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Plan to Make Cities Food Independent (especially for Portland, now)


Tom Osher
Thu, 25 Mar 1999

Hi, my name is Tom Osher, of San Francisco. I am working on a project around making communities as self-sustainable as possible before 2000, as a contingency to y2k and any other future possible disasters.

One idea, that needs "partnering" is synergistic, solar-passive, self- sustainable greenhouses around but not necessarily 10,000 sq.ft. This type of green house can be modeled off of Anna Eddy's and New Alchemy Instit. of Martha's Vineyard, Mass.

The vegetables would be grown using a method developed by P. Ziegler called "aeroponics" a simple system growing organics vertically, with looped nutrient tubing. The best method for growing as far as efficiency and economy.

Both of these methods have been tried and proven and are available. Brownfields or unutilized land or roofs can be used. Nat'l. Guard or other agencies possibly could be used to construct to save money if cities or gov't. is partnered in also.

All this could be done anywhere and everywhere. But it must be done pretty soon, if there is to be winter harvests. Which is the purpose, to serve as substantive contingency for cities, should food production methods breakdown. If nothing happens, its still a good thing for communities to have. The maintenance after construction is minimal compared to the value of the yield.

This is a general overview of the project. Your organization seems like it would at least, philosophically, be resonant. If you are interested, I could then provide you with the details.
Look forward to your response.

Kind regards,

Tom Osher
San Francisco
tax id. 94-3111898