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Aikido means "the way of harmony or union with the life force." Through Aikido, one masters the art of influencing people and life in positive directions by flowing with the energy one encounters. One don't change one's intention, but melds it with the intentions of others, so that one's motion becomes effortless, like a sailboat in the wind, exquisite alignment with no domination.

After mastering nearly all the martial arts and still being unsatisfied, Aikido founder Morihei Ueshiba retreated to the mountains to sit with a Zen master. He emerged with the deep insight that the ultimate warrior discipline was love, a giving of life to all that exists.

One needs to get close enough to one's erstwhile opponent -- both metaphorically and physically -- to see through their eyes, to enter the world of their needs, feelings and perspective. Then, instead of opposing their will and motion, "you must honor it, blend with it, and cocreate an outcome at a higher level of relationship than previously existed." Even the most violent attack is transformed thereby into a sort of dance.

One can only do this from a very centered place. One needs a clear mind and excellent connection with one's body, intentions and emotions. Enroute to self-mastery in Aikido, one learns that beneath one's fear lies aliveness.

Aikido is an excellent metaphor for collaborative intelligence.