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Year 2000 Glitch Tracking sites




Thanks to ML Seymour "LSRY2K" <> for this list of Y2K-bug tracking sites. I'm not hitting these sites much, myself, since I get more than enough reports over my normal email traffic. But for those interested websurfing the glitch reports, dig in to these! -- Tom (this is a powerful grassroots tracker - more information below)


HOWEVER: Do keep in mind this PS about trying to monitor Y2K "events" over the coming months:

In a letter to Jan Nickerson, John Koskinen (President Clinton's "Y2K Czar") wrote:

"We're continuing to monitor events around the world and will continue to do so through this month. However, as glitches that occur continue to be modest and are spread over time, their chances of creating any significant problems diminish accordingly."

To which Michael Brownlee <> of cogently commented:

The ICC [the federal government's Y2K Information Coordination Center] was obviously wired to monitor *events*, and since events are now modest, Koskinen is winding down operations.
However, monotoring "events" might be a very skewed way of looking. Y2K
failures may not manifest as dramatic events, but as a gradual degradation
of quality of information, or increasing system viscosity. So Koskinen's
approach could well put us in the position of the frog in the slowly heating
pan of water, with no visible "events" to respond to -- until we're in
finally in much hotter water than we're prepared for. Many (if not most)
discrete events could be so small as to not warrant reporting, but the
cumulative effect could wind up producing very serious problems.

Date: Fri, 24 Dec 1999 19:33:11 EST


I'm one of the co-creators of this grassroots information coordination
center. I hope you'll consider posting some of your own first-hand
experience, or emailing them to me (at for posting, so
many others will be able to see patterns emerging on Y2K impact.

Jan Nickerson
Y2K Connections
Building Community Not Crises ~ the ONLY Y2K game in town




Electronic Version at
Steve Davis, Coalition 2000 and DavisLogic Inc., Columbia, Maryland.
Phone: 410.730.5677, cell: 301.346.8623, e-mail:

Jennifer Bunker, Governorís Coalition for Y2K Preparedness, and Joint
Information Center (JIC), State of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah.
Phone: 801-334-6490, cell: 801-540-2022, e-mail:

Gary Gach, Foundation for American Communications, San Francisco, California
Phone: 415.771.7793, e-mail
Anticipating that getting good information on Y2K impacts will be difficult,
a grassroots effort has formed to quickly collect and provide accurate
information on Y2K impacts at the community level. The Grassroots
Information Coordination Center (GICC) announced today that they are
providing a unique Y2K information resource as a trustworthy adjunct and
grassroots alternative to government and industry information sharing
efforts. GICC is providing a forum where volunteers will "follow the sun"
on New Yearís Eve and long afterwards to provide late-breaking news of
Y2K-related events. This is expected to provide the public a truly unique
information source as well as a public history of how the Y2K event unfolds
at the community level.

In a truly democratic process, the project provides a participatory, open
space where anyone can post and view Y2K incident reports. These reports
will subsequently be independently verified and analyzed for trends by GICC
analysts. Analyst reports will then be included at the forum. Topics are
arranged by subject category, and sorted by date.

The web-based forum, located at
will go live on December 30th.

GICC has its origins in the efforts of the State of Utah (
and Coalition 2000 ( Coalition participant Jennifer
Bunker is a member of the Utahís Governorís Coalition for Y2K Preparedness,
and initially suggested using Utahís Joint Information Centerís to collect
the communityís perspective of Y2K events as they occurred. This suggestion
quickly grew to a grassroots initiative to monitor the crossover period not
only locally but nationally and internationally as a way to both understand
events as they unfold and as a means to help in recovery efforts. Founders
of the GICC felt that such a site could counter misinformation, as well as
provide a viable alternative to other information sources.


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No one owns GICC. Rather, it's autonomous, widespread, self-organizing, and
"chaordic," cutting across traditional lines of generational and political
affiliation, and is on the cutting edge of the kind of grass roots civic
initiatives changing the face of contemporary society.

Only a little more than a week old, its history is as follows. Seeing the
need for keeping the public informed and vigilant, Jennifer Bunker of the
Utah Governorís Y2K Coalition, teamed up with Coalition 2000 founder Steve
Davis and 20 other individuals to build the system and combine resources of
many Y2K community action groups nationwide. National eyes will be directed
at the Utah Center, where Senator Robert Bennett (R Utah) will be watching
the world as the millennium ticks over.

Timebomb 2000 System Operator (SYSOP) Diane Squire brought the essential
SYSOP expertise to the group. Based on here experience with the Timebomb
forum she was quickly able to establish the necessary web-based sites using
Philip Greenspunís LUSENET software.

At the same time, the nascent GICC reached out to the Center for Y2K and
Society (, who've targeted their efforts in
support of the vulnerable members of our society, and have begun their own
Y2K newswatch. The Center picked up the project's torch and they are now
carrying it to America's nonprofit sector.

Through the publicity efforts of Coalition 2000 and others, plus
consultation by co-founder Gary Gach, of the Foundation for American
Communications (, GICC is reaching out to the media who
are already interested in the Utah project due to the involvement of Senator

For more information, please contact Steve Davis at 410.730.5677, Jennifer
Bunker at 801.334.6490, or Gary Gach at 415.771.7793.

How to find GICC on the web:
The GICC web page is at
The GICC Y2K forum will be available on Dec. 30th at by selecting Grassroots Information
Coordination Center (GICC) from the list on that page.
The direct URL for the GICC Y2K forum is:
Additional Y2K watch sites can be found at
The Center for Y2K and Society site is at