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Associates Program


If you are engaged with co-intelligence work and wish to be associated with the Co-Intelligence Institute, we welcome your application to become an Associate of the Co-Intelligence Institute. Details are below. For a list of our current Associates, click here.



The Co-Intelligence Institute's Associates Program

  • encourages broader awareness and use of co-intelligence
  • helps people interested in co-intelligence connect with each other and
  • celebrates and empowers the growing community of people who are nurturing co-intelligence.


As an Associate of the Co-Intelligence Institute, you can, if you wish,

  • let the world know your gifts and interests
  • network with like-minded folks for conversation, shared activities and work
  • get involved in special programs and gatherings
  • receive special mailings for Associates
  • use the co-intelligence symbol on your letterhead, card and publications
  • publicize your association with the Co-Intelligence Institute.

There are no dues, duties or obligations involved with being an Associate -- although we always appreciate your support.

Program evolution

Over the years, we will be expanding the benefits of the Associates Program, its activities and its capacity to link people together. In particular we will increase Associates' ability to catalyze significant social transformation together. We welcome your suggestions.


You can apply to become an Associate of the Co-Intelligence Institute if you wish to have an acknowledged relationship with us and if any of the following are true about you.

  • You use the ideas of "co-intelligence"-- and sometimes the word, itself -- in your life and work.
  • You read and share Co-Intelligence Institute books, websites, bulletins and/or other products with others.
  • You actively support the work of the Co-Intelligence Institute.
  • You are involved in work or activities that are co-intelligent or that support co-intelligence.

How to become an Associate

You can become an Associate of the Co-Intelligence Institute by filling out the form below (or sending us an email or letter)

  1. describing your qualifications (any of those above, or others)
  2. providing your name and contact information (address, phone/fax, email, website, etc.)
  3. describing your co-intelligence-related work, activities, publications, etc.
  4. sharing any particular interests, projects or connections you wish to pursue with others and
  5. describing if and how you wish to be listed on the Co-Intelligence Institute's website.


We will never sell your information, nor share it with anyone without your explicit permission. As an Associate of the CII you can choose any of a number of levels of privacy, as described in the application form.


Your application will be considered by the CII Board. We may ask for further clarification, as needed. Once you are approved by the CII Board, you will be listed on the Co-Intelligence Institute website, with your name, your self-description and interests, and any contact information you have told us you want to include. The Co-Intelligence Institute reserves the right to edit your web entry for length and clarity, or to reframe your text in first person ("I") terms.

Although Associate status does not constitute a formal endorsement of the work of any individual or group compared to that of any other individual or group, it does suggest that, based on the information provided to us, we in the Co-Intelligence Institute are comfortable with and value the work and activities of our Associates. The Associate relationship is voluntary and can be terminated by either party at any time.

Associate of the Co-Intelligence Institute


(bold indicates required field)

1. First Name (required) Last Name (required) Degrees, etc.
2. Organization Position
3a. Address
3b. Address
4. City
5. State or province (required)
6. ZIP or other Postal Code
7. Country (required)
8. Phone 1 ( ) home   work   cell
9. Phone 2 ( ) home   work   cell
10. Fax ( )
11. Email(s) (required)
12. Website(s)

13. Below is my description of my involvement with the Co-Intelligence Institute, with co-intelligence ideas and efforts, and/or other co-intelligent work or activities that I feel may qualify me as an Associate (required for application purposes, not for web publication):

14. Below is my SHORT SELF-DESCRIPTION for the CII website. (You may describe yourself, your work, or anything else you want co-intelligence-related people to know about you -- in 50 words or less. Please use the first person - "I" - when refering to yourself.)

15. Below is my BRIEF STATEMENT OF INTEREST for the CII website. (You may describe any subjects, interests, projects, conversations or connections you'd like to pursue -- in 50 words or less. Please use the first person - "I" - when refering to yourself.)


16. WEBSITE PRESENCE: Please include in my entry on the Co-Intelligence Website, the following information (check one):

(a) As little as possible -- i.e., First Initial and last name, state/province, and country

(b) As much as possible -- i.e., all the information above except 13

(c) The following customized information (check any that apply):

Please include the following contact information in addition to the info in (a) (check any that apply):

Full Name   Degrees Organization    Position     Address    City   
ZIP/Code     Phone 1   Phone 2     FAX      Email   Website  

My Short Self-Description

My Brief Statement of Interest

Other information - 20 words or less.



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