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Stories and Examples of Co-Intelligence

The more we notice and use co-intelligence, the more attuned we become to the wholeness, interconnectedness, and co-creativity of life in and around us. It is not too much to say that the whole world is alive with potential co-intelligence. We can join, evoke and work with it, but first we have to notice it and recognize the situations that cry out for it to be used. Sharing stories about our experiences with co-intelligence can help sensitize us to its presence and possibilities.

The following stories offer some examples of co-intelligence in action. Some have commentaries exploring some of the lessons we might draw from them. At the bottom of the page are some "imagineering" stories, visions of what it could be like to apply co-intelligence more broadly.

These are stories of things that really happened (or are happening)

Circles and Dress Codes
Canadian Adversaries Dream Together
Citizen Study Circles
Co-Intelligent Prison Work
Future Search in Kansas City
High School Wisdom Council
It all began in a Fertilizer Factory (and A Laboratory in Democracy: Revisiting the Great Peace March)
A Chimpanzee at Stanford
Life Song
The World's Most Unusual Workplace?
Making a Habitat where Everything Fits
A Gift from a Shepherd
The Forgiveness Party
Beyond the Abortion Debate - Common Ground
A Burning Dialogue of Racism
You Never Know Who Will Bring in Your Next $20 Million
Measuring Community Health
Multiple-viewpoint Drama
Sustainable Racine
Awakening the Power and Wisdom of a Community
Ordinary Folks Recommend Good Policy
Chattanooga's Adventure in Revitalization
Consensus Classrooms: Elementary Democracy
Curitiba, Brazil - "The Best City in the World"
The "Underdeveloped" Happiness Kingdom

These are "imagineering" visionary stories that could happen

Imagining Collectively Intelligent Communities
Pat & Pat, a view from 2020

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