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Y2K Workshop Video Available


Date: Thu, 25 Mar
From: susan conniry

Hi Tom:

We work here in San Diego. You have probably heard of us through Larry Shook who wrote about us many months ago.

We have been busy in our local community. The workshop we presented in the City of Poway drew 500 people. It was professionally videotaped and later aired on public access television. Potentially we reached 47,000 with awareness and preparedness information.

We have decided that as a further community service (given that other cities have not taken us up on the offer to physically present the workshop until August and September of this year!) that we would make the video tape available to all cities and allow them the same option - to air the tape on public access. San Diego City has take us up on the offer and a group in New Jersey and a smaller group in Wisconsin.

We have made the tape available for $19.99 plus shipping ($24.95). It seems to me that it is a small price to pay to get our preparedness information out to the entire nation! You can read more of the information on my web site: and also you may review the articles published on the Westergaard web site in the contingency planning section:

The offer of this videotape will not make us rich. It is not our purpose in regards to Y2K. We have simple information that will save people's lives and we are trying every avenue to make it happen. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

If folks want additional information, they can attend our courses (hands-on) or purchase our survival guide and 90-minute cassette tape (The Y2K KISS - Keep It Simple Survival).

Thanks for all you are doing. We look forward to working with you to provide this life-saving information to all.


Susan Conniry's Wilderness School