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John Abbe Rodrigo ArandaJeff Beardwood Steve Bhaerman Tree BressenJuanita BrownVictor Julio Calderon Glenn ConroyMark Cosand


John Abbe
Sandhi Institute
Sri Lanka
I am a communication and group dynamics student/teacher, and computer geek. I'm intrigued by the idea of an approaching singularity (Google for it), and try to emphasize the individual and social aspects of such a transformation. I grew up in the US, and have been living in Sri Lanka half the time recently.
    My dream is of ever-richer on- and off-line community with others working/playing to shift our individual-to-global stories from alienation and power-over to presence, wholeness, and power-with.

Rodrigo Aranda
CEO, Neo Hybris
Santander 15-703, Insurgentes Mixcoac, Mexico City, Distrito Federal 03920 - Mexico
I am a person who strongly believe in humanity. Compared to other beigns, humans are unique. They have the capacity to develop and practice consciousness through all acts. My work in my home country Mexico is to bring order out of chaos. The latter is present in all aspects of life, but particularly in the social, political and economic issues.
   My main interest is to develop creative solutions for most of the new problems that humanity has to face. Particulary in fields related to the labor and familiar fields.

Jeff Beardwood
Co-Founder/administration, The Oracular Tree
208-167 Morgan Ave, Kitchener, Ontario N2A 2M - Canada
519- 895-1947
I am a watcher of people, a writer of their stories, co-founder of The Oracular Tree and a true believer that giving voice to people's diverse stories can transform the world.
     Change is about the only thing certain in this world. I am interested in creating and sustaining a culture which uses effective tools to embrace change in a rational, harmonious fashion.

Steve Bhaerman, Santa Rosa, CA 95401 - USA.
I perform and write "cosmic comedy" as Swami Beyondananda, who has recently become a true "political guru" by seeking to heal the body politic, cure electile dysfunction and bring consciousness to the political conversation by turning devotees into "votees" and helping elect a new "precedent" -- government of the people, by the people, for the people where the government does OUR bidding, not the bidding of the highest bidder. The website home of Swami Beyondananda (above) is designed to bring all aspects of those who seek to awaken spiritual, psychological and political consciousness together in healing, insightful (not to mention inciteful) laughter.
    I'm interested in finding organizations looking to use comedy as a tool for developing spiritual, personal and political consciousness.

Tree Bressen
1680 Walnut St., Eugene OR 97403 - USA
541-484-1156 h
I am a freelance group facilitator for nonprofits, intentional communities, and other organizations. My website is a resource for groups that want to make decisions and work together more effectively. I enjoy supporting CII's important work in the world.
   These days my hot interests in group work are: process work (process-oriented psychology), appreciative inquiry, and incorporating narrative/storytelling and ritual into group work. Feel free to contact me to suggest resources or pursue conversations in these areas.

Juanita Brown
Co-Originator, The World Cafe
166 Homestead Blvd., Mill Valley, CA 94941 - USA
I am co-author of The World Cafe and am interested in bringing powerful questions and conversions to scale, to deal with global issues and opportunities.

Victor Julio Calderon
Medicina biolÛgica especializada, BIOCALM;EDICA
Bogota, Colombia
I am an MD psychiatrist and I like transpersonal psychology. I practice Geltalterapy.

Glenn Conroy
Land & Water Australia
Canberra, Australia
Futures work by Land & Water Australia has brought me into contact with Co-Intelligence which I support. Its concept is also useful in my Futures thinking for Land & Water Australia to improve its R&D investment for support of thriving communities and improved natural resource management underpinning agriculture in rural and regional Australia.
    I would like to know more about co-intelligence as an approach to improve my futures thinking.

Mark Cosand
Indianapolis, IN 46227
I work with a large urban high school that is transforming its practices to include anti-racist teaching, social justice and community participation.
   I would like to have more discussion, other than local, on social justice and community involvement in schools.


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