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 Scott SheldonTod SloanRobert David SteeleAlan StewartSusan C. StrongDebby SugarmanDavid SunfellowHarris Sussman • Bruce TakataCat ThompsonMarc Tognotti


Scott Sheldon
President, Surgenia Productions
314 - 55 Water Street, Vancouver, BC, V6B 1A1 - Canada
I am an internet producer. I focus on market research techniques to discover better ways to aggregate public opinion. I have also designed communities and online magazines related to popular culture.
      I believe in the potential of democracy. I like to study emerging democratic technologies and contribute to internet community projects.

Tod Sloan, Ph.D.
Portland, OR - USA
I was trained originally in personality psychology, counseling, and critical social theory. This led to projects attempting to trace the psychosocial impact of societal modernization on individuals and communities. My book Damaged Life: The Crisis of the Modern Psyche is one fruit of this work. Everything points to the critical role of dialogue in fostering deeper democracy.
   I am interested in collaborating in the creation and nourishment of spaces for public reflection and dialogue on social problems. I hope to contribute to the development of the theoretical understanding of conditions that foster or hinder deeper dialogue and critical self-reflection. This theoretical work would be a precursor to shaping evaluation methods and practices for dialogue facilitation.

Robert David Steele
CEO, OSS.Net, Inc.
POB 369, Oakton, VA 22124 - USA
I'm an intelligence coach and professional, committed to the creation of Smart Nations where each of the seven intelligence tribes (national, military, law enforcement, business, academic, NGO-media, and religion-clan-citizen) can use new standards to lower the cost and increase the utility of "global coverage" and the creation of public intelligence in support of public policy and the public interest.
   I am interested in all global issues of local impact, including water scarcity, disease, genocide, crime, and corruption. Especially concerned about the breakdown of the US government, which is making policy and spending taxpayer dollars without regard to real-world needs either at home or abroad. OSS.Net sponsors the annual international conference for the seven intelligence tribes, each spring. Join us!

Alan Stewart, Ph.D.
Principal, Creative State Pty Ltd
13 Bowman Ave, Belair, Adelaide, South Australia 5052 - Australia
618-8370 0592 work / 618- 41 0062 495 cell / 618-8370 0593 fax
I call myself a professional conversationalist, a person whose particular skills lie in co-creating conditions in which all participants in groups of any size feel secure and free to express what they feel passionate about. In this I have been greatly influenced by Humberto Maturana and Heinz von Foerster.
     My work is to bring widespread awareness of the power of conversing (Latin con versare: to turn or dance together). For from this emerges co-intelligence which originates in the dynamic. I believe that this manifests in informality underpinned by a deep structure of three Rs: respect, relationship and responsibility.

Susan C. Strong, Ph.D
Founder, The Metaphor Project
Post Office Box 892, Orinda CA 94563 - USA
925-254-7198 w / 925-254-3304 fax
The Metaphor Project (MP) helps grassroots activists learn how to mainstream their messages by "Speaking American." Many of our methods, tools and resources are posted on our website and contact information about other workshops, talks, and coaching is also available there. The site also features a sign-up link for the free MP e-mail network, which keeps members up to date on new ideas and resources, plus opportunities to participate in collaborative online projects. The MP is part of my ongoing work as a public educator on issues of peace and ecological sanity since the 1980's. Prior to that I taught persuasion and communication at the college level for more than a decade.
   Ideas about ways to continue developing the Project co-intelligently are very welcome.

Debby Sugarman
PO Box 11323, Eugene, OR 97440 - USA
I am a trained facilitator and mediator with a passion to create safe space for people to share their truest feelings and ideas about what they'd like their community / their world to look like. I am a huge advocate for Dynamic Facilitation and for Consensus process.
   I'd like to assist conference organizers in transforming conferences from glorified information downloads into a Form with Intention to move people toward a fuller potential for making change. I would also like to be a part of bringing together influential people from opposing viewpoints to use Dynamic Facilitation to solve their impossible problems.

David Sunfellow
New Heaven New Earth
P.O. Box 2242, Sedona AZ 86339 - USA
928-282-6120 w
We believe that our planet is passing through a time of profound change and are seeking to create a global community of like-minded people that can safely pass through whatever changes may come our way and help give birth to a new way of life on our planet. We provide news from around the world concerning all aspects of personal and planetary transformation with a special focus on consumer protection for spiritual seekers and solving the fundamental mysteries of human existence.
   We're interested in everything CII is doing, especially its efforts to bring diverse groups of people together to discover inspired solutions to the ills that afflict our species and planet.

Harris Sussman, Ph.D.
51 Craigie Street, Somerville, MA 02143 - USA
617- 629-0048
I am an educator-at-large, promoting principles of co-intelligence in whatever realms I can, with special attention to cultural diversity, group process, and social justice.
     I would like to collaborate (of course!) with others in creating, developing, facilitating CI principles and practices.

Bruce Takata
Seattle, WA - USA
I work as a change agent, consultant, conference organizer, think tank member and visionary. Having worked on spinal surgery innovations and promoted integral medicine, I serve as a board member with the Seattle Institute of Integrative Medicine, One Sky Medicine, and the Institute for 21st Century Rural Community. My recent work has focused on cultivating and utilizing the collective wisdom of diverse individuals to provoke emergent creativity in groups confronted with difficult systemic problems, in ways that model complex adaptive behavior in the natural world. I have just completed a book Right & Timely: How the Coming Paradigm Shift is Changing Us and the World, which includes chapters on Diversity, Dialogue, Multiple Intelligences, Collective Intelligence and other co-intelligence topics.
     I'm generally interested in all areas of CII's work and am particularly interested in forming relationships and collaborations that address complex adaptive challenges.

Cat Thompson
President, Emotional Technologies Inc
PO Box 7851, St. Paul, MN 55107 - USA
651-969-2666 w / 651-603-8537 h / 651-603-8537 fax
I am an emotional intelligence expert and a leader in the field of personal development, specializing in facilitating conscious change and helping individuals navigate complex emotional, mental and spiritual territories. Using the models of co-creation and co-intelligence, I help people build bridges that recognize all unique forms of intelligence. I do personal coaching, career transition counseling, partnership transformation, professional and corporate development, and conflict resolution. Copies of my articles are available at my website,
   I am fascinated with the complexity of the human psyche. As we house various forms of energy, we express infinite varieties of life. Seeing how each life chooses expression gives us another piece of the picture, leading to a birds-eye view of the whole. Compassion is the doorway to understanding the "other". I am interested in further dialogue with anyone who finds this appealing.

Marc Tognotti, Ph.D.
Neighborhood Assemblies Network
157 Randall St, San Francisco, CA 94131 - USA
415-643-3434 h / 415-505-6727 cell
I'm working to bring participatory democracy to San Francisco. We've drafted legislation to create a citywide network of neighborhood assemblies that are independent from government but incorporated into city decision-making processes. By design, each assembly gathers the full diversity of voices in each neighborhood. We are also serving the city as a participatory process resource.
   What might a model neighborhood democracy's "constitution" look like, if it formally incorporated participatory tools and processes into the regular routines of local community life? And how could we knit a network of such neighborhoods to create the new form of deliberative democracy? I'd like some nicely detailed models.


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