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US Gives $1.5 Billion To Russia For Y2K Fixes


April 28, 1999

MOSCOW, RUSSIA (NB) -- By Eugenia Volynkina, IT InfoArt. The United States will contribute $1.5 billion to pay for programming to correct the Millennium Bug in computers that are used to operate Russia's, Armenia's, and Kazakhstan's nuclear and hazardous substance facilities. The International Scientific and Technological Center (ISTC), headquartered in Moscow, is administering the funds, which will be used for equipment, salaries for scientific and technical experts, as well as support of Y2K crisis centers and distribution of urgent information.

The ISTC was founded by representatives of the European Union, US, and Japan.

The program was launched by ISTC following consultation with special Competence Centers on the Year 2000 Problem in the Russian Ministry of Nuclear Power, Ministry of Fuel and Power, and Ministry of Extreme Situations, as well as a number of other national and international agencies. The Centers of Competence in Russia coordinate efforts on Y2K problem nationwide.

Since April 22, the ISTC has been accepting proposals and applications from scientific and technical teams in Russia and other Commonwealth of Independent States) countries, related to the Y2K problem. The preliminary decisions on funding for these programs are expected to be in mid-May.