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 Bob GlotzbachAbigail GraftonMartin Greenhut • Kaliya Hamlin John HartmannTeresa HawkesSandy Heierbacher Peggy HolmanThomas Hurley Rick Ingrasci


Bob Glotzbach
(see Van Camp, Gena)

Abigail Grafton
Abigail Grafton and Associates
2225 Woolsey, Berkeley CA 94705 - USA
510-843-3131w / 510-914-4247 cell
I am a psychotherapist, coach, and organizational consultant. I work to enhance the sense of community, personal empowerment and co-creativeness of individuals, couples and organizations I teach the skills of emotional intelligence and co-intelligent collaboration.
     I am interested in connecting with others who consult with organizations and groups, or coach individuals, with the values of community, emopowerment, authenticity, and co-intelligent collaboration. I am developing a project for offering workshops in personal and political emopowerment in difficult times, and another in co-intelligent collaboration for synagogues.

Martin Greenhut
President, The Harp of God, Inc.
P.O. Box 692, Monterey MA 01245 - USA,
My belief is that world peace, prosperity, happiness and social progress are spiritual attainments and must be attained through spiritual means. I believe that we are citizens of a universe, the currerncy of which is love. All beings therein constitute the family of the First Source and Center. We are all brothers and sisters, the children of our Universal Mother/Father who are in experiential/evolutionary growth into the perfection of the love; the truth, beauty and goodness of our divine origin.
     My interest is in the spiritual transformation of our world from the age of materialism into the new epoch of spiritual living which is dawning in our planetary life. My work is to publish the inspirations and the revelations that come to us from our cosmic elders, our teachers and guides through our minds and that we live in our lives.

Kaliya Hamlin
Co-Executive Director, Integrative Activism
PO Box 20740, Oakland CA 94620 - USA (launching soon)
Spiritual Activism / Engaged Spirituality is my area of expertise where I serve as a connector and maven amongst its leaders. Integrative Activism is developing social networking and collaborative technology to enable leaders to interconnect and share meaningful information. It will expand to include the publics attending workshops, lectures, conferences etc. that leaders lead. Integrative Activism is a project of the Foundation for Global Community (the organization formerly known as Beyond War).
   Integrative Activism is currently seeking collaborators and funders to support phase one implementation that is beginning after over a year of intense research and project plan development. In addition to that, I am personally interested in how activists are using co-intelligent process to build movements. I wonder, too, about how spirit is implicitly or explicitly invoked in successful co-intelligent processes.

John Hartmann
Organizer and Host, Conversation Cafe-Louisville, KY
1049 Cherokee Road, Apt. 40, Louisville, KY 40204-1289 - USA
502-454-4820 / fax 502-459-8328
I am an elementary school library specialist and an organizer of Conversation Cafes in Louisville, Kentucky. I am very interested in participative government, sometimes referred to as a living democracy. I am working toward the establishment of an ongoing study circle program in my region of the state including Southern Indiana. I welcome any help in this regard.
      I would like to see the Co-Intelligence community work towards establishing programs in all 50 states of this country (USA) because I believe in a living democracy. The programs could be study circles or other ways of citizen participation in our government--locally, statewide, nationally and internationally

Teresa Hawkes
Publisher & Co-Founder, The Oracular Tree
907 Garver Street, Norman OK 73069 - USA
405-701-8684 w / 866--560-4934 w /
I have published The Oracular Tree for seven years. We are a literary E-zine presenting positive transformations of western cultural paradigms. I am also a writer of poetry, essays, and serial fiction, a certified teacher trainer for Sufi Moving Meditation, and am working on a series of books describing moving meditation techniques for problem solving, self-discovery, and interpersonal verbal and non-verbal communication.
   I am interested in projects involving group meditation for the purpose of creating deep communication, trust, and joint creative endeavors, especially those bringing individuals from diverse groups together (i.e., artists, philosophers, and scientists; mystics, the devoutly religious, agnostics, and atheists; people from diverse ethnic groups and social classes).

Sandy Heierbacher
Convenor, National Coalition for Dialogue and Deliberation
P.O. Box 402, Brattleboro VT 05302 - USA
802-254-7341 w
I am the Convenor of the year-old National Coalition for Dialogue & Deliberation (NCDD), a coalition of nearly 200 organizational and individual leaders from throughout the dialogue and deliberation community who are working together to help strengthen and unite our growing field.
   I am mainly interested in fostering collaboration and information-sharing among the wonderful people and organizations that are doing dialogue & deliberation work. Co-Intelligence, to me, is another word for what well-run dialogue & deliberation processes create.

Peggy Holman
Co-founder, Open Space Institute (US) ; principal, Open Circle Company
15347 SE 49th Place, Bellevue WA 98006 - USA
425-746-7274 w,,
I am dedicated to growing the capacity of people and organizations to care for themselves, others and the whole. Having co-authored The Change Handbook: Group Methods for Shaping the Future, my work explores how productive organizations and communities can also nourish the people in them.
  My interest is in emergent organizations and leadership -- inspiring, creating, and sustaining them. For me, Open Space names an essential pattern of individual and collective living because it releases the inherent creativity and leadership in people and collectives, evoking responsibility for what each cares about, bringing out their best.

Thomas Hurley
Thomas J. Hurley and Associates
821 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94710 - USA
510-849-2698 w
I am a consultant, teacher, and transformational guide who supports individuals, groups, and organizations seeking to work in more purpose-centered, principle-based ways that liberate the human spirit and nourish all life. I was managing director of the Chaordic Alliance and first coordinating director of the Chaordic Commons. For seventeen years, I helped grow and lead the Institute of Noetic Sciences. A writer and poet, I hold a black belt in aikido and live with my wife and son in Richmond, California.
     How do we awaken to and realize our personal and collective capacities for wisdom, love, creativity, and healing? How can we develop the personal capacities to bring forth the lives that are uniquely ours to live, fully expressing our distinctive gifts in response to soulís urging and the world's call? How can we support one another in co-developing personal and collective capacities? I am interested in design for emergence of self-organizing, self-governing, self-evolving communities, organizations, and institutions that reflect our highest aspirations and essential human values -- and the role of story in all of the above, and the bringing forth of stories that are life-affirming, generative, and sourced in the deepest wellsprings of spirit.

Rick Ingrasci, M.D., M.P.H.
Director of Community Development, BigMindMedia
POB 546, Langley WA 98260 - USA
360-221-5713 w
I am a holistic physician with a rich background in mind/body medicine, psychiatry, and holistic education. I currently work as a Life Coach and as Director of Community Development at BigMindMedia. I am co-author of the bestselling Chop Wood, Carry Water: A Guide to Spiritual Fulfillment in Daily Life.
    I'm interested in integral leadership, integrative medicine, co-intelligence, the Internet as a community networking tool, life coaching, consciousness transformation, community development, smart growth, sustainable development, spiritual growth, and "throwing a better party!" I believe that (as Dostoevsky said), "Beauty will save the world."


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