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Yourdon Home Prep website & video

Date: Thu, 22 Oct 1998 11:49:03 +0000
From: Robert Roskind.
Organization: Y2K Solutions Group, Inc.

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Ed Yourdon Launches
Year 2000 Home Preparation Website & Video

Chapel Hill, NC-October 20, 1998-Ed and Jennifer Yourdon, authors of the
best selling book, Time Bomb 2000, announced the release of their
video, and supporting Website, "Ed Yourdon,s Year 2000 Home Preparation
Guide: Your Home, Your Family, Yourself." The video will also feature
preparedness expert James Talmage Stevens, author of Making the Best of
Basics: Family Preparedness Handbook, which has sold over 400,000
copies. Stevens, considered the leading authority of the preparedness
movement, has just released his second book, Don,t Get Caught With Your
Pantry Down!, a resource guide to the resources and information of the
preparedness industry.

The video, which sells for $19.95, was produced in a joint venture
with Y2K Solutions Group, a Chapel Hill, NC company and the country,s
leading Year 2000 educator. The one hour video is designed to show the
average suburban dweller how to prepare for possible temporary
disruptions in delivery of essential goods and services, such as
electricity, food, water, phone service, etc. created by the Year 2000

The video is also supported by a complete family preparedness Website.
The contingency site offers quality
information on preparing for possible disruptions and is available at no
charge on the Internet. It also includes links to vendors of
preparedness equipment and food who are offering discounts or gifts to
people ordering through the site. The site features quotes concerning
Y2K, weekly tips, subscriptions to an upcoming biweekly Y2K Ready
Newsletter and charts that help you determine your family needs for
food and water.

The Y2K problem, or "millennium bug, is due to the fact that many
computers, from the largest mainframes to the smallest microprocessors,
will have trouble accurately processing dates and codes after January 1,
2000. Though many disagree as to the extent of the severity of possible
problems, most professionals working on the problem agree that a
temporary failure of the infrastructure is a distinct possibility.

At this time, even the government is encouraging citizens to prepare.
Senator Robert Bennett (R-Utah), chairman of the Senate's Special
Committee Year 2000

Technology Problem, recently said "I cannot be optimistic and I am
generally concerned about the possibility of power shortages...Pay
attention to the things that are vulnerable in your life and make
contingency plans. The video and Website are designed to give people
accurate information on how to make these contingency plans.
"In this situation, you can,t just go by the FEMA or Red Cross
guidelines. says Stevens. "You must consider many other things. Does
your thermostat or heating systems have a chip that may fail and leave
you without heat in the middle of winter? Should you get several months
supplies of essential prescription medicines? Will you need extra cash
in case there are banking or ATM problems? These are problems specific
only to Y2K, not other common emergencies.

Yourdon and Stevens recommend preparing for a minimum of a 2 to 4
week disruption, however the video explains contingency planning for a
year or more. "We will fix it. We just won,t fix it all in time, says
Y2K Solutions Group,s president Robert Roskind. "If the infrastructure
has problems they will be repaired but there could be serious problems
until they are.

Covered are such topics as food and water storage, alternative sources of
heat, light, safety, and health concerns. Included in the video is a
"Year 2000 Preparedness Catalog" which carries everything from food
storage products to solar flashlights.

The video, "Ed Yourdon,s Year 2000 Home Preparation Guide: Your
Home, Your Family, Yourself along with Y2K Solutions Group,s other
video "Preparing Your PC For The Year 2000, can be ordered on the
internet site or by calling 1-888 Y2K-4YOU. Also, videos can be ordered
by contacting Y2K Solutions Group, Inc. at 214 W. Cameron Ave, Chapel
Hill, NC 27516.

For more information, or if you would like to interview Ed Yourdon or
James Stevens or want a preview video, contact Robert Roskind at (919)
933-8533 or email.