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Peace Slogans

In 2003 before the United States had invaded Iraq, Susan Strong gathered many peace slogans that she had seen at protests, heard from others, or thought up or tweaked herself. We listed them on our site as part of The Metaphor Project. We have since updated our version of the list, and welcome your suggestions.

(When we first posted this, we were hosting the Metaphor Project site here. It now has its own site run by Susan. It is a great resource for framing political messages. Check it out.)


Skip the War, Start the Peace Now

Find a Win-Win Way Out!

Power Drunk, Rocks Ahead — Sober Up!

Let's Try Preemptive Peace

Side one:
Peace in (other country)
Side two:
Peace in (your home country)

Peace is an American value. (replace "American" with the name of your country/culture)

Another Patriot for Peace

Peace is Patriotic

Oh say can you Cease? (look for a good pun in your country's national anthem or mottos)

This Planet is for Peace!

Power to the Peaceful

Peace is Preemptive

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Peace is a Family Value

(picture of the peace symbol) Back by Popular Demand

Will Work for Peace

Will Blog for Peace

Speak Now or Forever Lose Your Peace!

Participation Yes, War No!

Dissent Protects Democracy

Resistance is Fertile

Let's Mature! (on a big butterfly banner)

Evolve! Work for a Nonviolence

Teach Nonviolent Action — It Works! (see our Nonviolence Resources)

Peace is the Final Frontier

Peace is Profitable

Peace Preempts War

We Can't Afford to Rule the World

War Is Expensive, Peace Is Priceless

Stop Shopping! Start Thinking!

Consume — Consume — Bomb — Bomb — Consume — Consume

Negotiation, Not Annihilation

Use Words, Not Weapons

You can bomb the world to pieces but you can't bomb it to Peace

Unilateral Action has Unintended Consequences

Energy Security, Yes! War, No!

Look, I'll Pay More For Gas!

Don't Drag the Flag in Oil

Go Solar! (Go Wind!, etc.)

Real patriots take the bus (train) (walk) (ride a bike).

What would Jesus do?

What would Frodo do?

What would Yoda do?

My other [name of your country] is a peaceful one.

What Would it Take to Win Without War? (or just: Win Without War)

War is Sooo Over

Love is the Answer

If war is the answer, we're asking the wrong question.

If war is the answer, we asked the wrong question.

War enrages the world. That endangers America.

Won't War Breed Hatred?

Terrorism -> War -> Terrorism -> War ...

All Humanity is Downwind

Why does the sun never set on the U.S. military?

Real-world war games done
United States won everything!
Can world play new game?

God Does Not Bless Only America (replace with your country)

Shocked and Appalled

Fear is our Greatest Foe

War is not the answer. Never has been. Never will be.

Real (name of party/group supporting war) Work For Peace

Babies for Peace

(If you didn't vote last time) I'm voting next time! I'm a (your party or other affiliation or special group name, for example: Green, Generation Z, Latino)!

Knowledge is Power - Don't follow Propaganda!

We have the Internet - We have no excuse!



Syracuse Cultural Workers peace buttons, t-shirts, calendars, etc.

Northland Poster Collective

2003 poster design contest

Anti-war Haiku


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