better condition for all. I'm director of Conscius - Programa de Gestão da Consciência. And will publish a book: "Moral Capital, or Its Absence".
     I would like to discuss ethics: the ethics of the society, of capitalism, in politics, in the individual way of acting. I also would like to present the Conscius projects to see if they can be of interest to somebody of other countries.

Anne Dosher, Ph.D.
4475 Del Monte Ave, San Diego, CA 92107 - USA
I have completed eighty years of life and am exploring the ninth decade. Bringing over sixty years of practice that includes five years in military administration, and almost fifty-six years as a social practitioner and academic in the USA, I can now offer experience and support to others working towards the development of collective intelligence and service to life itself.
   I am interested in patterns changing in the world, gateways opening, humanity being called to attune to the voice of the emergent, and to live the present as a way of co-creating futures of harmonies, exciting experiences of peace and new ways of living and being. We must co-learn our way for ourselves and the future generations, integrating formal knowledge, experiential knowledge, new sciences knowledge, noetics, ancient wisdoms, and spiritual practice.

Jay Earley, Ph.D.
President, Conscious Action
140 Marina Vista Ave., Larkspur CA 94939-2142 - USA
415-924-5256 h
I am a social theorist, psychologist, student of the Diamond Approach, life purpose coach, author of Transforming Human Culture.
   I am interested in stages of societal evolution, social dialogue, spiritual activism, the psychology of social change, the process of social transformation, appreciative inquiry, envisioning a healthy society, capacity building for social change agents.

John Falchi
Founder, Plan of Action in a Changing Era (PACE)
3955 Atascero Drive, San Diego CA 92107-2632 -USA
I utilize co-intelligence in my development management work with non-profit organizations when I help them to achieve their goals in fund raising, organizational planning, and public relations. I also use co-intelligence in my mentoring and coaching work with organizational leaders in both their personal and organizational growth and development.
   I am working with groups like Plan of Action in a Changing Era (PACE) and National Coaliton for Dialogue and Deliberation (NCDD) in order to help advance and support fundamental change in our polity, society, economy & culture, so that we may achieve positive well-being for all living things.

Christian Forthomme
President, RealChange
7960 B Soquel Drive, # 364, Aptos CA 95003 - USA
831-662-9400 w /  831-662-2205 fax
RealChange helps organizations in North America and Europe reinvent themselves successfully. Our mission is to build organizations of meaning and significance serving the real needs of their customers, employees, investors and communities.
    I am interested in interesting ideas and effective tools for co-creation, facilitation, leadership and team development, cross-cultural change management.

Jane Fried, Ph.D.
Central Connecticut State University
I am a professor who trains people to advise college students. I am working in the field of transformative teaching and learning and am developing methods for integrating the notion of wisdom as process into college teaching. I also teach faculty about transformative teaching and learning.
    I am interested in transformative learning, in developing what I call wisdom pedagogy, in reintroducing the notion of meaning-making and constructivist epistemology to the college classroom. I am also interested in spirituality and healing from an energy perspective.



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