Co-intelligence is the capacity to live well WITH each other and life, creatively using diversity and uniqueness,
consciously evolving together in partnership with nature, and consciously transforming culture.
Co-intelligence is intrinsic in all living systems and can always be improved.
Use it for organizational development, better family relations, community renewal, and
creating a more just, democratic and sustainable society.

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Understanding and Using Co-Intelligence

What is co-intelligence?
Using Co-Intelligence In Your Own Life

Contents of this Page
Co-intelligent approaches, processes, organizations
Co-intelligence ideas, theories, models
Stories and examples of co-intelligence
Poems and quotes related to co-intelligence

Approaches, processes, organizations

Approaches & Processes

Asset-based Community Development
Citizen Consensus Councils
Citizen Deliberative Councils
Co-incarnational manifestation
Consensus Process
Danish citizen technology panels
Despair and Empowerment work
Dialogue (aka "Conversation")
Dynamic Facilitation
Future Search
Gestures of Conversational Presence
Group awareness exercises
Group Psychotherapy
Group Silence
Groupware and other "electronic co-intelligence"
Holistic Management
How Less Work can Make the World Better
Learning exercises and games
Learning Circles
Listening Circles
Listening Projects
Morphogenetic fields
Natural Capitalism
Nonviolent Communication
Open Question Circles
Open sentences practice
Open Space Technology
Personality typing
Process Worldwork
The Quaker Way of Discussing Business
Quality of Life Indicators
Scenario and Visioning Work
The State of Grace Document
Strategic Questioning
Study Circles
Widening Circles exercise
Wisdom Council
The World Cafe

Other organizations

Center for Group Learning
Civic Practices Network

Ideas, theories, models

For a powerful overview, read: A compact vision of co-intelligence, a key essay which simplifies co-intelligence into two parts -- collective intelligence and collaborative intelligence. It shows how these together suggest a new vision of cultural transformation that, if understood and applied, could have a profound positive impact on our future.

5 Dimensions of Co-Intelligence
5 Fields of Co-Intelligence
10 Qualities of Co-Intelligence
6 Parts of Wholeness
Four Dynamics of Wholeness
Co-Intelligence Factors Checklists
Human Diversity
Leadership and Co-Intelligence
The Power of Story: The Story Paradigm
More Definitions of Co-Intelligence
Co-intelligent moral sensibilities - compared to relativism and fundamentalism
A Cycle of Dynamic Coherence

Democracy and the Evolution of Societal Intelligence
Collective intelligence is only one-fifth of co-intelligence
Wholeness, Interconnectedness & Co-creativity
Integrated Human Systems
Using Synergy, Diversity and Wholeness to Create a Wisdom Culture

CASPER Groups to train in group awareness

Issues, notes, dialogues and shop talk

Stories and examples

These really happened (or are happening)

Circles and Dress Codes
Canadian Adversaries Dream Together
Citizen Study Circles
Co-Intelligent Prison Work
Future Search in Kansas City
High School Wisdom Council
It all began in a Fertilizer Factory (and A Laboratory in Democracy: Revisiting the Great Peace March)
A Chimpanzee at Stanford
Life Song
The World's Most Unusual Workplace?
Making a Habitat where Everything Fits
A Gift from a Shepherd
The Forgiveness Party
Beyond the Abortion Debate - Common Ground
A Burning Dialogue of Racism
You Never Know Who Will Bring in Your Next $20 Million
Measuring Community Health
Multiple-viewpoint Drama
Sustainable Racine
Awakening the Power and Wisdom of a Community
Ordinary Folks Recommend Good Policy
Chattanooga's Adventure in Revitalization
Consensus Classrooms: Elementary Democracy
Curitiba, Brazil - "The Best City in the World"
The "Underdeveloped" Happiness Kingdom

These are "imagineering" visionary stories that could happen

Imagining Collectively Intelligent Communities
Pat & Pat, a view from 2020

Poems and quotes related to co-intelligence


Co-intelligence poems by Tom Atlee

A poem about living with uncertainty at the leading edge

Extra Ordinary Days - about our predicament

The Unholy Majority - an appeal to a democracy of The Whole

Tha Tao of Co-Intelligence

Co-intelligence quotes