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A Hopi Message for These Times

26 Jan 1999

Hi, Tom! I wanted to share the following with you, because I think you'll
agree it has the "juice" we've been seeking for Y2K. When Larry was in
Monterey, Calif., earlier this week for the ecological farming conference, he
met a Native American named Choqosh Auh-ho-oh. Choquosh recently was summoned
by a prestigious group of Hopi elders (she's not Hopi, but some other tribe).
They told her they have a message for her to share. They said, "You've been
telling people the 11th hour is approaching. Tell them it is here, and there
are things to be considered." They gave her a 10-point Hopi Checklist to
1. Where do you live (not just geographically)?
2. What is it that you do?
3. How are your relationships?
4. Are you in right relation with the Earth?
5. Where is your water?
6. Know your garden (and nature around you).
7. Speak your truth; it is time now.
8. Be good to each other.
9. Don't look outside yourself for the leader.
10. This could be a good time.