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Debate: The Economic Impact of Y2K


May 13, 1999
THE ECONOMIC IMPACT OF Y2K: Debate coming June 2

Y2K RISK DATE - July - Fiscal Year 2000 for 46 US States

Leille Sussman
Oregon Manufacturing Extension Partnership Year 2000 Program Manager
President, Sussman Inc., Year 2000 Program Consultants
Portland, Oregon, USA

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A major Y2K event coming


The event is a formal debate on "The Economic Impact of Y2K: A Major Change or A Minor Glitch?" John Westergaard, Publisher/Editor of Westergaard Online Systems, will argue one side. Mitch Ratcliffe, Executive Producer, Ziff-Davis Y2K and Vice President of Programming, ON24 Network, will oppose.

Most people are frustrated and tired of hearing about Y2K. The doom and gloomers and the happy talkers both seem to have convincing arguments. The scope of the Y2K problem is enormous and the details are bewildering. Public discussions of Y2K seem to always get stalled in endless side issues ... flashlight batteries, ATM machines, and the definition of ready versus compliant. If we agree that the human race will survive Y2K, the only really big issue of societal interest is money. What will happen to business and the economy.

Basically, Mr. Westergaard comes from a Wall Street background, and has a more pessimistic view of Y2K, while Mr. Ratcliffe comes from Silicon Valley and has a more optimistic view. Both gentlemen have been analyzing Y2K for several years. The stage is set for an important, lively and informative debate to cap off this millennium.

At the conclusion of the debate, the audience will be asked to vote on the winner.

For more information and online registration: http://

When: June 2, 1999 Registration 6:30 p.m., Debate 7:00-9:00 p.m.

Where: Hudson Valley Community College, Bulmer Telecommunications & Computations Building Auditorium, Troy NY (directions on the web site)

Registration: $15/person, advance reservations recommended

Co-Sponsored by:

Small Business Development Center Hudson Valley Community College The Center for Economic Growth The Capital District Y2k Interest Group

If you cannot attend, watch for the report of the debate.