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More Definitions of Co-Intelligence

Here are a number of additional definitions of co-intelligence, all of which are true. Obviously, this is still (and probably always will be) a field in progress. Defining co-intelligence is like defining spirit or art. There are many legitimate perspectives.

Co-intelligence is the holistic intelligence of a living holon (a person, group, culture) that knows and acts, using its whole self, with positive synergy, trying to play its role consciously as both a whole and a part, with the big picture always in mind.

Co-intelligence is the ability of holons [holon: anything considered both as a whole and as a part of larger wholes] to co-create patterns of possibility.

Co-intelligence is the capacity to live well WITH each other and life, creatively using diversity and uniqueness, consciously evolving together in partnership with nature, and consciously transforming culture. Co-intelligence is intrinsic in all living systems and can always be improved. It can be used for organizational development, better family relations, community renewal, and creating a more just, democratic and sustainable society.

Co-intelligence is life's way of working things out among all parties involved in a situation.

Co-intelligence is the capacity of life to co-evolve and co-create with other life the larger flow of life within, among and around them.

Co-intelligence is the capacity to fruitfully engage the diverse gifts of all involved for broad benefit. This capacity is possessed not only by individuals but also by human and natural systems, such as groups and organizations, cultures and political systems, ant colonies and forests.

Co-intelligence is the capacity to engage the diverse gifts of all involved to enhance understanding or the quality of life.

Intelligence is the ability to recognize and work with patterns of existence to generate positive outcomes. If that ability is exercised by collective entities... if the patterns being worked with are multi-modal (ideas, emotions, sensations, structures, processes, etc.) and multi-level (long-term/short-term, big picture/immediate situation, etc.)... and if the power used is collaborative rather than controlling... and if the outcomes are positive for all stakeholders, including oneself, and The Whole ... to that extent we're talking about co-intelligence.

Co-intelligence is the capacity to muster and integrate the fullest capabilities of all involved to engage with their broad, long-term circumstances -- especially during times of change -- by working with the patterns of existence in ways that satisfy the deepest needs of all.

Co-intelligence is the capacity to satisfy needs amidst the ebb and flow of life's challenges and possibilities, in harmony with the need-satisfaction of other participants.

Co-intelligence is intelligence-WITH. It is intelligence with a co- prefix -- co-creative, co-evolutionary, coherent, collaborative, collective, congruent, coordinated, etc.

Co-intelligence involves a dialogic sensibility, a dialogic way of living... a sense of a powerful partialness in every viewpoint, every situation.... and a search for what's missing. Not missing PIECES needed to wrap it all up, but missing PARTNERS needed to co-create whatever's next, to dance the future into existence.

If the entire world is pattern, and intelligence is a pattern-shaping capability, then co-intelligence is the capacity of patterns to shape each other and, together, to shape their world.

Co-intelligence is the capacity to collaboratively deal with the challenges of life by together observing, creating and modifying the patterns of existence. It is intelligence that takes the fact and ultimate desirablility of co-creativity seriously.

Co-intelligence is the capacity to co-create shared awareness, understanding, success, transformation or wholeness out of whatever dissonance and harmony are present. Co-intelligence is made possible by the fact of interconnectedness, and can be enhanced by waking up to and/or enhancing interconnectedness.

Co-intelligence is our capacity to live whole, interconnected, co-creative lives -- individually and collectively -- and to engage with a world that is whole, interconnected and co-creative.

Co-intelligence is the capacity to have good things happen among us because of who we really are, in all our diversity.

Co-intelligence involves an elegant, selective inclusiveness that, mindful of the underlying interconnectedness of life, leaves cracks for arguably relevant factors to slip into consideration. Co-intelligence eagerly searches for relevance in whatever shows up, thereby expanding its sense of what it is dealing with. To the extent we can include possibly relevant perspectives, participants, information, concerns, fields of knowledge, dimensions of human experience, dimensions of reality, needs and possible contexts, we reduce the likelihood that any knowledge obtained or solutions (or decisions) arrived at will have unanticipated consequences.

Co-intelligence is actually any and all intelligence that takes the interconnectedness, wholeness and co-creativity of life seriously.

Co-intelligence is contrasted with fragmentary intelligence -- intelligence that is individual, one-sided, controlling, mechanical and/or exercised for narrow benefits. Fragmentary intelligence, when applied outside its proper realm of mechanical systems or very small-scale circumstances, generates co-stupidity.

Any phenomena, practice, belief, entity, culture, approach or ability that satisfies any of these definitions can be considered co-intelligent. The task before us is to collect, understand, and usefully arrange these things so that we can engage them towards our collective survival, development and transformation.

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