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Y2K Psychological Preparedness Websites

Compiled by David Hart [david.hart@UBC.CA]
January 19, 1999
which Raymond Lafond added these informative notes:
"Two of the articles in the booklet address the psychosocial responses to
the Y2K problem and are entitled:
"The Psychological Challenges of Y2K" by Gordon Davidson and Corinne
McLaughlin (pp. 92-94) and "From Chaos to Coherence: The Emotional
Challenge of Y2K" by Doc Childre and Bruce Cryer (pp. 95-104)
Both articles recommend acting in a calm, rational, balanced manner
emphasizing personnal, neighbourhood, and community preparedness. The whole
of the book promotes caring for one another, that is , "public citizenship"
rather than planning for our own selfish interest. This is, I believe, an
important message that we as professional caregivers also need to promote
and which is captured in Eric Utne's article " I Am Because We Are" (pp.

Valerie Quigley suggests:

From David Baldwin
"I've just updated the Trauma Information Pages website, today's date:
>There's a small but growing collection of links to "Y2K" sites at this
>site, near the bottom of Page 5 (the Disaster page) -- some of these links
were just added. At least one of them, the "Y2K Citizen's Action Guide" at, seems to deal in part with psychological and community (e.g.,
neighborhood preparation) issues.
>There is now a Trauma Pages Bookstore at my website, and a few of the
>recommended disaster books for sale there (through also
address preparation for potential Y2K problems.

From Tim Field:
"I've prepared two pages related to this topic: looks at 1999 in terms of world
events and in particular our evolving understanding of bullying as the
underlying behaviour of discrimination, abuse and violence. A sister page at looks at the combination of
technological progress, social evoultion and population growth and their
implications for the survival of the human race."

From Bonnita Wirth :
"There is a mental health online newsletter that came out with various
websites pertinent to the Y2K problem for mental health practices. Most is
on billing issues but it looks like the newsletter is going to devote
issues to the stress this problem will have on patients.
See "

Sam D. Bernard refers:

Ken Edelston suggests: