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The Co-Intelligence Symbol



This symbol represents co-intelligence, not the Co-Intelligence Institute. It is available for use by anyone. You can copy it from this page and put it on your letterhead, business card, or anywhere else.

The symbol has a number of meanings and connotations.

In their most mundane meaning, the three elements constitute a loosely formed CoI or CoI, for Co-I(ntelligence).

The right- and left-hand elements were derived from the famous yin-yang symbol of Taoism:

The yin-yang symbol represents the interdependent opposites of the universe -- male/female, good/bad, black/white, self/other, etc.

The two halves of the co-intelligence symbol also represent difference -- although not necessarily opposite-ness.

While the Taoist symbol represents the interdependence of yin and yang using the "eyes" (the small circles of the opposite color), the co-intelligence symbol represents connection between differences using the oval in its center.

This oval especially represents dialogue between differences.

The two black sections on each side of this central oval, mirroring each other, symbolize the two sides really hearing each other, even though they are still very much themselves. (They are also a bit like eyes, suggesting they are really seeing each other, as well.)

The central oval also symbolizes something co-created by the two different lives that face each other and interact in the co-intelligence symbol. The "S-shaped" space in the middle suggests they are a good fit, that there is synergy. They are making something new together.

This represents the essential co-creative dance of everything in the universe with everything else, out of which each new moment and every new phenomenon emerges.

The white I in the middle of the oval is a symbol of intelligence -- in fact, co-intelligence -- the kind of intelligence that resides more in the relationship and interactivity between us than it does within us individually. It is the special intelligence that arises out of dialogue and co-creativity (the central oval) -- especially when we fully hear and see each other.

Some people reflecting on this symbol discover more meanings -- and we believe that is good. But the meanings described here were the most conscious meanings guiding its design (or evoking its emergence...).

Feel free to use it, share it, spread it however you wish. It is a generic symbol, like the peace sign or the yin-yang symbol above. It belongs to us all. We would love to see it everywhere....



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