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Personal stories of deepening and transformation in response to Y2K

On this page we will put powerful, thoughtful statements of personal, spiritual and social consciousness that have arisen from the writers' encounters with the challenges of Y2K.

If any of you would like to write your own statements of personal clarity or seeking on this issue, we will consider posting them, too. Send them to

The Web and the media are filled with denial, boosterism, doom, survivalism, and despair. I would like to offer personal statements that show the possiblility of facing this challenge with a deepening into our full humanity and a cultural transformation into our best collective potential. I think these times call us to live at high levels of consciousness, caring and authenticity than we are used to. We need to model these for each other, and inspire each other, because I think we are going to need all the companionship and inspiration we can get. The statements here do that for us, and we are grateful. We hope you find them valuable, too.

Tom Atlee

The first story was my [Tom Atlee's] introduction to the idea that Y2K could be a deepening experience. It was emailed to me in March through several layers of forwarding and introduced me to John Steiner, who has become a major source of information and inspiration since then. He is the "friend" mentioned in the title of this piece: Ed Alpern mindfully introduces a friend to Y2K.

Two and a half months later, John relayed to me the next such piece, which I have titled David La Chapelle's compassionate awareness in Juneau, Alaska. I found myself deeply moved.

Here are subsequent stories we've encountered:

Personal Preparedness and Obligations - by Rick Cowles. One of the main authorities on the Y2K impact on utilities explains why he will stick with his community in New Jersey, helping it prepare for and deal with this crisis. He reminds us: "No man is an island."

From Y2K Karuna (Compassion) by Karuna Thal. Using one's spirituality to move from fear to compassion to creative action and preparation.