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"Stock up on Love"

Date: Fri, 18 Dec 1998 00:00:16 EST
Subject: Re: What's happening with Y2K activists?


Like you and so many others, I am beginning my shift away from actual
"preparedness" to the Inner preparations. I think inidividuals have to go
through the door of acceptance of massive change in order to receive the inner
messages about "getting ready". I now know that nothing I do will fully
prepare me for what is coming, other than being receptive and trusting in
God's purpose for my life - whatever that means.

Rereading "Conversations with God" I am reminded that everything I do is OK,
and every thing I don't do is also OK. How I prepare may not be the same as
another person, but what is truly important is that Me, Annie, is doing what I
need to do... I will be ready because whatever is coming is going to be
affecting me in just the way I need to be affected to find my connection with
Spirit. I chose the name "Spiritwman" (no "o") as my screen name because I
felt at that time that my life was moving toward a greater truth than the
public relations career I have had for 20 years.

When I began working on Y2K, it was a walk of faith - I am not getting paid
for what I do, but I am getting fulfilled knowing that I am giving a lot of
people some place to write, to call, to meet and to talk about their fears.
Reading what you jave just written tells me that my message has to be more
than "stock up on food and batteries". Stock up on experiences of joy, stock
up on laughter, stock up on fun and hilarity, stock up on love... because when
things get rough, you wil need to draw on those memories and feelings to being
it all back into the world that is about to enter a dark and scary time for
some... for those who see the light, we will lead the way...